COWBOYS Team Preview 2015

By | June 16, 2015

The COWBOYS made the leap in 2014 from being a perennial .500 team to NFC East Champs. In fact they were one questionable “catch call” away from heading to the NFC Championship game. It almost seemed prophetic when HC JASON GARRETT pronounced early in the season that the organization knew they had the right people on the bus for several years, but needed to get everyone in the right seats. What a nice way of saying ROD MARINELLI needed to be the DC with MONTE KIFFIN basically moving to a Assistant DC role up in the coaching box, primary amongst several staff changes last summer. So now the question becomes what does the team do now to push all the way through to the Super Bowl, which JERRY JONES sees as his rightful destiny.
Sorry to say COWBOYS fans, but some of the off-season moves have been highly questionable IMO. I like the OL, but am not ready to anoint everyone on it to HOF status quite yet. Now they will really have to excel, because a deep stable of average RB will be asked to replace star RB DeMARCO MURRAY. DARREN McFADDEN/VFA, JOE RANDLE, LANCE DUNBAR & RYAN WILLIAMS all have talent, but can the sum of the parts replace the star MURRAY? That is the JONES BOYS biggest roster gamble. They have also made their top wideout a very unhappy camper by franchising him. And he is pissed! In the past week DEZ BRYANT has basically said,’See you in September’ as he refuses to sign his Franchise Tender contract. No matter what happens with DEZ look for 1 of 3 URFA (ANTWAN GOODLEY/GEOERE FARMER/DEONTAY GREENBERRY) to emerge as a serious contributor to the receiver group.
It appears to me that for every veteran move they have made since February, they have lost a little ground in the overall scheme of things. They added DE/GREG HARDY but won’t see him on the field until December as the League suspended him for 10 games. So who replaces HENRY MELTON/DT & GEORGE SELVIE/DE along the defensive front in the committee approach DL corps, until HARDY suits up? LBs JUSTIN DURANT & BRUCE CARTER were let go and the team is counting on JASPER BRINKLEY/VFA & a healthy SEAN LEE to step in to replace them. On paper that change looks OK, but counting on LEE to stay healthy has become more wishful thinking than reality in recent years. And by the way, the addition of ANDREW GACHKAR/LB from San DIego is a plus, but mostly for the Special Teams units. The biggest net loss may turn out to be DWAYNE HARRIS, who had a few moments as the No. 4 WR, but exceptional value as a Return Man.
The wild card factor in Big D has to be how much help the team can get from it’s 2015 Draft Class. Christmas came in May, when LA’EL COLLINS went undrafted because of off-field concerns. Less than 2 weeks after the Draft, when Louisiana law enforcement officials seemed to clear COLLINS of entanglement in a homicide investigation, the Round 1 talent signed with Dallas as perhaps the highest rated URFA in NFL history. Throw in 1st Round DB/BYRON JONES and second round DE/RANDY GREGORY, he of exceptional Edge Rush ability, and as long as the COWBOYS locker room does not implode because of serious character issues some significant Rookie impact may help keep the team in the lead for another NFC East title.
So if the team has done little more than tread water overall does that open the door for any of their NFC East brethren to step it up and move past them in the division? I’ll give my opinion on that issue later this week.