Draft Board Team Draft Values 2022

June 13, 2022

Instead of an article featuring prospects from the USFL, I am headed back to the 2022 NFL Draft. I am going to rate, not grade, some team Drafts based on who they picked and signed relative to my pre-Draft player rankings. So below you will see columns for Picks, player/position, my rank. Since my last ranked player was at #250, anyone beyond that will be labeled either 250+, or NR, for not ranked at all in my Top 300+.

We are going to start with the the three personal favorite teams of the staff here at GBN Report. Which are COLIN/GIANTS, LARRY/CHIEFS, PIGSKIN/PACKERS. So let’s get on with the show.


Pick 5   Kayvon THIBODEAUX    DE/ER       PP#5

Pick 7   Evan NEAL    OT     PP#6

Pick 43     Wan’Dale ROBINSON    WR/RS    PP#114

Pick 67    Joshua EZEUDU    OG      PP#180

Pick 81     Cardale FLOTT      CB       PP#110

Pick 112   Daniel BELLINGER     TE     PP#117

Pick 114    Dane BELTON      S     PP#174

Pick 146   Micah McFADDEN     ILB    PP#250+

Pick 147    D.J. DAVIDSON     DT     PP#250+

Pick 173     Marcus McKETHAN     OG    PP#NR

Pick 182    Darrian BEAVERS     LB     PP#80

RFA      Austin ALLEN    TE     PP#NR

RFA     Jashaun CORBIN    RB   PP#177

RFA    Yusuf CORKER    SS   PP#203

RFA     Jeremiah  HALL   FB/H-B   PP#224

RFA     Chris HINTON    DT     PP#198

As you can clearly see the Giants scouting group and my eyes did not align much after Round 1. They got help from this Draft, I am just questioning the value at the Picks. I really like their Rookie Free Agents.


GREEN BAY PACKERS    11 Picks,   5 RFA

Pick 22   Quay WALKER    OB/ER      PP#38

Pick 28     Devonte  WYATT       DT     PP#34

Pick 34    Christian WATSON     WR   PP#30

Pick 92    Sean RHYAN      OG/T     PP#78

Pick 132    Romeo DOUBS     WR     PP#133

Pick 140    Zach TOM     OL     PP#160

Pick 179   Kingsley ENAGBARE   ER/OB    PP#83

Pick 228    Tariq CARPENTER    LB/SS    PP#205

Pick 234   Jonathan FORD     DT      PP#234

Pick 249     Rasheed WALKER    OT/G   PP#207

Pick 258    Samori TOURE     WR    PP#234

RFA     Akiel BYERS       DT       PP#NR

RFA    Tyler GOODSON   RB    PP#168

RFA    Chauncey MANAC     ER/OB    PP#250+

RFA   George MOORE     OT/G     PP#250+

RFA    Tre STERLING     S     PP#250+

Being a Packers fan at heart I have normally been critical of their draft efforts overall in recent years. But I thought this year’s group brought quality & quantity to the roster. That’s especially true when you throw in the value of some of these guys to contribute to the big push for improvement in Special Teams play.


KANSAS CITY CHIEFS       10 Picks, 5 RFA

Pick 21    Trent McDUFFIE     CB        PP#31

Pick 30   George KARLAFTIS     DE/ER     PP#22

Pick 54     Skyy MOORE     WR    PP#53

Pick 62     Bryan COOK    SS       PP#126

Pick 103   Leo CHENAL     LB    PP#44

Pick 135    Joshua WILLIAMS    CB   PP#128

Pick 145    Darian KINNARD    OT/G     PP#96

Pick 243    Jaylen WATSON    CB     PP#183

Pick 251      Isiah PACHECO     RB    PP#250+

Pick 259    Nazeeh JOHNSON    S      PP#NR

RFA    Dustin CRUM     QB      PP#250+

RFA    Jerrion EALY      RB/RS     PP#250+


RFA    Mike ROSE     LB      PP#171

RFA    Justyn  ROSS     WR     PP#245

Also one of the top 10 Drafts this year for my money. They got players for depth and for need. Best wishes for your Chiefs and yourself LP.

That’s it for now. Hope some of you find this interesting.I do not plan of doing all 32 teams, so if you have a favorite team you’d like me to include in the next few weeks, just drop us a line, or reply to me on Twitter.