Couple of stats to consider when wondering how we get there

January 30, 2022

Just a couple of quick stats we came across when analyzing the 4 teams in today’s conference championship games which may throw some light on what the Giants might consider when they start working on a plan to get back to the playoffs themselves. (And just for reference, we also included Buffalo in the data because both are new G.M. and head coach are over from the Bills.) This past season, for example, in the games that he played, Giants QB Daniel Jones was sacked an average of 2.00 times per game. In contrast, which just goes to show the huge impact the Giants terrible, no good, lousy offensive line had on Jones’ season, the 4 QBs in this year’s conference finals (and Josh Allen of the Bills) were sacked an average of 2.04 times per game. And yes the latter number is skewed by Cincinnati’s figure of 3.2, but even without the Bengals’ number the average for the other three teams and Buffalo is 1.8. Of course, sack numbers by themselves don’t tell the whole story, but its at least a couple of chapters.

At the same time, what really jumps out at you when looking at those final four teams is the fact that they all have a really good elite receiver: Cooper Kupp with the LA Rams, Ja’Marr Chase with the Bengals, Tyreke Hill with the Chiefs and Deebo Samuel with the 49ers. If one takes the averages of those four guys this year, along with Stefon Diggs of the Bills, they averaged 103 receptions for 1,450 yards and 11 TDs. They all, by the way, were also among the top 7 receivers in the league this year. In contrast, the Giants leading receiver this year was Kenny Golladay who had 37 receptions for 521 yards and 0 TDs to finish the year ranked 82nd among receivers. In his defense, the evidence is pretty good that Golladay was never really healthy this year, but overall the message here is clearly that the Giants indeed don’t need no stinking receivers.