Draft Thots Pigskin Paul Day 2

April 29, 2022

My first thought of the day, about the evening that preceded it was that too many NFL General Managers don’t know what the phrase “deferred gratification” means, or have never heard of it at all. My tally sheet from NFL.com says 9 trades took place during Round One of the 2022 Draft. And based on his work last night, and since the off-season began, the King of Now has to be “Trader Joe” ROSEMAN in Philadelphia. It certainly feels like Howie has done even more trading of Picks than the record book says.

But  ROSEMAN has a ways to go if he wants to be the Draft Trade leader. When BILL BELICHICK traded back last night from 21 to 29, and picked up 2 more Picks from the Chiefs to do so, it became his League leading 84th Draft-day deal since 2000. In my mind Little Bill beat Andy Reid in this one, getting Picks 94 & 121 besides swapping first round spots by 8 picks. Then Bill made the Strange Pick, Cole Strange that is.

I really was surprised that only 8 Senior Bowlers were selected in Round One. I felt 10/11 would be the sweet spot, but not so. I thought WATSON/WR, MAFE/ER, WILLIS/QB, RIDDER/QB, TRAVIS JONES/DT, might be in the running, but alas, no. I will mention that LINDERBAUM/OC & DOTSON/WR had originally accepted invites but withdrew due to injury issues. Expect a huge night, tonight for Senior Bowlers.

We are certainly aware of the likelihood that many more Picks may be moved around in tonight’s action, but as of right now…

Carolina might just let the janitor tend the phone tonight in their Draft Center. They have 0 Picks in Rounds 2 & 3.

The Raiders, Rams & Dolphins all will get their first Picks in Round 3. The RAMS will be the last team to get their first Pick at 104.

Atlanta, Green Bay & Kansas City each have 2 Picks in both Rounds 2 & 3.

I am curious to see if the Ravens are hell bent on owning the 4th Round come Saturday afternoon. They already have 6 Picks in Round 4, having added one more in a trade last night.

It will also be interesting to see if there is any trading of next year’s First Rounders for this year’s 2nd Rounders tonight. No moves of next year’s Picks in Round One action list night.

I felt like the biggest gamble Pick last night was STINGLEY at Pick 3. Considering all the pre-Draft questioning of the “too short” of a resume’ for Travon Walker to be taken at One, there was not much very positive on STINGLEY  after a sterling Freshman season back in 2019.

Just as a reminder, as everyone and his brother is doing, here is a brief list of my next 25 ranked players still out there to be taken tonight…. I hope.



ANDREW BOOTH   CB   #28     INJ ?

BOYE MAFE    ER/OB    #29


BREECE HALL      RB     #32


MAT CORRAL     QB      #35

NAKOBE DEAN      LB    #39


KYLER GORDAN     CB     #41


SAM HOWELL     QB     #43

LEO CHENAL     LB    #44


DAVID OJABO    ER/OB     #46.   INJ ?


JELANI WOODS    TE     #48

LOGAN HALL     DL     #50


TRE McBRIDE     TE     #52

SKYY MOORE     WR    #53

JAQUAN BRISKER      S    #54



NICK CROSS     S    #57


CHAD MUMA     LB    #59

ROGER McCREARY     CB     #60


I found one of the more interesting aspects of last evening to be the two trades, once again of established vet receivers, which I think had a lot to do with the recent explosion of WR price tags and value emphasis.

Might  MARQUISE BROWN help make KYLER MURRAY a bit happier in Arizona?

And is the EAGLES WR group ready to really fly now with the addition of A.J. BROWN?

Will the PACKERS find someone enough to their fancy, to take a new WR for AARON RODGERS to throw to, in tonight’s festivities?

And I will answer another question right here and now. NO… neither BAKER MAYFIELD nor JIMMY GAROPPOLO is getting traded tonight.  JIMMY G because of his throwing shoulder surgery. BAKER because the Browns may need him as their starter come September, depending on the legal status of a guy named WATSON. Or if the legal end is settled, will the NFL hand out a suspension to WATSON.

Enjoy your day,  and more importantly your Draft watching tonight.