College title games set

November 27, 2022

College conference title games set … With their regular schedule now in the books, college football moves onto the conference championship games next weekend. It gets started when Southern Cal plays Utah in Las Vegas on at 8 PM ET on FOX on Friday night for the Pac-12 championship. Then on Saturday, TCU meets Kansas State in the Big XII game in Dallas (at Noon ET on ABC), while Georgia hosts LSU in the SEC title game (4 PM ET on CBS); and Michigan meets Purdue (8 PM ET on FOX) for the Big Ten title; and Clemson plays North Carolina (8 PM ET on ABC) in the Power 5 title games. The other game of interest will be the American Athletic Conference championship game at 4 PM ET on FOX.

However, in reality, only two of the Power 5 title games mean much of anything other than maybe fans of the respective teams. Southern Cal and TCU do have to win their conference title games to keep what appears to be their invites to the 4-team CFL playoff. On the other hand, both Georgia and Michigan are in the national playoff win or lose on Saturday, while their opponents are not and neither Clemson nor North Carolina are going to the CFP playoff if they win the ACC title.