April 20, 2015

With some serious VFA signings it seems like a clear signal that the COLTS are all-in to win a Super Bowl now! To that end let’s add the following Draft group of Rookies to their roster.

Round 1, Pick 29 CAMERON ERVING/T/C/FLORIDA STATE/6’6/313 GBN Rank: 29
It’s never a bad thing to add a player right away who can help protect the franchise QB named LUCK. ERVING provides the team with the luxury of choosing which position to plug him in at. He was a surprise move to OC last season and acquitted himself quite well. Let him compete for a starting OT spot right away and if beaten out at worst he can back up 3 OL slots until another job opens up.

Round 2, Pick 61 CODY PREWITT/S/OLE MISS/6’2/208 GBN Rank: 64
This might be a slight reach to some, but have you looked at the COLTS S depth chart lately? PREWITT is a smart player who is aggressive to the ball whether in coverage or run support. He also has a nose for the football. Watching him close quickly on receivers at times I’m thinking he either reads the routes very well or is incredibly lucky at guessing. I’ll vote for the former. He will also not hesitate to lay the lumber.

Round 3, Pick 93 TREY FLOWERS/DE/ARKANSAS/6’2/266 GBN Rank: 93
FLOWERS reminds me of MATHIS & FREENEY in his athleticism and knack for penetrating in the pocket area. I see him being used in a variety of roles designed to take advantage of his quickness. He’s also a very long player, with 34 1/4″ arms and 10″ hands. Showed surprising upper body strength with 28 reps in the bench press at Indy. He should also bring a big boost to the Special Teams units in his spare time.

Round 4, Pick 128 JAMISON CROWDER/WR/RS/DUKE/5’8/185 GBN Rank: 131
The Colts have a nice compliment of full sized receivers, but this little water bug might bring them some of the quickness in the return game that they lost when they cut BRAZILL from the roster. He has good hands and beats defenders on routes with his quickness. He makes people miss after the catch as well. A very nice slot player for a QB who can never have too many receiving options to choose from.

Round 5, Pick 165 DARIUS PHILON/DL/ARKANSAS/6’1/298 GBN Rank: 173
PHILON’s best position may yet to be determined. But he showed in his junior season in college that he has quickness and penetration skills. He compiled 14 TFL and was a nightmare to block in pass pro. His 4.93/40 is quite impressive for a guy touching 300 lbs. He may still have some growth potential. Like FLOWERS, once they find him a couple of roles to fill he could reek havoc.

Round 6, Pick 204 JAMES SAMPLE/S/LOUISVILLE/6’2/210 GBN Rank: 206
Another developing player who is a solid athlete. Ran a 4.56/40 at the Combine, and plays that fast on the field in pads. Had 90 tackles last season in college. He also has decent ball skills already. Should be a Special Teams ace with his size, speed and aggressive nature. Also looks to me like a sub-package player right away and a potential starter at S in a year or two.

Round 6, Pick 206 TAIWAN JONES/ILB/MICHIGAN STATE/6’3/245 GBN Rank: 221
A player whose college resume’ would indicate a higher prospect ranking, but his 4.96/40 worries people. Very long with 10″ hands and 34″ arm length. Performed very well at the Shrine venue. Has a nose for the football and can provide short field coverage despite his lack of speed. Was solid enough to start at OLB for the Spartans in 2013. At worst he’s a two down thumper, who then gives way to another DB on 3rd down. Should be another guy who bolsters the Special Teams units.

Round 7, Pick 244 JAMON BROWN/T/G/LOUISVILLE/6’4/323 GBN Rank: 244
Another reinforcement for the OL who is just too good to pass up at this spot. He lost some weight for his senior season and his flexibility and speed reflected it. His 5.11/40 was a titch better than LSU’s COLLINS. Very long, with 34 3/8″ arms. He has experience in both run blocking and pass pro. He looks like a better fit for an OG slot, but could likely back-up out at RT as well. Very good value here.

Round 7, Pick 255 CASEY PIRCE/TE/KENT STATE/6’3/244 GBN Rank: NR
Had a solid senior college campaign with 60 catches. Was invited to the Senior Bowl and looked good. He has soft hands and catches outside his body. Looks very smooth at turning his hips to run upfield after the catch. More of a move TE than an inline guy. That works fine for the COLTS since they already have ALLEN & FLEENER who both block well. Ran a 4.75/40 and had a 36 1/2″ vert at the Combine. Good value pick here especially given the COLTS offensive schemes.



Round 1, Pick 17 LA’EL COLLINS/T/LSU/6’5/305 GBN Rank: 17
Right in the middle of Round 1 where he belongs. Lost some weight for his senior season and did gain some flexibility. Should have the versatility to move inside and start if that’s a better fit. Would provide a serious talent upgrade overall and might make RIVERS a bit less anxious to move on. Has the arms 33 1/4″ of an interior player but the talent to play outside. Looks like a 10-year plug and play guy. Good start to the Draft.

Round 2, Pick 48 MICHAEL BENNETT/DL/OHIO STATE/6’2/293 GBN Rank: 51
The success they have had with a slightly short LIUGET may embolden them to take BENNETT despite his lack of ideal size for a 3-4 scheme. He can be stout and is incredibly quick. Ran 4.95/40 at the Combine. His just under 34″ long arms help compensate for his lack of height for a 5-Technique. He’s a warrior with high energy and athleticism. I would expect that DC PAGANO would be able to find some creative ways to use him to generate pocket pressure.

Round 3, Pick 83 JAVORIS ALLEN/RB/USC/6’1/221 GBN Rank: 86
An under the radar potential star at RB, IMO. He has low wear on his tires and is extremely versatile, making it easier to keep him on the field no matter what the down. Ran for 1489 yards in his final college campaign, while also catching 41 balls. Has a nose for the end zone. Gets yardage after contact. His 4.50/40 is plenty fast at his size. Tough to bring down and can move the chains with churning legs and constant forward lean. Should work his way to the starting role in training Camp.

Round 4, Pick 117 JORDAN RICHARDS/SS/STANFORD/5’11/211 GBN Rank: 117
A solid all-around player to be available at a position of need here. Could make a nice compliment to WEDDLE in their secondary. All around player who is Stanford tough. Very high FBI and works his tail off. Likes to stuff the run more than jump into coverage. Had some baggage at UCLA, but looks clean since transferring to Stanford. Should also be a big help on Special Teams units.

Round 5, Pick 153 TONY LIPPETT/WR/MICHIGAN STATE/6’3/192 GBN Rank: 159
Long legged, somewhat slender guy who is a versatile athlete. He might even be able to help at CB in certain sub-packages. Deceptive speed once he gets those long legs uncoiled. Competes well for the jump ball. Praised by his coaches as a high character guy who will be a strong addition to the locker room and practice field. Had 65 catches as a senior. A player on the rise with seeming considerable upside. Could add some quality depth to the Chargers receiving corps.

Round 6, Pick 191 CRAIG MAGER/CB/TEXAS STATE/6’0/201 GBN Rank: 195
Seems to be a rising prospect as people analyze his game in more detail. Very nice size on the Corner and ran a 4.42/40 at the Combine. Aggressive but a bit raw in his coverage awareness. Right now would seem best suited in press cover rather than zone. At the least he’s big enough to convert to a S slot. Should be very solid on Special Teams.

Some think that the Chargers are set to break out under HC McCOY if RIVERS is healthy and their new players can bring enough to the table to boost the teams overall play level. They just missed making a serious Super Bowl run last season and that was with a banged up RIVERS gutting it out in the last month of the season. The group above might be just what the doctor ordered.