Chargers support for Rivers

By | April 22, 2015

Chargers express support for Rivers, albeit tepidly … The NFL has been abuzz these past couple of weeks over rumors that San Diego could try and trade star QB Philip Rivers as  part of a deal to move up and select Oregon QB Marcus Mariota. And  Chargers’ G.M. Tom Telesco did not do much to quash those rumors at his pre-draft presser earlier today. Telesco did say that Rivers ‘is our quarterback, and it is our plan and intent that he is our quarterback well into the future.” So far so good, but Telesco was somehat more evasive when asked about the possibility of trading Rivers and acquiring Mariota. Asked if he’s talked to Tennessee about a trade, for example, Telesco said he was “going to leave that go.” Telesco also basically responded ‘no comment’ when asked whether the Chargers had actually made a concrete offer to Tennessee for the #2 pick and whether Rivers and/or his agent have been told that he won’t be traded. , Telesco said: “All discussions with players and agents really stay between us, but I think I have been pretty clear with what our thoughts are on Philip.” Telesco also said the Chargers were simply doing their due diligence when they by went to Eugene earlier this month to work out Mariota privately, presumably just in case he dropped all the way to their current pick at #17. While it would appear to be almost unthinkable that the Chargers w0uld ever consider trading the face of the franchise while still in his prime, but Rivers, who has only one year left on his contract, has publicly expressed reservations about signing a long-term deal if the franchise were to move to Los Angeles.