College Prospect Preview Week 7

By | October 15, 2015

The nitty gritty of the College Football season is truly upon us. Beat-up games are in the rear view mirror and conference schedules are well underway for all. Here are some top match-ups for this weekend, with top prospects listed for your scouting pleasure.

Saturday Noon ET ESPN
I’ll be blunt, and say that if this game were @ Louisville I would pick them by a field goal. Senior prospects are slim pickings as both teams retool with very young rosters. In fact these two teams ranked 1, 2 with the most players picked in the 2015 NFL Draft. The talent is here for both but is very young and inexperienced. EVERETT GOLSON/QB is improving weekly, and though not Draft eligible, RB/DALVIN COOK is among the top RB in the country for FSU. Those two will likely lead the Seminoles to a close home win. Prospects to watch:

LOUISVILLE                                                                 FLORIDA STATE

#17 JAMES BURGESS/LB 6’/229                                  #5 REGGIE NORTHRUP/LB 6’1/231
#44 PIO VATUVEI 6’3/296                                             #6 EVERETT GOLSON/QB 6’/200
#97 DEANGELO BROWN/DT 6’1/308                       #11 DERRICK MITCHELL/DT 6’4/305
#98 SHELDON RANKINS/DL 6’2/303                      #24 TERRANCE SMITH/LB 6’4/230
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                               #8 JALEN RAMSAY/CB/6’0/205/JR

Saturday 3:30 ET CBS
The Tide looks like they are on a roll, and they have to be after their loss to Ole Miss back in September. This game gets a little tricky being played in Texas, against a solid A&M squad. It looks to me like ‘BAMA will control the line-of-scrimmage on both sides of the ball. To use a cliche’ that carries a lot of truth the winner of the turnover battle wins the contest. By the way ‘Bama was -5 in turnovers against Ole Miss. ‘Nuff said.
Prospects to watch:

ALABAMA                                                                    TEXAS A&M
#2 DERRICK HENRY/RB 6’2/240                              #5 TRA CARSON/RB 6’/235
#17 KENYON DRAKE/RB 6’1/210                              #11 JOSH REYNOLDS/WR 6’4/190
#19 REGGIE RAGLAND/ILB 6’2/252                       #38 DREW KASER/P 6’3/215
#70 RYAN KELLY/C 6’5/297                                       #56 MIKE MATTHEWS/C 6’2/290
#90 JARRAN REED/DE 6’4/313                               #83 ALONZO WILLIAMS/83 6’4/296
#30 DENZEL DEVALL/LB/66’1/255

Saturday 3:30 ET ESPPN
Most would have said it would be a pipe dream to imagine the Wolverines to be a real threat to the Spartans this season. But JIM HARBAUGH and his staff really have their players on a roll. The Defense has pitched 3 straight shutouts. Meanwhile, the highly regarded Spartans are struggling and doing just enough to get by with W’s each week. If they dial it up, I truly believe the Spartans D can shut down the MIchigan Offense. But if the Spartans stumble and sputter an upset would not be hard to believe.
Prospects to watch:

MICHIGAN STATE                                                           MICHIGAN
#8 LAWRENCE THOMAS/DL 6’4/305                              #15 JAMES ROSS/RB 6’1/232
#16 AARON BURBRIDGE/WR 6’1/206                             #35 JOE BOLDEN/LB 6’3/232
#18 CONNOR COOK/QB 6’4/220                                        #43 CHRIS WORMLEY/DT 6’4/300
#26 R.J. WILLIAMSON/S 6’/216                                         #82 AMARA DARBOH/WR 6’2/216
#74 JACK CONKLIN/LT/6-5/320/JR


Saturday 8 PM ET ABC
This could be the week that the Buckeyes really assert their dominance of the Big 10 again. But it’s still worth a watch to see what JAMES FRANKLIN is putting together in Happy Valley. After a stumble year, replacing BILL O’BIREN, FRANKLIN looks to be putting his style of program firmly in place. Watch QB/CHRIS HACKENBERG who has huge NFL potential, but isn’t a perfect fit for FRANKLIN’s system. HACKENBERG/FRANKLIN seem to have found a happy medium and the Offense is picking up some momentum with their 5-1 record. Another key watch should be BRAXTON MILLER, for the Buckeyes. He is looking better every week in his conversion to a WR with legit pro potential.
Prospects to watch:

PENN STATE                                                                 OHIO STATE
#9 JORDAN LUCAS/S 6’/200                                         #1 BRAXTON MILLER/WR 6’2/215
#14 CHRIS HACKENBERG/QB 6’4/236                     #37 JOSHUA PERRY/LB 6’4/254
#87 KYLE CARTER/TE 6’3/247 #                                   68 TAYLOR DECKER/OT 6’7/315
#91 TAROW BARNEY/DT 6’1/306                                #81 NICK VANNETT/TE 6’6/260
#95 CARL NASSIB/DE 6’7/272 #                                    #97 JOEY BOSA/DE 6’7/275/JR
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                 #92 ADOLPHUS WASHINGTON/DT 6’4/300
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                 #12 CARDALE JONES/QB/6’4/250/JR
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                 #11 VONN BELL/5’11/205/JR
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                #65 PAT ELFLEIN/OG/6’3/300/JR

Saturday 10PM ET ABC
Raise your hand if you thought UTAH would be undefeated, midway through the season. All you liars with your hands up please leave the room. This team is for real! I’m not convinced they can go 12-0, but they have lots of talent and good coaching under head man KYLE WHITTINGHAM. The Sun Devils are a Top 25 team, but have had shaky moments already this season. Both teams’ starting QB could be pros this time next year. Enjoy some wide open PAC 12 action. If you’re an East Coaster like me, set your recording device, and watch this tilt Sunday morning with a cup of coffee. It should be worth your while.
Prospects to watch:

ARIZONA STATE                                                             UTAH

#2 MIKE BERCOVICI/QB 6’2/210                                     #2 KENNETH SCOTT/WR 6’3/206
#8 LLOYD CARRINGTON/CB 6’/195                                #7 TRAVIS WILSON/QB 6’6/233
#8 D.J. FOSTER/WR/RB 6’/195                                       #23 DEVONTAE BOOKER/RB 5’11/212
#10 KWEISHI BROWN/CB 6’/206                                     #9 TEVIN CARTER/S 6’1/215
#50 NICK KELLY/C 6’3/295                                              #33 TOM HACKETT/P 5’11/195
#55 CHRIS WESTERMAN/G 6’4/300                             #41 JARED NORRIS/LB 6’2/240

Enjoy your football folks. The real games abound. This is just a sampling.