Cowboys loss completes week; top 5 unchanged

December 8, 2020

Cowboys loss completes week; top of draft order unchanged … Another extended week on the NFL schedule wrapped up this evening with Baltimore getting back on track with a win over Dallas. And, as a result of the loss, the Cowboys will again have the 4th pick overall for at least another week in the opening round selection order were the draft held this week. In fact, the top 5 picks remain unchanged with the NY Jets at #1, Jacksonville at #2, Cincinnati at #3, the Cowboys at #4 and the LA Chargers at #5. Note, though, there will be some shuffling next week as Dallas is scheduled to play at Cincinnati. For now, here is the full, updated 1st round selection order were the 2021 draft held this week. Also please note that the strength of schedule figures used are for every team’s full 16 game schedule, not just the games played to date.