College Preview Week 11

By | November 13, 2015

Coming down the home stretch for FBS teams and important games dot the schedule. If this season is like most of those in recent memory, then get ready for some chaos caused by surprises as the Boys of Fall play on.

MIAMI (6-3) @ NORTH CAROLINA (8-1) by 8
I’m still not sure what to expect from MIAMI with the changes in leadership still fairly fresh. No one can question the overall talent, but was AL GOLDEN’s coaching really the issue?! While you were probably sleeping UNC has emerged as a solid team with enough talent on Offense and Defense to win most Saturdays. Even though I’m not quite sure what his pro career holds in store there is no doubt that QB/MARQUISE WILLIAMS is one of the best dual threat QB in college football right now. And he has plenty to work with. The TAR HEELS are also a pretty young team so if WILLIAMS returns for 2016 they could be a Top 15 team. Though not draft eligible I also recommend you watch UNC RB/ELIJAH HOOD & MIAMI RB/JOSEPH YEARBY. We’ll be touting them both as hot 2017 Draft prospects in about 11 months. Prospects to watch:

MIAMI                                                         NORTH CAROLINA
#6 HERB WATERS/WR 6’2/195               #12 MARQUISE WILLIAMS/QB/JR 6’2/220
#11 RASHAWN SCOTT/WR 6’2/205        #14 QUINSHAD DAVIS/WR 6’4/210
#2 DEON BUSH/S 6’1/205                         #78 LANDON TURNER/G 6’4/325
#3 TRACY HOWARD/CB 5’11/188            #10 JEFF SCHOETTMER/LB 6’2/235
#47 UFOMBA KAMULU/DL 6’5/295       #42 SHAKEEL RASHAD/LB 6’2/245
#56 RAPHAEL KIRBY/LB 6’1/235            #98 JEFF THOMASON/DT 6’4/290

This could be a let down game for the Crimson Tide, but SABAN and his boys are used to playing back-to-back biggies. First of all, they expect to Win every game, and secondly the SEC West is a gauntlet just about every season. DAK PRESCOTT/QB for State will have his work cut out for him against that ‘BAMA D, but so will JAKE COKER/QB against DAN MULLEN’s Defensive troops. Lots of talent on display including two serious Heisman candidates in RB/HENRY and QB/PRESCOTT. Break out the cow bells and enjoy the action. Enjoy another SEC big game. Prospects to watch:

ALABAMA                                                             MISSISSIPPI STATE  
#2 DERRICK HENRY/RB/JR 6’3/241                #15 DAK PRESCOTT/QB 6’2/230
#14 JAKE COKER/QB 6’5/230                              #1 De-RUNNYA WILSON/WR/JR 6’4/225
#70 RYAN KELLY/C 6’4/300                               #70 JUSTIN MALONE/G/T 6’6/320
#4 EDDIE JACKSON/S 6’0/195                           #23 TAVEZE CALHOUN/CB 6’1/185
#19 REGGIE RAGLAND/ILB 6’2/252                #48 RYAN BROWN/DE 6’6/262
#90 JARRAN REED/DE 6’4/315                         #96 CHRIS JONES/DT/JR 6’5/308

MEMPHIS (8-1) by 4 @ HOUSTON (9-0)
This was supposed to have been the non-Power 5 championship game of the year of sorts, but Navy threw a wrench into that upsetting the Tigers last week. I’m not sure why I’m taking Memphis in this one after their disappointing showing against NAVY. After all Houston QB GREG WARD #1 may be even more impressive as a run/pass threat than KEENAN REYNOLDS. But my luv affair with QB/PAXTON LYNCH/#12 is unrequited and I think the Tigers will bounce back. Either way WARD and his antics at QB are worth your time alone. And if you track the Draft then LYNCH’s ability to rebound and have a big game is critical here. If he struggles and Memphis loses he may be more likely to stay in college, rather than turn pro. Prospects to watch:

MEMPHIS                                                                  HOUSTON
#12 PAXTON LYNCH/QB/JR 6’7/245                  #3 WILLIAM JACKSON/CB 6’1/185
#39 REGGIS BELL/FS 5’11/210                             #35 KENNETH FARROW/RB 5’10/218
#40 ALAN CROSS/TE 6’1/245                               #39 KYLE BULLARD/K 5’11/170
#53 LEONARD PEGUES/LB 5’11/240                  #71 ZACH JOHNSON/OT 6’6/295
#77 TAYLOR FALLIN/OT 6’6/325

ARKANSAS (5-4) @ LSU (7-1) by 4
LES MILES and his staff better have regrouped their troops after their thrashing by the Alabama D last week. ARKANSAS which started slowly is rounding into the big, physical team that we all thought they would be. BRET BIELEMA, the biggest HC in captivity, has a bigger OL than any team in the NFL. ALEX COLLINS/RB is rumbling behind that group of Hogs, and the LSU Defense is built more on speed than size. The LSU OL and RB/LEONARD FOURNETTE need a bounce back game. I say they get it, but this will be heavy lifting for all parties involved. Prospects to watch:

ARKANSAS                                                             LSU
#3 ALEX COLLINS/RB 5’11/224                             #16 TRA’DAVIOUS WHITE/CB/JR 5’11/191
#10 BRANDON ALLEN/QB 6’3/210                      #28 JALEN MILLS/S 6’0/195
#26 ROHAN GAINES/S 5’11/195                            #34 DEION JONES/LB 6’1/220
#73 SEBASTIAN TRETOLA/G 6’5/320                 #74 VADAL ALEXANDER/OT 6’6/320
#84 HUNTER HENRY/TE/JR 6’5/250                 #83 TRAVIN DURAL/WR/JR 6’2/192
#89 MICHAEL LOEWEN/DE 6’5/276                   #95 QUENTIN THOMAS/DT 6’4/303

WASHINGTON STATE (6-3) @ UCLA (7-2) by 5
I’m guessing that most of you didn’t realize that WSU was 6-3 and primed to upset someone in the stretch run of the PAC 12. Although I don’t think it will be in this contest it should be duly noted that much of a hiccup from the UCLANS and the Cougars could take advantage of the situation and pull off the upset. Under the leadership of unorthodox HC MIKE LEACH they have already picked off both Arizona schools as well as both Oregon universities. LEACH believes that a little less talent goes a longer way if you keep the ball in the air. Coming off a 3-9 season not much was expected this season, and that’s when LEACH is most effective. UCLA has had their usual rash of injuries but their talented youngsters have come through for them. Frosh QB JOSH ROSEN #3 has been everything JIM MORA had hoped. But Soph QB LUKE FALK (#4, 6-4, 210) has been dynamic for WSU. If UCLA can run the ball successfully they can control the tempo and keep the Cougars off the field. By the 4th quarter I am guessing a shoot-out will be in full bloom however. Prospects to watch:

WASHINGTON STATE                                       UCLA
#8 JEREMIAH ALLISON/LB 6’2/225                   #7 DEVIN FULLER/WR 6’0/195
#21 RIVER CRACRAFT/WR 6’0/200 JR              #9 JORDAN PAYTON/WR 6’1/213
#30 TAYLOR TALULU/S 5’11/205                       #10 FABIEN MOREAU/CB 6’0/195 INJ
#56 JOE DAHL/OT 6’4/303                                  #15 KA’IMI FAIRBAIRN/K 6’0/185
#80 DOM WILLIAMS/WR 6’2/190                      #54 JAKE BRENDEL/OC 6’4/295
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                              #97 KENNY CLARK/DT 6’3/308 JR