CHIEFS 2016 Draft Review

May 21, 2016

GBN Friend Larry requested a look at the CHIEFS Draft. Fair enough. First let’s make sure people understand how the Chiefs handle their draft and player evaluation. The key man is GM JOHN DORSEY, who used to run the PACKERS College Scouting Dept., when TED THOMPSON was busy elsewhere. DORSE and ANDY REID go way back to their PACKERS days and it is safe to say they work simpatico. ANDY gets his input but DORSEY handles the nuts and bolts in the actual Draft Room.

Round 2 CHRIS JONES/DT/MISSISSIPPI STATE 6’6/308 5.03/40 10″H/34 1/2″A
DOn’t be surprised if this guy plays some inside and outside in the chiefs scheme, but be clear he’s not built for the Nose. Was an instant impact guy from day one on the State campus. His stats are not overwhelming, but that is part due to the constant 2-deep rotation their DC used most of the time. His size and athleticism give him a high pro upside. He should have an immediate impact in their DL rotation, but expect a learning curve going form a 4-3 scheme to a base 3-4 under BOB SUTTON.
PICK # 37 GBN Rank: 38 Ourlads Rank: 44 PP Rank: 53

Round 3 KEI VARAE RUSSELL/DB/NOTRE DAME 5’11/192 4.51/40 10″H/31 5/8″A
For those of you expecting RUSSELL to be the replacement for VFA SEAN SMITH I say, not so fast my friends. RUSSELL is a good athlete but lacks CB quickness and cover ability. I see him as an eventual starter as S for the CHIEFS. He’s a big hitter, and has a muscled, sculpted body with no sign of fat. Very high upside on this guy and was expected to be a fourth rounder by most.
Pick # 74 GBN Rank: 118 Ourlads Rank: 102 PP Rank:140

Round 4 PARKER EHRINGER/OL/CINCINNATI 6’6/310 5.26/40 10″H/33″A
Long lean athlete who played a lot of ball for the Bearcats. Was never a star, but got the job done out at LT at the end of his career. Expect him to move inside, primarily because of average arm length. He has the mobile feet to play at RT, which makes him an initial help to their OL unit was a 3-4 spot back-up on Sunday. He may never go to a Pro Bowl but he won’t let your QB get mauled. Needs to beef up a bit and get functionally stronger.
Pick # 105 GBN Rank: 235 Ourlads Rank: 121 PP Rank: 250

Round 4 ERIC MURRAY/CB/MINNESOTA 5’11/199 4.54/40 9″H/31 1/2″A
Watching this guy in action I felt he was one of the Top 3 senior CB in the country on the Corner. He may not be a track star, but he plays the ball well and does some of his best work pressing receivers right off the line of scrimmage. I doubt he will have the immediate impact that MARCUS PETERS did for them last year, but I do see him as an eventual starter in the League. He’s a very solid tackler in the open field, or coming up to the edge in run support.
A 3-year starter who should also show well on Special Teams.
Pick # 106 GBN Rank: 141 Ourlads Rank: 83 PP Rank: 89

Round 4 DEMARCUS ROBINSON/WR/FLORIDA 6’1/203 4.55/40 9 1/2″H/33″Arms
ROBINSON was the best receiver in Gainesville, when he was available to play. But he led the team in overall suspensions during his time at Florida. Things only got worse with the new coaching staff in 2015. Even though he’s not a speedster he has good hands and gets himself into open space against zone coverage. He can also out-muscle most defenders for the jump balls that come his way. If there is a chance to get his head on straight, I like the location of a small city like KC, versus a Miami or NYC for him. He must have convinced DORSE that he’s basically OK to get selected here. Has the potential to be a No. 2 wideout at the pro level.
Pick # 126 GBN Rank: 296 Ourlads Rank: 112 PP Rank:188

Round 5 KEVIN HOGAN/QB/STANFORD 6’3/218 4.73/40 10 1/8″H/32″A
This is an ANDY REID type of QB. He has good size and is fairly athletic. He played in a pro-style offense for DAVID SHAW at Stanford. And best of all, he improved every year while on campus. That tells ANDY he’s coachable, which means a lot in his system. He had serious turnover issues early in his Stanford tenure, but in 2015 he threw 27 TD and only 8 INT. Not a cannon for an arm, but he can make all the throws needed. Realistically this could be the guy that eventually takes over for ALEX SMITH at the end of his current contract. We all think this guy was a steal this late.
Pick # 162 GBN Rank: 108 Ourlads Rank: 72 PP Rank: 107

Round 5 TYREEK HILL/WR/RS/WEST ALABAMA 5’8/185 4.35/40
Speed, speed and more speed. But also a troubled past. He’s not a WR, he’s a return man and a trick play, track star. I will assume that DORSE vetted some of the off-field stuff, but what I really want to know is if this pick means the coaching staff has given up on D’ANTHONY THOMAS, who is basically the same player from 2 drafts ago. I can’t see both HILL & THOMAS taking up roster spots at the same time. Scratching my head on this one a bit.
Pick # 165 GBN Rank: NR Ourlads Rank: 300+ NR PP Rank: 300+ NR

Round 6 D.J. WHITE/CB/GEORGIA TECH 5’11/193 4.49/40 9 1/4″H/31 1/2″A
I was very actually surprised he slipped this far, even though it’s almost exactly where I projected him to go. I had heard multiple reports that he was moving up Draft Boards in the weeks leading up to the Draft. He’s a 3 year starter and a team captain. He’s best at off-man and zone coverage schemes. I’m still thinking that with time he may surprise and see some serious sub-package work.
Pick # 178 GBN Rank: 214 Ourlads Rank: 255 PP Rank: 181

Round 6 DADI NICOLAS/ER/VIRGINIA TECH 6’3/235 4.71/40 10″H/34 3/4″A
Last year he looked like a Top 100 player purely based on his pass rush ability. But he looked like a guy with senior-itis in 2015. His numbers fell from 18.5 TFL & 9 Sacks in 2014, to 7 TFL & 2.5 Sacks. He looked like a guy going through the motions whenever I watched the Hokies play this past season. Picking this late he’s worth a role of the dice even if he never does anything more than rush the QB. he gives the CHIEFS a guy to look at in Training Camp to perhaps pick-up some of the slack in the likely absence of JUSTIN HOUSTON. Slid shot this late in the Draft.
Pick # 203 GBN Rank: 162 Ourlads Rank: 195 PP Rank: 189

There are 3 guys in this group (RUSSELL/ROBINSON/HILL) who had off-field issues of note on their college resumes’. But I would remind you that while with the PACKERS organization, Chiefs GM JOHN DORSEY was TED THOMPSON’s go-to guy when it came to interviewing prospects. DORSEY could pop the tough question, and/or listen to answers from players and sort the fly-shit from the pepper. I would guess he’s still doing that in KC, and at least felt some kind of comfort level with those 3 players, which allowed them to stay up on the CHIEFS Draft BOard. If he got it right, then this could be a very solid draft class.