College Football Rankings No.3

By | November 2, 2015

Let’s get right to it and post my Top 20 just before the NCAA publishes their first official rankings of the season Tuesday night.

1) LSU 8-0 The big showdown with ‘Bama is coming up and I’m still liking the talent and the karma that this LSU squad is riding.

2) CLEMSON 8-0 The Tigers had a lot of talent to replace this year and have done so with the flood of talent DABO has built up with recent top flight recruiting classes. This team has not even peaked yet.

3) TCU 8-0 They have the weakest Defense of the top teams, but their Offense is so fast and good that it may not matter.

4) OHIO STATE 8-0 Just when URBAN decides to switch back to BARRETT at QB the kid gets arrested and CARDALE will get his chance to win the job back.

5) OKLAHOMA STATE 8-0 MIKE GUNDY probably has the fewest 5-Star recruits of any Top 10 team, but they play well together and seem to really believe in themselves.

6) MICHIGAN STATE 8-0 The Spartans are doing just enough to win, but Ohio State and Penn State finish out the schedule. They need to get it going at a higher level soon.

7) BAYLOR 7-0 I am skeptical of this team winning out without SETH RUSSELL. But then again the new guy, STIDHAM is a 5-Star recuit.

8) ALABAMA 7-1 And so the fun begins anew. The showdown with LSU this weekend is the game of the year… for now. Amazing Defense since their loss.

9) NOTRE DAME 7-1 These guys have had the toughest schedule of anyone above them and keep winning despite a plague of injuries. The big game for them should be with STANFORD at the end of the season, but they can’t stumble.

10) STANFORD 7-1 Every time I write their name down on my list my question is, ‘How could they be so NOT ready for Week 1’.

11) FLORIDA 7-1

12) OKLAHOMA 7-1


14) MEMPHIS 8-0

15) IOWA 8-0

16) HOUSTON 8-0

17) UCLA 6-2


19) UTAH 7-1

20A) TOLEDO 8-0

20B) TEMPLE 7-1

I’m taking into account how the teams have done so far, what injury challenges they must overcome and what their remaining schedule looks like. I expect at least another 3-4 teams will drop from the ranks of the unbeaten over the next two weeks.

Pigskin Paul