Comp pick good news for Rams in 3rd

February 25, 2017

Rams get good news in 3rd round with comp pick … Thanks to correspondent Scott R for the tip as another pick got juggled by yesterday’s announcement of the awarding of this year’s compensatory picks. As part of the 2016 draft trade with Tennessee in which the Rams moved up to the #1 pick overall and selected QB Jared Goff, Los Angeles included both their first and third-round picks this year. Under the terms of that deal, though, the Titans would get the compensatory pick if the Rams got a 3rd round comp pick. That’s the way it worked out so the Rams get to keep their original 3rd rounder – the 69th overall – while Tennessee gets the 100th pick. As a result, the GBN list of picks by team has been updated.