College playoff expansion recommended

By | June 10, 2021

College playoff expansion recommended … Over the years, glaciers have tended to move faster than any change coming to the world of college football. However, that may change as an NCAA working group has reportedly recommended expanding the current four-team CFP playoff field to 12 teams. The 12 teams would include the 6 top-ranked conference champions and the 6 top-ranked remaining teams. The top four conference champions would get byes in the first round while the other eight teams would play on the campuses of the highest ranked remaining teams. The working group’s recommendation will be discussed by the CFP Management Committee next week and if approved, would be forwarded to the CFP Board of Managers, which is meeting on June 22. At the same time, there is no real timetable if the recommendation does go forward. The current CFP contract has 5 years to run with ESPN, but there is nothing to preclude ESPN from agreeing to a new arrangement, although its unlikely will change for the 2021-2022 playoffs. It is also likely that the major conferences such as the SEC, ACC and Big Ten will still dominate any new playoff format, but it will open the door to participation by non-Power 5 teams. The new format will also likely put a lot of pressure on the non-playoff bowls which have become increasingly irrelevant in recent years, although they may survive in some fashion as programming filler for ESPN.