Draft Blog Day 2

OK one of the bad boys has been taken… DGB. This is somewhere between PLAXICO BURRESS & LARRY FITZGERALD. The question is can someone in the TITANS organization get inside his head and mentor him. Kid has had a tough life and deserves the benefit ogf the doubt and a chance to turn himself around as a human being.

This has pissed me off for years when ESPN flip/flops events between their multi channel network. It’s a pain in the ass IMO.

PANTHERS move up to RAMS Pick. How about that OT to help protect CAM NEWTON?!

Here we go gotta change the channel. THanks a lot ESPN. Hell they aren’t even ready to make the switch to ESPN 2. Wake up ESPN suits… you are morons.

I still see FUNCHESS as a move-TE as a pro. I also see that the PANTHERS still don’t hold any value in quality at the OT positions. How insane is that concept.

Not sure its the right CB, but JALEN may need a baby sitter in Flowery Branch, GA.