COLTS 2016 Draft Review

June 5, 2016

Clearly the biggest issue for the COLTS is getting a healthy ANDREW LUCK back out on the field to lead the Offense. But to be a serious Super Bowl contender this team clearly needs more talent overall on both sides of the ball. Shuffling a few VFA in and out is always on the agenda, but GM RYAN GRIGSON needed to bring in a better overall Draft Class than he had in recent seasons.

Round 1 RYAN KELLY/OC/ALABAMA 6’4/302 5.07/40 9 5/8″H/33 5/8″A
I would consider this a reach in Round 1 from an overall talent standpoint, but will agree that he was fundamentally the best OC in the Draft and keeping LUCK protected up the middle was a huge priority. He should be ready to go from day one and seriously upgrade the guys who preceded him here, ever since the departure of JEFF SATURDAY. He is a decent athlete and a solid technician. He has good foot movement and is adept in both pass pro and run blocking. His draft stock was rising and the COLTS likely would not have gotten him if they waited until Round 2.
Pick # 18 GBN Rank: 33 Ourlads Rank: 67 PP Rank: 59

Round 2 T.J. GREEN/S/CLEMSON 6’2/209 4.34/40 9 5/8″H/32″A
When you look at his size/speed Combine numbers you realize what a top athlete this guy is. He may even be good enough to convert to CB in time if they choose to do so. But for now the real question is how long before he is ready to step in at S for them. He should dominate on Special Teams immediately and they will be able to find him sub-package roles from the get-go. Could make an excellent zone blitzer for them. He recorded 95 Tackles for the Tigers last season. Excellent upside.
Pick # 57 GBN Rank: 76 Ourlads Rank: 66 PP Rank: 96

Round 3 LeRAVEN CLARK/OT/TEXAS TECH 6’5/312 5.15/40 11″H/36 1/8″A
An amazing athlete with excellent upside. UNlike KELLY, however it may take a while to get him out on the field faced with the daunting challenge of protecting LUCK in the pocket. He played almost exclusively out of a 2-point stance at TECH, and that won’t cut it in the NFL. Has the length, foot mobility and functional strength to dominate in time. Looked really solid at the Senior Bowl and at times was dominant. The upside is unlimited, but the development time line is a major question. Sooner rather than later, would suit the COLTS.
Pick # 82 GBN Rank: 59 Ourlads Rank: 62 PP Rak: 48

Round 4 HASSAN RIDGEWAY/DT/TEXAS 6’3/303 5.02/40 9 3/8″H/33″A
Like almost every prospect out of Texas in the recent past, the two words used most often to describe RIDGEWAY are underachiever and potential. So rack this up as a projection and potential pick for the COLTS. If he uses his athleticism and strength to raise his playing level up the COLTS got themselves a very useful DL rotation player. Needs to play inside but really doesn’t have NT size and strength, so will likely get his first looks outside in their base 3-4 scheme. Could well be a boom/bust player for a team that needs to see the boom side badly.
Pick # 116 GBN Rank: 69 Ourlads Rank: 141 PP Rank: 170

Round 4 ANTONIO MORRISON/LB/FLORIDA 6’1/233 4.75/40 9″H/30 3/8″A
Slightly undersized player who gets the job done with decent talent and big time effort and want-to. He led the Gators with 103 tackles last season. Though not a speedster he shows very good range in pursuit, and is not bad dropping off into shallow coverages. He started three seasons, when healthy, and was twice voted a team captain. In the tradition of previous COLTS ILB he should make a lot of plays on the ball. He will also be outstanding on Special Teams.
Pick # 125 GBN Rank: 253 Ourlads Rank: 123 PP Rank: 148

Round 5 JOE HAEG/T/G/NORTH DAKOTA STATE 6’6/305 5.16/40 9 5/8″H/33 3/4″A
One of the key protectors for CARSON WENTZ in college. Not a great athlete, but a smart fundamentally sound football player. Hs best chance to start someday will come inside, but he could develop quickly into a valuable 4 position backup. He started 60 games for the Bisons. Enough agility to mirror DL well. More than held his own at Senior Bowl week, and got singled out for his practice work by none other then ESPN’s BILL POLIAN. Great value at this spot for my money.
Pick # 155 GBN Rank: 153 Ourlads Rank: 167 PP Rank: 120

For most teams I might declare this a major reach, but for this century the COLTS have always sought out collegiate edge-rusher he are LB?DE ‘tweeners, but ll have edge rush speed and ability. It’s based primarily on their success with a couple of guys named FREENEY and MATHIS over a decade ago. BATES will have a chance to make the team based on his edge-rush ability and ability to become a Special Teams star. I don’t take issue with this gamble given their defensive scheme design.
Pick # 239 GBN Rank: NR/346+ Ourlads Rank: NR/300+ PP Rank: NR/300+

ROUND 7 AUSTIN BLYTHE/OC/IOWA 6’2/298 5.36/40 9 1/2″H/31 1/2″A
Another product of the KIRK FERENTZ school of blocking, who lacks the physical attributes to play at the next level. Absolutely got buried by big body DT in Senior Bowl practices. It will be the same story at the pro level IMO. THis pick could have been used to select a WR to add depth to that group. He will give you al he’s got every down, but it’s just not enough for the NFL game.
Pick # 248 GBN Rank: 301 Ourlads Rank: 211 PP Rank: nr/300+

This could be GRIGSON’s best overall Draft to date. He got some solid starting potential guys as well as some useful role fillers. I am a bit surprised that he passed on the WR position right up to the end. This group has some nice longer range developmental guys, but also should see immediate results from the early Picks.