GIANTS 2016 Draft Review

May 25, 2016

I would be remiss if I didn’t go after COLIN’s favorite team in NYC. After a very active and costly VFA season, it was time to do some Draft damage.

Round 1 ELI APPLE/CB/OHIO STATE 6’1/200 4.40/40 9 3/8″H/31 3/8″A
The Giants really went after fixing their secondary hard this off-season including of course this Pick. It’s a bit high for my taste, but he’s a full sized player who plays every bit as fast as his 40-time. He’s also aggressive at tackling in run support. He’s best in man-cover/press situations but has the skills to handle zone coverage as well. Just not sure he was Top 10 Pick timber. He may be able to work himself into a starting job before the year is out.
Pick # 10 GBN Rank: 17 Ourlads Rank: 13 PP Rank: 26

Round 2 STERLING SHEPHARD/WR/RS/OKLAHOMA 5’10/193 4.43/40 9″H/30 3’8″A
Lined up most of the time in the slot, which makes sense for the GIANTS if BECKHAM & CRUZ are the wideouts this season. Has decent speed, but elite quickness is his game. Very reliable hands-catcher, who can pile up the add-on yards after the catch. Hard working, student of the game. Reminds me a lot of RANDALL COBB/Packers, which ain’t bad at all. ELI should be most pleased with the addition this young man to throw to in 2016.
Pick # 40 GBN Rank: 49 Ourlads Rank: 38 PP Rank: 57

Round 3 DARIAN THOMPSON/S/BOISE STATE 6’2/208 4.65/40 9 1/8″H/30 3/8″A
Finding and getting to the ball is his game. Not an exceptional athlete, but a very savvy player. Had another 5 INT as a senior, and totaled 17 for his career. Should be able to make the plays on the ball that COLLINS & TAYLOR on the current roster do not get to. He is also aggressive in run support, which the GIANTS demand from their Safeties. A mediocre athletic performance at the Combine dropped him on many draft boards, but when you watch the game film he makes a lot of plays. Game tape don’t lie!
Pick # 71 GBN Rank: 135 Ourlads Rank: 157 PP Rank: 81

Round 4 B.J. GOODSON/ILB/CLEMSON 6’1/242 4.67/40 10″H/33 1/4″A
A late boomer who only started full time as a senior after STEPHONE ANTHONY left Clemson as a 2015 first rounder. He is a good all around player, who led the team in tackles as a senior, with 108. He has a knack for locating the football and getting to it. He shoots gaps quite nicely and racked up 14 TFL in 2015. Right now he’s seen as a two-down player, but I just have this feeling that with time it will harder and harder to keep him off the field. I really liked this guy watching him in action and I believe he will carry it over to the pro level.
Pick # 109 GBN Rank: 116 Ourlads Rank: 186 PP Rank: 108

Round 5 PAUL PERKINS/RB/UCLA 5’10/208 4.53/40 9″H/31 5/8″A
An all-purpose back, who may make a less expensive third down option than SHANE VEREEN long term. Good runner, but even better catching passes and making people miss. Is solid as a blocker as well. Fits GIANTS mold since he was a Co-Captain last season. He’s quick and shifty, with good balance to bounce off a few would be tacklers. His lack of speed pushed him down a bit. Nice selection in 5th Round.
Pick # 149 GBN Rank: 115 Ourlads Rank: 87 PP Rank: 134

Round 6 JERELL ADAMS/TE/SOUTH CAROLINA 6’5/247 4.64/40 9″H/34 3/4″A
Potential is the word for ADAMS. He didn’t have a lot of catches in his career, but take a good look at the QB who were throwing in his general direction each weekend. Is already a decent blocker, who should get better. All 3 of us ranked him higher than where the GAINTS selected him. Fairly small hands worry a bit, but those arms belong on a LT. He could have the most potential of all the TE currently on the GAINTS roster.
Pick # 184 GBN Rank: 103 Ourlads Rank: 140 PP Rank: 97

Overall, it’s a steady effort in keeping with the GIANTS mode of prospect ranking and selection. With only 6 PIcks the team was far from having enough ammunition to fill every need, but I will pose the question regarding their inability to identify and draft an OL who could upgrade the right side of their OL for ELI. For all the money they spent in VFA and these 6 Picks they failed to come up with any significant new blood for a weak and depthless OL unit. They didn’t even address it in the URFA signings. Poor ELI!