Farley out of draft

April 28, 2021

Covid to keep CB Farley from attending draft … Some guys have all the luck; some don’t! And one guy who must be wondering if it’s even worth getting out of bed in the morning is Virginia Tech CB Caleb Farley. Farley was considered to be a potential top ten pick as recently as 6 weeks ago, but he was forced to undergo a procedure on his back earlier this year that kept him out of his pro day. And while the operation was a non-invasive outpatient procedure, it still appears to have affected Farley’s draft status to the point he is no longer considered to be one of the top two corners in this year’s draft class. Still Farley was one of the 13 players invited to attend this year’s draft in person, but now that is off too as Farley has reportedly tested positive for Covid. Them’s the breaks!