COWBOYS 2019 Draft Review

Thanks to the ever flapping mouth of the COWBOYS PR machine, in particular one JERRY JONES/Owner, this team garners as much, or more, media exposure than any other team in pro sports. So it only makes sense that we wrap up the NFC East Draft Reviews with America’s Team, as they have self-proclaimed themselves to be. Their Draft began in Round 2 in April, thanks to a mid-season trade last year with OAKLAND, which brought AMARI COOPER to DALLAS.

Round 2, Pick 58
6’3 308 5.04/40 PP#115
This was somewhat of a surprise pick, of a player who was almost forgotten until he excelled at the Combine. HILL had been an outstanding player in the UCF program under SCOTT FROST and his staff, but he lost his starter’s job under the JOSH HEUPEL regime in 2018. Thusly, he had some serious questions to answer when NFL personnel people vetted him about his time under the new coaching staff. Clearly, he convinced the COWBOYS staff that he was not a locker room cancer at UCF. His upside seems enormous, and he could be the force DALLAS needs to bolster their somewhat questionable Interior DL. Not only is he big boned and strong, but his 10 1/4″ hands and 33 3/8″ long arms should serve him well in the trenches. They are betting on veteran Coach MARINELLI to motivate HILL to big things in Big D. I gotta feeling that the big fella gets the job done, with a big toe up his butt from Coach ROD.

Round 3, Pick 90
6’5 308 5.25/40 PP#106
What you see, is what you get with McGOVERN. If TRAVIS FREDERICK comes back to play at his old level, then McGOVERN can earn his spurs initially as an Interior OL backup, after having played all 3 inside spots in college. His 5.25/40-time tells me has limited mobility, but playing inside, he may have enough short area quickness to earn a starting job as a pro with time. His arm/hand size are pro level, and his feet are mobile enough to get him where he needs to be. He surprises with his pulling ability, given his lack of speed. The COWBOYS continue to add talent each year to their OL group, and McGOVERN is the kind of steady player who can help their overall depth.

Round 4, Pick 128
6’0 210 4.56/40 PP#142
Let’s call POLLARD a versatile Offensive weapon coming into the League. He showed some flash and versatility in Mobile during Senior Bowl week. He can be lined up split wide, in the slot, or in the backfield. I was surprised at his 4.56/40 time at the Combine. I think he plays faster than that. He scored 7 TD’s on Kick Returns in 3 years of college ball. One of the most amazing football stats that I have ever seen came from POLLARD in the 2017 season. For the season, he returned 22 kick-offs at an average of 40.1 yards per return. That is not a misprint. He shows natural hands as a receiver. New OC KELLEN MOORE may get quite a rush out of designing creative ways for this guy to touch the ball. I really like this pick.

Round 5, Pick 158
6’1 210 4.45/40 PP#155
Any way you looked at it, 2018 was a very disappointing season for the HURRICANES, which led to the resignation of Head Coach MARK RICHT. JACKSON had come into that season as one of the top 5 or 6 senior DC prospects on most lists, but like the team itself, JACKSON slumped in 2018. JACKSON has shown good ball skills during his career, but in 2018, he had 0 INT’s. He did have 6 PBU’s, but was just not his normal self overall. In 2017, he had recorded 5 INT’s. So instead of being drafted in Round 3, he bounced down to Round 5. KRIS RICHARD, who is in reality the COWBOYS Defensive Coordinator, is also their DB’s Coach and a former NFL secondary player. A key job for him will be reviving JACKSON’s play, whether it be at DC or S, which he has the size for. His 40-time looks slow when compared to his playing speed, and might also indicate some work at S might suit him. He shows quickness breaking on the ball. He’ll likely play some Special Teams and sub-packages in 2019, with an eye on competing for a starting role in 2020. His upside should be significant.

Round 5, Pick 165
6’4 275 4.80/40 PP#78
Here is another heralded athlete who slipped a bit as part of the HURRICANES down season. JACKSON has good size for a DE job in a base 4-3 front. He shows some natural pass-rush moves, and can disrupt the pocket on a regular basis. Last season, he recorded 9 sacks and 9 QBH’s. He needs a bit more beef on his frame to hold the edge against the run. He has been a steady player who really flashes at times. That 40-time is solid for a guy with his hand in the dirt most of the time. His 10″ hands, on 34 1/8″ arms, are intriguing when considering his ability to be disruptive. He is a good natural athlete who just needs some coaching to refine his existing skills.

Round 6, Pick 213
6’0 199 4.58/40 PP#NR
WILSON had his best season for the AGGIES with the new JIMBO FISHER coaching staff in place. WILSON will have a tough row-to-hoe with the current depth in the S group in Big D, but excelling on Special Teams should buy him time to develop as a S. He did record 3 PBU’s and 2 INT’s last season, so there is clearly some optimism that he can develop into a secondary sub-package player. He will run and he will hit, recording 66 tackles last season. Call him their upside Pick in this Draft group.

Round 7, Pick 218
5’10 210 4.45/40 PP#153
WEBER has some strong basic running skills. He will gain what is blocked, and not much more. However, in an offense with one of the best OL units in the League, he’ll see a lot more holes than on most teams in the NFL. Looking at their roster, it would not take much to envision WEBER as the man right behind ELLIOTT at the RB slot. He’s not a blazer, but that 4.45/40, and other numbers, earned him a ranking from Ourlads as the 4th most athletic in the 24-man RB group at the Combine. I would also contend that he has a second gear when he gets out into the open field. A nifty, useful addition to their RB group.

Round 7, Pick 241
6’5 256 4.93/40 PP#147
If JELKS can show a bit more toughness and aggressiveness as a pro, he could develop into a special weapon as an edge-rusher. He was not asked to drop into pass coverage in college, so barring a coaching project, you have to look at him as a speed rush, passing down specialist. He plays, perhaps, a little faster than his 40-time would indicate, and will run all day in pursuit of the ball. He’s another project, but I luv his athleticism and length. He might show some of the very same skills/abilities of RANDY GREGORY, without the constant distractions and suspensions. I had him rated almost 100 spots higher. An intriguing selection.

Let us remember one more time that their Top Pick in this Draft was in reality AMARI COOPER/WR, who fit their Offense like a hand-in-glove when he joined them last season. Also, lest we forget, AMARI is only 25-years old, so his acquisition should be a long term move. This was a nice group of Draftees, with WILSON being the only real surprise in my mind, and as long as he shows enough to earn a Special Teams role, then I truly believe all of these Picks make the COWBOYS 53-man roster in September.