Draft buzz 2022: 1st Edition

January 15, 2022

As the QB turns … We are still over 100 days away from the 2022 draft – and the first round of the playoffs is barely underway – but there already appears to be some chatter out there as it relates to the QB situation around the league. There is an unconfirmed report by Jordan Schultz of Yahoo Sports that recently fired former Miami head coach and Houston QB DeShaun Watson are trying to orchestrate an arrangement in which both would end up with the same team. For those that have been out of the universe, Watson did not play in 2021 as he tried to resolve multiple lawsuits alleging he sexually assaulted over 20 masseuses. And it makes some sense as Watson, who first asked to be dealt, but then  reportedly would only accept a trade to Miami, the team Flores was coaching. The report goes to to add that Watson would really like to end up with the Giants as he supposedly has business interests in New York. The Giants could conceivably be interested in hiring Flores, who is a coach, although he reportedly can also be hard to get along with at times. However, its harder to see the Giants being all that interested in acquiring Watson and all his baggage, especially at the cost of multiple draft picks, although they still aren’t sold on Daniel Jones, their first round pick in 2019. Here’s a thought though; why don’t the Texans just hire Flores and they get two for the price of one.

Speaking of Houston, Texans’ G.M. Nick Caserio suggested – unprompted – during a presser to talk about the firing of David Culley, their head coach, that they would be open to listening to offers for the third pick overall at this April’s draft. The question is would anyone else in the league be interested in buying, especially when it does not appear, at least at this time anyway, that any of this year’s top QB prospects are worth a top 5 selection. Certainly, it doesn’t look that way at the moment, but there is one scenario we keep looking at when, for example, doing mock drafts which focuses on Carolina and the 6th pick. The Panthers definitely need help at QB after neither the Sam Darnold experiment nor the return of Cam Newton solved the problem and the 6th pick would be around where one would expect the QBs to start to enter the equation at this year’s draft. However, there are a number of teams out there that will be looking for QB help at the 2022 draft and if, say one guy really starts to stand out at the position, would there be teams willing to consider moving up ahead of the Panthers which might put picks like the 3rd, 4th and 5th into the trade discussion. For their part, though, the Panthers are saying that they have, in fact, not given up on Darnold and feel that what he needs is a better supporting cast. Complicating the whole thing is the fact that the Panthers exercised their 5th year option on Darnold after they acquired him from the Jets last spring and are on the hook for almost $19M on him this coming season.