Who Caught My Eye In College Football This Week

By | November 10, 2014

T.J. CLEMMINGS/OT/PITT #68 6’6/315 .. Recently made the switch from basketball to football and looks like a legit NFL prospect. He’s raw but still should project into a Friday (rounds 2/3) selection. Watched him closely in the almost upset of Duke and overall he is already better than OK. Needs a stronger hand punch, but his arm length is excellent and he is active in using them. Biggest need besides experience, may to be to develop football level strength as opposed to basketball strength. His foot work is solid and should get better with more reps. He’s pretty aggressive and gets after people. He just buried some smaller DL on running plays by CONNER. Already weighs abut 315 lbs, which means adding weight is not an issue, refining it for his new sport is. Watch for him t blow up the Combine with his athleticism. He may test more like a TE than an OT. He has so much to learn that I would not project him to protect a QB’s blindside., unless it’s for a leaf-handed thrower. Biggest issue for his pro team will be having enough patience for such a naturally gifted, and large man, to truly blossom with experience and solid coaching. If thrown to the wolves too soon at the top level it could destroy his confidence and development.

JAMISON CROWDER/WR//RS/DUKE #3 5’9/180 … In today’s NFL here will be no problem finding touches for such a well-rounded and gifted player, despite his short stature. CROWDER is a major weapon, who produces for the Blue Devils. My initial projection is to see him in the slot as a receiver, and returning Punts. His best asset is quickness, but he also has better than average speed for his size. Then comes elusiveness with the ball in his hands in the open field. Finally, he is a very dependable hands catcher. Against a solid PITT D CROWDER found his way to 9 catches, for 165 yards and 2 TD. He has a solid shot at another 100+ catch season. His work ethic may be even more impressive than his production, which is saying something. He’ll be the kind of guy that his NFL team will be scheming to get additional touches for, like reverses and pitch plays. If he can handle about 15 touches per game he’ll contribute some significant numbers to an offense. He should be a 3rd Rounder, but if he slips because of size some team is going to get quite a weapon at bargain prices on Draft Weekend.

REESE DISMUKES/OC/AUBURN #50 6’3/295 … His size and style of play remind me a bit of JEFF SATURDAY who entered the NFL as an URFA and eventually was PEYTON MANNINGS favorite butt. He is not a super athlete, nor is he a physically dominant presence, but he gets the job done and takes a bit of the load off of his QB with his line call capability. I watched him stymie penetration all night in the middle of the Ole Miss DL. He doesn’t maul people, and can’t move the big guys much, but he ties folks up and really limits pocket penetration. I would label him as dependable with a very high FBI, as NFL coaches like to say. He’s very durable and could run his count to over 50 starts for Auburn by season’s end. I was pleasantly surprised to see him able to pull around and get second level blocking assignments carried out on multiple occasions. Don’t look for him to be drafted before Round 4 or 5, but then don’t be surprised to watch him earn a starting job in a season or two in the NFL. He might initially be able to handle back-up duty as an OG on a depth chart, and in a pinch. Battling for 4 years against quality SEC DL talent has really caused him to develop some good habits that should carry over to the NFL.

MICHAEL DYER/RB/LOUISVILLE #5 5’9/212 … I’ve been waiting for almost two years to see DYER to show flashes of his old self, when he was a young phenom at Auburn. The short mighty-mite rushed for over 1000-yards and attained All-ACC acclaim in his first two years of college ball. Then things went awry on the Alabama Plains and he transferred to Arkansas State, where he was thrown out of the program before he even carried the ball for them. He showed up at Louisville last year but only carried the ball 44 times for Charlie Strong. In the past weeks DYER has resurfaced under BOBBY PETRINO, with injuries to DOMINIQUE BROWN. DYER had a huge night in Louisville’s almost-upset over FSU. DYER showed the quickness, power and determination that he had at Auburn, by slashing and smashing his way for 134 yards on 28 carries. He also crashed his way into the end zone 3 times on TD runs. This is the kind of pro potential that he showed at Auburn. This followed up a solid 173-yard effort against NC State in the Cardinals pervious game. DYER is an amazing, compact runner when healthy and motivated, and he now has personnel people scrambling to get another look at his early tape while at Auburn. If DYER keeps his current roll going he’s gonna be very popular in the months ahead. He’s a real Top 100 talent if he’s found his way back to grace both on and off the field. He’s a TRE MASON kind of talent! An All-Star invite envelope should be prepared as I write this.

CLAYTON GEATHERS/SS/CENTRAL FLORIDA #26 6’2/207 … The GEATHERS family just keeps producing pro prospects, and former UCF DE Jarvis’ cousin is the latest to catch my eye. He’s a traditional in-the-box Strong Safety whose best quality as a football player is looking for the guy with the ball to deliver a blow to. He pursues the ball well from sideline to sideline. He is around the ball an awful lot when the tackle is being made. He tallied 100 tackles in 2013. He also shows some decent cover skills, also recording 2 INT and 10 PBU last season. He likes to deliver some big blows, which on occasion causes him to miss some tackles because of sloppy fundamentals. His speed is average and his mobility skills need a solid test in drills at the Combine, which he is good enough to be invited to. He may develop into a solid zone blitz weapon in the pro game. It would be no stretch at all to envision him earning his keep initially on Special Teams units at the next level. I’m not seeing a guy I can picture in a Tampa-Two scheme. I fear he could get lost a bit too much. If he can test well at the Combine, and/or his Pro Day, he could be a late round draftee. Mark him down as a maybe to be draftee at this point.

SENQUEZ GOLSON/CB/OLE MISS #21 5’9/180 … Excellent athlete with great quickness and speed as well as supreme confidence. He is also an excellent baseball player, which NFL teams will have to take into consideration. Chances are his size might limit him to being primarily a Nickel Back, but that’s what they said about TIM JENNINGS over a decade ago. Against Auburn he owned the field in the second quarter. As Auburn drove into the Red Zone he jumped a route and ended the drive with an INT. On the next possession he was credited with a TFL in run support, and broke up another throw. All was not perfect though, as with 1:25 left in the first half SAMMIE COATES beat him deep for a 57-yard catch. GOLSON is a man who plays with great confidence, which is a must for an NFL CB. He’s going to gamble and make a few plays and be burned on some others. He certainly looks like an immediate candidate to help some NFL team as a Rookie. At his size he will certainly be prepared to give pro baseball a shot if he thinks that is his best option. NFL teams will have to approach him with a buyer beware attitude given his career options and size.

B.J. McBRIDE/DT/UCONN #97 6’5/305 … Has only become a starter as a senior, after he blew up Spring Practice. I think he’s misplaced in a 3-4 scheme, playing primarily on the Nose. He might make a decent rotational DT for a 4-3 NFL scheme. I don’t think he’s got enough time, especially with such a poor team as UCONN, to get himself highly ranked enough to be drafted. But his size and flashes of athleticism, as shown against UCF, could get him into an NFL Training Camp as an URFA.And he flashed a bit on a few plays in the rain last Saturday. He’s a better athlete right now than a football player, but 90-man Camp rosters are full of guys like him. His big moment will likely come at the Huskies Pro Day when he can show if he has enough athleticism to make an NFL team work with him to develop his actual football skills. He might even earn himself a slot at the NFLPA All-Star Game if he can make some plays in his team’s remaining 4 games.

DaVANTE PARKER/WR/LOUISVILLE #8 6’3/210 … He missed over a month of the season, but is now back and looking like he’s in top form again. In the nail-biting loss to FSU, PARKER had 8 catches for 214 yards. But the FSU secondary kept him out of the end zone all night. PARKER is not a home run threat, but he’s much more than just a possession receiver. He runs good routes and can catch with his hands or cradle the throw to his body depending upon the situation. God route running makes up for his lack of great speed in getting open for his QB. He seems to have excellent field vision which accounts for some of his after the catch yardage as he runs to open spaces. He also uses his height, arm length and good hands to high point the ball well. He should become adept at back-shoulder throws with more practice and NFL level QB accuracy. He’s not going to have big receiving numbers for the year because of time missed and the fact that the Cardinals have a veteran/deep receiving corps including at the TE slot. His all-around skills and size are similar to PACKERS Rookie DAVANTE ADAMS, IMO. Look for PARKER in Round 2 next May. He would serve himself well to show up in Mobile in January.

KEVIN WHITE/CB/TCU #25 5’10/175 … Based on his quickness, attitude and energy this guy would rank as a 1st or 2nd Rounder if he were 6’0/190. But his size will count against him as a prospect in today’s NFL which has fallen in luv with the big CB. His style of play and size remind me of CHRIS HOUSTON, who has bounced around the NFL for 8 years. He showed what he is made of this past weekend with a huge effort against his namesake KEVIN WHITE/WR/WVU who was leading the nation in receiving yardage coming into the showdown game in Morgan Town. With the two Kevin’s matched up most of the day the receiver was held to 3 catches, for 28 yards. That’s pretty heady work for the little guy. His size is going to cause him to slip a bit lower on Draft Boards than his pure talent would indicate. But given his self-confidence and overall athleticism he’s going to earn himself an NFL job as a sub-package Cover Corner. His quickness impresses me the most watching him out on the field of play. I think he has what it takes to be drafted, though likely late. Look for him to get an extra chance to impress NFL personnel people at an All-Star venue.

JAMEIS WINSTON/QB/FLORIDA STATE #5 6’4/235 … I doubt I could have picked a better game to concentrate on WINSTON than the showdown in Louisville. We saw both bad JAMEIS and great JAMEIS in this contest. We watched him implode in the 2nd Quarter when he forced throws because of blitzes & pocket pressure. He also displayed his supreme self-confidence, which caused him to feel like he could squeeze the ball into covered receivers. In that stanza he suffered 2 INT and an injured right ankle, which he would play through for the remainder of the game. THen in the second half he led the Seminoles past the Cardinals to a nail biting victory. His final stats read 25/48 – 401 yards – 3 TD – 3 INT. He shows a cannon of an arm, but is able to put touch on his throws as needed. He’s no MICHAEL VICK with his legs, but he extends plays and reads the field well. You watch his eyes back in the shotgun awaiting the snap and you can tell he’s reading the entire defense. He goes through his progressions quickly and makes good decisions on who to throw to the vast majority of the time. He’s good on timing routes and anticipates his throws, which is essential in the NFL. He led that comeback while hobbling around on a bad ankle that prevented him from displaying his normally sound passing mechanics. In essence he is still a puzzlement in trying to judge what he’ll project to as a pro QB. The tools are all there, and the upside looks huge. But he also forces things that will result in turnovers galore at the next level. IMO, he is clearly not ANDREW LUCK! I feel he compares more favorably to RG3 with a bit less mobility and better actual passing talent. Interviews are going to be important for WINSTON at the COMBINE, and thereafter. I think JESSE PALMER said it best when talking about what is the most impressive aspect of WINSTON’s game. He said WINSTON “had competitive greatness ala Michael Jordan”. I like that a lot, but now we need this entitled young athlete to mature off the field. He could be a Top 5 PIck for some teams, and a second rounder to even more. In his own way he will probably be as polarizing in the next 6months as JOHNNY FOOTBALL was last year. But if your favorite NFL team needs a Franchise QB is there any way you want them to pass on this talented youngster? And yes, right now I would predict he’s going pro after this season.