GBN 3-round mock updated

April 7, 2020

GBN 3-round mock updated … Normally around this time of year, the GBN becomes a ‘no-mock’ zone. The irony is that at other times of the year, projections have some value, not so much in identifying which individual player will be selected by a particular team, but in indicating at what point players are likely to be selected based on the latest intel. This time of year, though, when every Tom, Dick and Harry published a mock every second or third day, there are just so many of the damn things that they become almost meaningless as one can quite literally find a projection out there in which just about every team selects just about every player at some point. However, these are not normal times as just about everything else is shut down. So as a public service, and only as a public service to help people wile away their hours in self-isolation, I have updated our three-round projection in which we guarantee – in writing even!! – that we maybe have a half dozen or so picks spot on. Hang in there guys. The real thing is now just 16 days away.