First three rounds set; Raiders with most early picks

By | February 4, 2019

First three rounds set; Raiders with most early picks … With the Super Bowl now in the books, we in fact now know the full selection order for the first three rounds of the 2019 draft, with the exception of the compensatory picks which are expected to be announced later this month at the scouting combine in Indianapolis. Of course, much can – and likely will change with trades – but for now Oakland looks to be the busiest team in the first two days of the upcoming draft with 5 picks in the first three rounds including extra picks in the opening round acquired from Chicago (#24) and Dallas (#27) to go along with their #1 pick, the 4th overall. Other teams that will be busy on April 25th and 26th include Cleveland, Kansas City, Green Bay, Houston, Jacksonville amd Indianapolis, each of which has four picks in the first three rounds. On the other hand, New Orleans, Chicago and the LA Rams currently have just one premium pick in this year’s draft. While the Raiders have the most top 100 picks so far, three other AFC teams including Buffalo, Cleveland and Denver, along with Green Bay currently have the most overall picks at the upcoming draft according to our unofficial count with 10 each. Meanwhile, Oakland is in the next group with 9 along with Detroit and the NY Giants. Again, at the other end of the spectrum, Chicago and the Rams have the fewest total picks to date with just 4 each, while Dallas, Minnesota, New Orleans, Seattle and Washington have 5 each. Here is the full list of picks by team with certain provisos. First, picks in rounds 4-7 are only by round; again the actual picks will only be determined once the comp picks are announced. Also note that this is an unofficial list based on our own tracking of trades involving 2019 picks. We are pretty confident of who has what through the first 6 rounds, but a number of conditional trades are yet to be confirmed. Needless to say if anyone is aware of any updates that need to be made please let us know.