First BP numbers kind of ‘meh’

February 26, 2016

Bench press results for OL kind of average … The offensive linemen, who get ready to run at the combine in just a few moments, were also the first group to do the bench press yesterday but the results were kind of ‘meh’. Arizona State OG Christian Westerman topped the field with 34 reps at 225 pounds, and while that’s a good number its hardly earth-shattering. Westerman was followed by Missouri OG Conner McGovern at 33 reps, followed by Colorado OT Stephane Nembot with 32 reps, Indiana OT Jason Spriggs, who had a good day 31, and Baylor G/T Spencer Drango, and OGs Josh Garnett of Stanford, Alabvama OT Dom Jackson, UCLA OG Alex Redmond and OG Landon Turner of North Carolina each had 30. On the other hand, Kansas State OG Cody Whitehair, who is considered to be one of the top interior OL prospects this year, barely managed 16 reps, which could hurt his ultimate grade, while Arkansas G/T Denver Kirkland and Wisconsin OT Tyler Marz had just 19. Ohio State OT Taylor Decker, generally considered to be the third best OT this year behind Laremy Tunsil of Ole Miss and Notre Dame’s Ronnie Stanley, also had a disappointing day as he managed only 20 reps, although the bench press is not the best test for long-armed OTs like Decker. Still,  there could be some concerns among NFL teams about Decker’s overall strength after he weighed in at only 301 pounds. For the record, neither Tunsil nor Stanly took part in the bench press yesterday.