April 16, 2018

Like an awful lot of teams around the NFL the Chiefs are a little tough to project for 2018 with John Dorsey gone, and for all intents and purposes the team now almost totally in the hands of ANDY REID. We shall see how Andy does, but for now here are my Picks for them. Don’t forget that their First Round Pick this year will be new starting QB PATRICK MAHOMES.

Round 2, Pick 54 AUSTIN CORBETT OG/C NEVADA 6’043/306 For right now this Pick represents a potential quality back-up everywhere along the OL. It’s also likely just a matter of time before he starts somewhere in the Interior OL. Was dominant when playing inside at the Senior Bowl. Shows above average athleticism and veteran savvy for a young man.

Round 3, Pick 78 TIM SETTLE DT VIRGINIA TECH 6’026/329 This massive guy will help replace VFA departure Bennie Logan. He has surprising mobility as a straight line penetrator. Did some very nice work for the Hokies in collapsing opponent’s passing pocket straight up the middle. Should make an impact as a rotation piece in the middle. Needs rest to be at his best.

Round 3, Pick 86 HOLTON HILL CB TEXAS 6’015/196 Part of one of the best CB duos in college football last Fall. Did not get along well with new coaching staff, but his talent says starting CB in the future. Its all hands on board to replace MARCUS PETERS, and new blood is needed. He may be a personality risk, but in the past REID has shown he has the confidence to work with players who have some issues to work though off the field, but are not lacking in talent.

Round 4, Pick 122 MARCELL ATEMAN WR OKLAHOMA STATE 6’044/216 This is the third straight need pick for the team, but luckily his talent matches the need. They have plenty of smaller, speedster types like HILL, THOMAS not to mention SAMMY WATKINS. But ATEMAN gives them a nice big target for Mahomes to find, especially along the sidelines. He’s a natural hands catcher, who will need to become more precise in his pattern running as a pro.

Round 4, Pick 124 FRED WARNER LB BYU 6’033/236 Athletic and productive player during his career with the Cougars. Looked very good in Mobile during Senior Bowl week. Then put up some nice numbers at the Combine. Is an experienced Special Teams performer. May have starting potential long term. Has some solid traits to indicate he can stay on the field for passing downs.

Round 6, Pick 209 P.J. HALL DT SAM HOUSTON STATE 6’0/308 Nice small school prospect who really impressed with his quicks at the snap. Others have him ranked higher, but I thought he was a bit too stiff and straight line in his penetration during Shrine week. He might even be able to move to DE at times despite his short frame. Good value at this spot.

Round 7, pick 233 SKYLER PHILLIPS OG IDAHO STATE 6’024/314 Yes another INT OL prospect, because he has good value at this pick and the team has little to no depth inside. He showed improvement every day in Mobile and was holding his own with the big boys by week’s end. Solid player with backup potential.

Round 7, Pick 243 DEON YELDER TE WESTERN KENTUCKY 6’3/251 Looked like a late bloomer in his college career. Filled a big roster hole for WKU’s offense last year. Is better than average as a blocker, and impressed with his catching ability in Mobile. Chiefs need a stout backup TE option on their roster, with KELCE and HARRIS pretty much being big WR.

It ain’t a glamorous list of Picks, but the team has some serous need areas, and most of these guys will upgrade the overall roster depth. I would also expect a few of them to break through and show starter potential in a couple of seasons.