Draft order essentially unchanged

December 9, 2022

Thursday night stunner leaves top of draft order unchanged … The expectation prior to last night’s prime time midweek NFL game was that Las Vegas wouldn’t have much trouble with the injury depleted LA Rams. And that was pretty much the case for almost 55 minutes of what was essentially a lifeless game, but just when you thought it was over – and you can’t make this stuff up – Baker Mayfield, who had been with the team for less than 2 days, led the Rams on two long scoring drives, including the final one of 98 yards with less than two minutes to play. That gave the Rams a 17-16 win and bumped their record to 4-9 and leaves them sitting on the 4th pick in the updated first-round selection order for the opening round of the 2023 draft. In fact, the biggest losers on the night, other than the Raiders’ egos, appear to be the Detroit Lions, who actually own the Rams’ #1 pick courtesy of the Matt Stafford trade and would have moved up to the #2 spot with a Rams’ loss. For their part, the Raiders did move up a couple of spots as consolation for another deflating loss and now sit on the 10th pick, at least until the rest of the week’s games are in the books.