Cities that the NFL Might Expand to

July 25, 2022

With NFL training camps set to all be open by tomorrow, the last thing on the mind of most fans is when and where the league might expand to in the future. Trust us, though, its very much on the minds of NFL executives. Indeed, the discussion of the potential cities the NFL can expand to seems to come up almost every offseason. The league’s enormous popularity makes rumors about new franchises rampant. Whether going to a region that previously held a team or moving overseas to attract a more extensive fan base, the NFL might expand beyond the 32 clubs.

With that in mind, what cities might the NFL be considering. It may very well start with London. The National Football League has prioritized expanding its international exposure. More than 20 NFL matches have been played outside the US since the NFL International Series began in 2007. Given that most of these matches are played in London, UK, there’s good reason for the NFL to go global. NFL games played in London now have an even greater attraction thanks to the 2019 opening of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The mood that this spectacular stadium generates transcends all American NFL venues. The NFL’s plan to go global is a big one, and it has the potential to grow the world’s audience much more.

Closer to home, there are now major league teams in Canada in every major sport except the NFL, despite the fact that the game is hugely popular up north. And while Toronto is generally considered to be the most likely Canadian destination, don’t rule out Montreal. Many people might first consider Toronto as the location of a Canadian NFL team. Teams from the top sports leagues have started to travel to the city. The closeness of Toronto to Buffalo is the major obstacle to expansion there. The distance between the two cities is around 100 miles, and the Bills are among the league’s top clubs. Toronto would face fierce competition from the Bills if it were to pursue a team. With the NHL’s Canadiens, Montreal is nicely located to have its market and has already established itself as a popular sports destination. The CFL presence will be something the NFL will sort out, but there isn’t any reason why the leagues can’t coexist. If the NFL decides to expand to Canada, Montreal might be a viable location.

Meanwhile, three potential US locations could be Austin, Columbus and St. Louis. Regarding the big sports leagues, Austin has unfortunately lost its importance. Austin FC of the MLS has only recently moved into the city. Austin, the state’s capital, one of its major towns, and the Texas Longhorns’ home ground might be a location for a new NFL club. Austin is about 160 miles from Dallas and Houston; this distance might be sufficient for Austin to develop its fan base. Austin can quickly fill stadiums, just like in Longhorns games. If the National Football League decides to expand, Austin is an excellent location.

Columbus is also one of the nation’s top college football cities and could eventually one day have its NFL team. Columbus’ proximity to other teams like the Bengals, the Browns, and the Steelers might foster a compelling rivalry. The Buckeyes dominate sporting activities in Columbus; however, an NFL team may profit from their devoted following. Although the Columbus Crew (Major League Soccer) and Columbus Blue Jackets (National Hockey League) have developed sizable fan bases, the emphasis on collegiate athletics may be a worry. Because Columbus is Ohio’s most populous city, building a sizable fan following may be fruitful. The NFL may look into alternative cities for expansion, but Columbus’ potential cannot be ignored.

Following the Rams’ departure for the glittering lights of Los Angeles, could the league return to St. Louis? Before the Rams moved, St. Louis had a lengthy history with the NFL, and the organization might go back there in the future. While St. Louis now lacks an NFL club, it has continued to be a great sports city thanks to groups like the NHL’s Blues and MLB’s Cardinals. The thought of constructing a new stadium is the only thing that could prevent St. Louis from expanding. St. Louis can be on the NFL’s shortlist of potential cities if the city successfully builds a new stadium.

The cities mentioned above are possible locations for NFL teams if the league decides to expand. NFL expansion has always been one of the most discussed topics in the last few years, and whether or not we will see this happen in the future is unknown. We can only hope. Thanks for reading!