College Rankings 4.0

November 19, 2018

Time to be a bit more critical of team performances as we head down to the final week of the regular season in D1/FBS football.

1) ALABAMA (11-0) The Citadel surprised ‘Bama by showing up and matching their scores to be tied at 17-17. Then the Crimson Tide woke up and ran away with it. This won’t work in the next two games with Auburn and Georgia. You can bet that Mr. Saban will get that point across to his troops before Saturday rolls around. They will be ready for Auburn from the start… I think.

2) CLEMSON (11-0) Dabo’s boys were more convincing right from the start with Duke. They play a feisty South Carolina in an intra-state rivalry and should roll again.

3) NOTRE DAME (11-0) answered some doubters with a pounding of Syracuse, but many are now saying it was the injury of Syracuse QB DUNGEY that determined the outcome. Can’t stumble against a mediocre, but motivated USC team.

4) MICHIGAN (10-1) Took a while for the Wolverines to get cranked and rolling, but they handled IU in the second half. Now the big one looms and it’s the one Harbaugh has not won yet as a coach at his alma mater.

5) GEORGIA (10-1) Looks like UGA is getting into a groove for the SEC Championship game with ‘Bama. But first they must handle pesky rival GA TECH and Paul Johnson’s multiple-option offense.

6) OKLAHOMA (10-1) What looked like a big showdown with WVU is still important but the Sooners are now in the driver’s seat.

7) WASHINGTON STATE (10-1) HC LEACH and his over-achieving Cougars are getting primed to make a run at a Final Four slot. Do you luv under- dogs. I do!

8) UCF (10-0) A dominating Defense was unleashed as the Knights won again, in convincing fashion, before a national TV audience.

9) OHIO STATE (10-1) Watching the Buckeyes fumble and stumble against Maryland makes me wonder if URBAN MEYER still has his team.

10) LSU (9-2) The Tigers put up some points but it was against the worst D1 program in the FBS.

11) TEXAS (8-3) Too good of a team to have 3 losses, but then again few teams have dominated this season.

12) BOISE STATE (9-2) Underrated Boise tries for Win 10 against an even more underrated conference opponent in Utah State this week.

13) WEST VIRGINIA (8-2) The Mountaineers need to gird up their loins and not lose again, but against the Sooners? NOT!

14) UTAH (8-3) The banged up UTES have hung tough through multiple injuries and a tough schedule. Rivalry time with BYU.

15a) WASHINGTON (8-3) Some nice wins and some tough losses and now Mike Leach to get past. Also one of the toughest schedules in the country IMO.

15b) UTAH STATE (10-1) Very well balanced team with only a one TD loss at Michigan State in their opener to spoil things. See 12 above.

Clearly, looking at this week’s game schedule it looks like we will have some juggling to do losses in these showdown games. I love it.