Did Steelers GM let the cat out

April 25, 2022

Who let the cat out?? … I am sure it was inadvertent, but Pittsburgh GM Kevin Colbert may have let the proverbial cat out of the bag when he was quoted on twitter as saying that the Steelers will “touch base with every team below them and above them about potentially moving on the board. They’ll calculate all the value for all spots.” And then according to the reporter ‘just casually threw out’: “We’ll calculate the value to move up from 20 to 7.” On the one hand, it could mean the Steelers are indeed seriously thinking of moving up in Thursday draft in order to acquire a QB and certainly no team has done more due diligence on this year’s QB class than Pittsburgh. However, the Steelers currently hold the 20th pick and while this year’s QB crop isn’t considered to be as talented as those in recent years, they aren’t likely going to be in a position to get one of the top-rated guys such as Liberty’s Malik Willis or Pitt’s Kenny Pickett at that spot. Referencing the 7th pick is also interesting. The Giants currently hold the 7th pick and have made noises about trading down. Whether #7 would be early enough for the Steelers to get their guy, though, might be problematic unless they would be happy with either Willis or Pickett and would take whichever was left over if Carolina opted to take one themselves. Whatever should make for some potential drama on Thursday.