College Football Rankings 3.0

By | December 5, 2019
  1. LSU  12-0   And only Georgia left to beat and cement their spot.
  2. Ohio State   12-0  It was close for a while, but the Fighting Harbaughs get trounced yet again.
  3. Clemson    12-0   ‘We Don’t Get No Respect’, says DABO. We’ve heard that before.
  4. Georgia   11-1    If they win this last game with LSU , the potential TV ratings for the Final Four take a big dip, except in SEC land.
  5. Utah    11-1    No sex appeal, if they slide past Georgia. I don’t care… these guys are good.
  6. Oklahoma  11-1    Historically great program, and who cares if they don’t play much Defense?
  7.  Baylor     11-1     Not going to Final 4 even if they beat the Sooners.
  8.  Florida    10-2    I can’t wait to see this team when the roster is full of Mullen’s recruits.
  9.  Alabama   10-2    Nowhere to go for these fellas without TUA at QB.
  10.  Notre Dame   10-2    If you’ve been paying attention this team is ascending right now.
  11.  Penn State  10-2    Very solid team, just not flashy enough to score big against top teams.
  12.  Oregon    10-2    Going to be 10-3, but this program is changing its image under Cristobal.
  13. Wisconsin  10-2    Aw shucks, they lose again to the Buckeyes.
  14. Memphis  11-1    Looking to win against Cincy again, then say goodbye to HC Norvell.
  15. Appalachian State 11-1   Solid program and a very good team this year.