Florida pro day

March 31, 2021

Apparently there are some fast players in the SEC. Who knew!! After LSU WRs Ja’Marr Chase and Terrace Marshall both clocked 40s in under 4.4 seconds, Florida’s Kyle Pitts and WR Kadarius Toney also posted excellent times. Pitts, who some teams reportedly have rated as the top non-QB prospect in this year’s draft, made his own case running the 40 in 4.44 after measuring in at 6-5.5 and 245 pounds. He also has 33.5 inch arms and huge 10.5 inch hands.At the same time, though, Pitts vertical (33.5 inches) and shuttle times were closer to normal for a TE.

For his part, Toney, a top 20-25 prospect in his own right, measured in at 5-11.5, 193 but with only 31-inch arms. He also timed in the very low 4.4 range while posting a 41-inch vertical and 11-4 LJ, while his agility test times of 4.25 seconds in the short shuttle was good and 6.88 in the 3-cone was really good. Indeed, the only blemish on Toney’s day, other than the short arms, was the fact he only managed 9 reps in the BP. Toney’s fellow WR Trevon Grimes also had a solid day; he’s more a full-sized receiver at 6-4, 220, but with 31.5-inch ‘gator’ arms (sorry couldn’t resist!!). He had a decent 35 inch vertical and ran well with a 40 time of 4.50 along with very good shuttle times of 4.28 in the SS and 6.98 in the 3-cone. One thing we did pick up in the throwing session with QB Kyle Trask, though, was the tendency for Grimes to catch the ball against his body. And speaking of Trask, he had a decent day throwing the ball, although the ball didn’t always come out of his hand cleanly. And while he’s a big guy (6-5, 238) who is going to be able to take a hit in the pocket, pro scouts were hoping he’d show some athleticism, but he was only able to clock a very pedestrian 5.10 type 40 time.

The other Gator to really stand out today was CB Marco Wilson who is still trying to live down last fall’s shoe throwing meltdown. However, if today counted, Wilson made up some ground as he clocked a 4.37 40 after ripping off a remarkable 43.5-inch vertical and a 11-4 LJ. He also put up an impressive 26 reps in the BP and was just as quick as he was fast in the agility drills.

Other Gators who worked out at the Florida pro day:

OT Stone Forsythe: 6-8, 307 (with 34.5″ arms and 10″ hands); 40x – 5.15

DT Tedarrell Slaton: 6-4, 330; 40x – 5.10

DT Kyree Campbell: 6-3, 287; 40x – 5.46

S Shawn Davis: 5-10.5, 202; 39.5″ Vertical

S Brad Stewart: 6-0, 195; 40x – 4.65

S Donovan Stiner: 6-1.5, 202; 40x – 4.57