Full selection order announced

March 11, 2023

Full selection order announced … In the wake of the NFL’s announcement earlier this week detailing this year’s compensatory picks, the league released the full, updated selection order for the 2023 draft, now just 47 days away. And while there were a few changes from what was already known but which teams had which picks, according to our unofficial count of the official selection order, 4 team – Houston, Las Vegas, San Francisco and the NY Giants – share the lead in total picks with 11 each. At the same time, Chicago, Green Bay, Kansas City, Seattle, New England and the LA Rams have ten apiece, while Atlanta, Dallas, Jacksonville, and Tampa Bay each have 9. In some ways, though, those numbers can be a little deceiving as lower round picks account for a relatively large share of the total selections of several teams with a lot of total picks. Indeed, San Francisco actually doesn’t make their first pick until the very end of the second day and 8 of their 11 picks are in the final three rounds. Same for the LA Rams for whom 8 of ten picks are in rounds 5-7, while Las Vegas which has 7 of its 11 picks in rounds 5-7. In contrast, for Houston, one of three teams with 5 picks in the first three rounds, the majority of its picks are in the top 100. For the record, Seattle and Detroit are the other teams with 5 picks on the first or second days, while Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Chicago and the Giants have four each. At the other end of the spectrum, Denver, Baltimore, Miami and Minnesota each have just 5 picks, while Buffalo, Carolina, Philadelphia, Tennessee and the NY Jets have just 6 each. Here is the full list of picks by team.