College Football Rankings 1.1

By | October 19, 2015

We are now halfway through the regular season for FBS teams and it’s time for me to update my team rankings. I am still giving the nod to all major programs that have a zero in the loss column. Then I have four teams sharing the 15 spot. When I post 1.2 in another two weeks these 1-Loss teams will have a chance to rank higher unless they stumble to a second Loss on the season.

1) BAYLOR 6-0 These guys look unstoppable on Offense and are very strong along both sides of the ball up front. Caution though, the second half of their schedule looks much harder than who they have played to date.

2) OHIO STATE 7-0 They are starting to put the pieces together and look stronger. BARRETT at QB still looks like their best bet in that Offense to me. Even the D is coming around. But who have they played?!

3) LSU 6-0 Just luv the Mad Hatter and his team. Never a boring game with a coach who actually likes trickeration. Oh, and he has great talent.

4) TCU 7-0 BOYKIN is amazing, but man their D is just can’t contain people. Will they stumble in November?

5) UTAH 6-0 This team is for real with solid talent everywhere, but the PAC-12 is filed with good, not great, teams to navigate.

6) CLEMSON 6-0 The schedule looks favorable with the Nov. 7 home game vs. FSU likely to decide which ACC team goes undefeated. This young team only gets better.

7) MICHIGAN STATE 7-0 The Spartans have everything, but they find ways to make every game a tight one. If they don’t stub their toe the biggie Nov. 21 against the Buckeyes is on the road.

8) FLORIDA STATE 6-0 FLORIDA & CLEMSON remain (both on the road) but the young roster is getting better with every game they play. When you out recruit just about everyone talent is not an issue.


10) IOWA 7-0

11) MEMPHIS 6-0

12) TOLEDO 6-0

13) HOUSTON 6-0

14) TEMPLE 6-0

15A) ALABAMA 6-1
15D) FLORIDA 6-1