Early odds on who will be the first player selected at the 2023 draft

June 13, 2022

The NFL is a perfect platform for young prospects to showcase their talent to the world. It is the biggest stage of all when it comes to American football. Every year, excitement goes around the corridors regarding new talent. Fans and team management all get hyped up to see the next superstar of the NFL.

Talent scouting is crucial in identifying the players. However, there’s no guarantee that the most anticipated prospect would be the first pick in the draft. The NFL drafting works on team combination and team structure. There have been many incidents when most talked-about prospects were not picked in the first round.

One thing is for sure, the 2023 NFL draft will be better and bigger than the previous one. Many upcoming players have an instinct of becoming a star. This year’s college season has seen players that can make it to the 2023 draft and there are still many prospects that are yet to emerge on the scene.

While teams are preparing for this year’s draft, they also have their eyes set on the future. The NFL spreads will be interesting as the time closes by.

The following are the top NFL prospects for the 2023 NFL draft with their odds to go be the first player selected.

  • CJ Stroud, QB, Ohio State

An upcoming QB who struggled a bit earlier on but found his footing. The performances are not up to the mark of Ohio State and for himself. But a player with the caliber of Stroud can make an instant difference. His offensive gameplay can win matches and if his team clicks this season, he’ll be the most deadly quarterback across two seasons. His odds of +200 make him the most likely to be the first pick.

  • Bryce Young, QB, Alabama

The 2021 season was a breakthrough for Bryce. He showcased his talent and made his name the obvious first pick in the 2023 draft. A born athlete with unmatched agility and pocket-manipulation movements checks off everything as a quarterback. His odds of +225 to be the first pick vouch for his potential. His structure and weight might not be ideal, but his offense and athleticism balances the shortcoming.

  • Will Anderson Jr., DE, Alabama

He entered college football with a bang. Will has pace and physique that makes him a dangerous defender. He might not be the tallest, but he has a great hand-eye combination, ever-lasting stamina, and a thinking head on his shoulders. It would not be hard to imagine Will finishing this season as a top defender. With +330 odds, he is third on the list for getting picked first in the draft.

  • Jalen Carter, DT, Georgia

Georgia might have the strongest defensive line among all teams and Carter is an integral part of that defense. Although he could not play as much as we all would like, he was disruptive whenever given the opportunity. A lot is expected from him this season; he’s quick, has amazing lateral movement, and has incredible contact balance. As a top defender in the draft, he has the best odds of being the first overall pick.

  • Eli Ricks, CB, Alabama

The combination of skills that Ricks possesses makes him one of the top prospects. In the NFL, teams draft players like Ricks instantly. However, he had shoulder surgery last season and a minor incident that ended his season. If Ricks gets a full-run this season and avoids any bumps, he can be the top CB prospect. He will also be a long-shot for the first overall pick with the odds of +3000.

  • Kayshon Boutte, WR, LSU

Boutte’s pace sets him apart from his competition. Although he’s yet to perform up to his potential, he’s already making waves. The blend of skills and physicality is tremendous. It is just a matter of time and the right team combination when he’ll become unstoppable on the field. So far, he averages 15 yards per catch, already has 14 touchdowns, and has covered more than 1200 yards in 16 games. A lot of teams will be interested in him, but odds are unlikely for him to be the first pick.