Draft Blog Day 2

Hey REECE this is not DONOVAN McNABB it’s SMITH. Really impressed at the Senior Bowl. Plug and play RT.

Two stinking picks and ESPN needs a commercial break already?! Gonna be a long nite with commercials.

I have no intention to blog with every pick tonight so bear with me. I promise i am making projections before the Pick is announced which will become obvious when I am wrong most of the time.

Let me get this comment in early… it has often seemed to me that the 3rd Round is crazy time for lot of teams. I often feel the [layer value is better in Round 4 than 3. Don’t know what that’s all about but it drives me crazy.

DO the RAIDERS dare to grab RANDY GERGORY? AL DAVIS would make the pick.
Now that is a RAIDERS pick. EDWARDS is not a sack guy but is sturdy and a tough guy when he decides to turn it on. Can they motivate him into a star? Who knows.

Could we be in fora RB here like COLEMAN? Wow that might be a bit sooner than I expected. But he is productiove and can catch out of the backfield.