CHARGERS 2016 Draft Review

July 6, 2016

This is a huge season for the Chargers as they effort to have a Play-Off team again, and to use that success to convince the San Diego area to pony-up for a new stadium before the NFL allows/forces the team to provide L.A. with its second NFL franchise to share a stadium with the RAMS. Here’s a look at how they did in the 2016 Draft.

Round 1 JOEY BOSA/DE/ER/OHIO STATE 6’5/269 4.86/40 10 1/4″H/33 3/8″A
I scratched my head a bit at this selection. Not because BOSA was not a Top 10 prospect, but because I don’t see the CHARGERS 3-4 scheme as an ideal fit for him. He’s too long and lean to be a full-time 5-Technique, and seems to lack the speed and agility to stand up and handle serious coverage duties. What he can do is rush the passer and shoot gaps into the backfield. So let’s say that DC PAGANO will find multiple ways to move him around and get the most out of his talents. I’ll be curious to see what he weighs in September. He should represent a serious talent upgrade for the roster no matter what.
Pick # 3 GBN Rank: 6 Ourlads Rank: 2 PP Rank: 5

Round 2 HUNTER HENRY/TE/ARKANSAS 6’5/250 4.71/40 9 1/4″H/32 3/4″A
It was not a banner year for highly rated TE prospects, but HENRY caught me eye multiple times last season. I think he has very high upside and should be the near future replacement for ANTONIO GATES. He showed toughness while at Arkansas and is a better blocker than he is given credit for by most. He has excellent hands and can run after the catch. Officially, HENRY had zero drops in the 2015 season. He has a long way to go, but i see enough in his play to say he could be a TONY GONZALEZ type TE.
PICK # 35 GBN Rank: 47 Ourlads Rank: 51 PP Rank: 36

Round 3 MAX TUERK/OC/SOUTHERN CAL 6’5/298 5.10/40 10 3/4″H/32 1/2″A
The thing clouding the ranking of TUERK is a 2015 season which ended early with a torn ACL in his right knee. We haven’t seen him run or jump in anger since October. They need him ready to play with pads on ASAP. He is a seasoned vet with a high FBI. The kind of guy coaches luv in the meeting rooms and out on the grass. They drafted him in the Top 100 to be a starter, and the sooner the better. The other question is whether he can put on 10-15 lbs. to be better able to handle the NFL sized NG.
Pick # 66 GBN Rank: 126 Ourlads Rank: 160 PP Rank: 180

Round 4 JOSHUA PERRY/LB/OHIO STATE 6’4/254 4.62/40 10 1/4″H/33 7/8″A
Great value pick for Draft Saturday. He was a very productive player for the Buckeyes. He recorded 105 tackles in 2015, which is a lot of stops on a D as athletic and talented as the Buckeyes were. He is likely to be able to play either inside or outside and stay out on the field for 4 downs. He should also be a nice addition to Special Teams coverage units in his spare time. As you can see by the player rankings below, all 3 of us felt he was a 2nd Round talent. Good value, with seemingly little risk.
Pick # 102 GBN Rank: 51 Ourlads Rank: 56 PP Rank: 52

Round 5 JATAVIS BROWN/LB/AKRON 5’11/221 4.75/40 9″H/31 1/8″A
His main value initially will be as the leader of their Special Teams. He is an absolute maniac in kick/punt coverage. Probably worth a 5th Round Pick just on that basis of his play. But he looked to be making progress as an all-around LB in his final year in school. He should do well in coverage as a LB once he gets the nuances of their coverage schemes down. The kind of player you’d better not bet against making the roster.
Pick # 175 GBN Rank: 177 Ourlads Rank: 300+ NR PP Rank: 157

Round 6 DREW KAISER/P/TEXAS A&M 6’2/212 5.00/40 9″H/31″A
The best all-around Punter in college football last year, IMO. He has a booming leg, can directional punt & gets solid hang time. The CHARGERS are so convinced that he has what it takes to Punt at the NFL level that they sent MIKE SCIFRES, their decade plus punter, packing after signing KASER. Look for him to hang around the League for a decade or more. He was at SHRINE Week and impressed me every single day.
Pick # 179 GBN Rank: 283 Ourlads Rank: 266 PP Rank: 153

Round 6 DEREK WATT/FB/WISCONSIN 6’2/234 4.77/40 9 5/8″H/31 5/8″A
WATT was Mr. Swiss Army Knife during Shrine Game week. He even was ready to be the back-up LS for his team. His best skill is purely and simply as a blocker. Former teammate MELVIN GORDON should be jumping with joy to have his old lead blocker on his side again. WATT showed excellent hands at the Shrine practices and could have a role developed for him in San Diego with that skill in mind. And of course he will be a regular on Special Teams units.
Pick # 198 GBN Rank: 282 Ourlads Rank: 215 PP Rank: 212

Round 7 DONAVON CLARK/OG/MICHIGAN STATE 6’4/315 5.17/40 10 1/4″H/32 5/8″A
Nothing fancy to see here folks. Just a big, ole strong interior OL. He started 15 games at OT spots for the Spartans and that could serve him well as a versatile game day backup as a Rookie. He’s fairly quick on his feet and can pull. The CHARGERS have traditionally favored the power running game, and that fits CLARK’s skill set. Do not be surprised if he doesn’t emerge on the field n the second half of the 2016 season.
Pick # 224 GBN Rank: 346+ NR Ourlads Rank: 219 PP Rank: 300+ NR

This is a very solid looking Draft group for the CHARGERS. They covered lots of need areas, with players who could all find roles to fill, and soon. I would not be surprised to see all 8 of these draftees on the roster in September and out on the field as the season progresses. Nice job here.