COLLEGE FOOTBALL Rankings #4 11/20/2016

By | November 20, 2016

Down to the nitty gritty folks with most top teams having 2 games left, which includes Conference Championships in the neXt few weeks. Hell, we’ll be watching Bowl Games in early December, but those games won’t include the teams below, or at least they shouldn’t. Here we go again…

1) ALABAMA 11-0 Is it just me, or is this getting boring. They should apply to be an NFL expansion franchise.

2) CLEMSON 10-1 They have stumbled a few times this year, but they look stronger than the Big Ten’s best right now to me.

3) OHIO STATE 10-1 Some weeks they look mediocre, but we all know better than that.

4) MICHIGAN 10-1 This crew seems to be losing some juice, plus they haven’t had to win much on the road… yet.

5) OKLAHOMA STATE 9-2 Actually 10-1, with the big in-state showdown on tap with the Sooners. One of the best balanced teams in the country that can win with D or O.

6) WASHINGTON 10-1 Still a top notch young team in my opinion. How can you fault them for losing to the SAM DARNOLD Trojans?!

7) WISCONSIN 9-2 We’ve known all year how good their Defense is, and now they are scoring points in bunches.

8) OKLAHOMA 9-2 The big one is coming up (see above) but this team is tough to handle on Offense despite a mediocre, at best, Defense.

9) LOUISVILLE 9-2 This team is somewhat undisciplined and the OL is pretty bad. But LAMAR JACKSON/QB is still very special, and still has my Heisman vote.

10) COLORADO 9-2 A special team and a special year in Boulder. If LIUFAU can stay whole they can win a couple more games. May have the best secondary in the country.

11) SOUTHERN CAL 8-3 I can’t put them higher with 3 losses, but AD (After Darnold) they are almost unbeatable over 60 minutes. Watch out for this crew.

12) WESTERN MICHIGAN 11-0 This is as high as I can go given their level of competition, but undefeated is still undefeated. Big MAC showdown this week with Toledo @ 9-2!

13) BOISE STATE 10-1 It’s the Mountain West, but they have beaten 2 PAC 12 tams, plus BYU. Solid all around team with tough finale against the Air Force on the road.

14) FLORIDA 8-2 They may yet lose to FSU in the finale, but just think how good this team will be in a couple seasons when McELWAIN develops an Offense, which he will.

15) PENN STATE 9-2 I am still skeptical of their Offense, or lack thereof, but JAMES FRANKLIN is building his program and they will beat you with D and Special Teams.

16) HOUSTON 9-2 GREG WARD looks healthy again, and if all the talk about HC HERMAN to TEXAS isn’t too big of a distraction, a couple more wins might be in their immediate future.

17) NAVY 8-2 Nobody wants to play this disciplined, hard running option team.

18) TEXAS A&M 8-3 They have stumbled and are without TREVOR KNIGHT/QB, but they still have some star players on both sides of the ball.

19) WEST VIRGINIA 8-2 They came out over-hyped for their big home showdown with Oklahoma and laid an egg. Can DANA settle them down to Win 2 more games, that they should on paper?

20) STANFORD 8-3 They have righted the ship and McCAFFREY is healthy., and gaining crazy yards. After they bury RICE they will be a feared Bowl opponent.

21) NEBRASKA 9-2
23) UTAH 8-3
24) WYOMING 8-3

That’s it for this week.