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And we are underway

And we are underway!! The Rams are on the clock … will it be Goff or Wentz?

Red carpet

Just caught a few moments of the NFL Network’s coverage of the red carpet walk-up to tonight’s draft. Bad! Really bad! Embarrassingly bad! If this is supposed to build an audience for the actual draft the NFLN might want to think about going back to the drawing board. Its unwatchable!

Final mocks

Final mocks posted … Not sure if any mock drafts these days are worth the cyberpaper they are printed on; fact is that after the LA Rams and Philadelphia select QBs with the first two picks in tomorrow’s draft, everybody’s just guessing. In the end what one ends up with are literally 100s of mock drafts in circulation… Read More »

Stanley moving up??

It was barely two weeks ago that the buzz around the NFL was that Notre Dame OT Ronnie Stanley was in the process of slipping out of this year’s top 10 because of concerns about his work ethic and lack of physical play. Now with literally just hours before the first picks start coming off the board, the… Read More »

Buzz around #3 QB – and beyond – growing …

We will find out for sure in just over two days which of QBs Carson Wentz of North Dakota State and/or Cal’s Jared Goff Los Angeles and Philadelphia will select, respectively, with the first two picks of the 2016 draft. The more intriguing question for Thursday’s opening round, though, may be where Memphis QB Paxton Lynch, the consensus… Read More »

Monday morning buzz

Goff to Rams; Jack questions hilite morning buzz … Literally just over 100 hours until the actual 2016 draft gets underway and most NFL war rooms are now in lock-down mode. However, there are a couple of stories/rumblings out there. On the one hand, there seems to be a growing chorus that the LA Rams will take California… Read More »

BRONCOS 2016 Team Mock

Here we go again with a look at what the defending Super Bowl champs might do. They have 10 Picks right now, which is a good thing because the team has lost a lot of the key players from that championship team. They are most unsettled at QB with the defection of MANNING & OSWEILER. Even though I… Read More »

SEA HAWKS 2016 Team Mock

I think it is safe to say that the Sea Hawks under CARROLL/SCHNEIDER have been a bit less than conventional with their drafting. But at the same time it’s hard to knock their efforts considering the team’s overall success and the development of surprise picks like RUSSELL WILSON, RICHARD SHERMAN, and more. The team has a solid compliment… Read More »

April 22-23 report

With Los Angeles and Philadelphia pretty much expected to select QBs Carson Wentz of North Carolina State and Cal’s Jared Goff with the first two picks at next week’s draft – in one way or another – in effect the draft really starts with San Diego on the clock with the 3rd pick. The Chargers have reportedly narrowed… Read More »

Draft order, picks by teams updated

Draft order, picks by teams updated … Just a little housekeeping in the wake of the latest big trade affecting the 2016 draft as the full 7-round selection order and the picks by team file have been updated. Of note, with the acquisition of the other picks from Philadelphia, Cleveland now has 12 picks at this year’s draft,… Read More »


In a reversal of an adage: What do you give to a team that has nothing? That is the state of the BROWNS franchise IMO as they have floundered around, wasting money & draft picks on players who they seem to value more than the rest of the League. They have turned over the top of the franchise… Read More »

Second pick ‘in play’

It wasn’t all that long ago that the 2016 draft was being considered as quite possibly the most boring, buzz-free draft in the modern era. No more. And it all seems to start in Cleveland where it appears that the Browns, who have the second pick overall in next week’s draft, have pretty much decided not to take… Read More »

Fallout continues from Rams-Titans trade

The buzz from Thursday’s blockbuster deal in which Los Angeles acquired the #1 pick at this month’s draft from Tennessee for a package of picks, including the Rams’ first-round pick in 2017, continues to reverberate around the league. For example, while just about everybody agrees that the Rams made the deal to move and get the top QB… Read More »

Fallout from Rams-Titans trade for top pick

Needless to say it will take hours, if not days, for all the implications of this morning’s blockbuster deal in which Los Angeles acquired the #1 pick at this month’s draft from Tennessee for a package of picks to play themselves out. and needless to say it may actually take several years for a final decision on who… Read More »

Ott appeal denied

Final appeal denied, Iowa DE to enter draft … The NCAA has reportedly denied Iowa DE Drew Ott’s final appeal for a fifth year of college eligibility. This means that Ott will now be available in this month’s draft. The 6-4, 275-pound Ott had been considered to be a mid-to-late round prospect for the 2016 draft, but his… Read More »

Making sense of recent trade talk

Trying to make sense of the 2016 draft has been a little like herding cats. There really hasn’t been much information leaking out of war rooms around the NFL and much of has leaked out hasn’t made a whole lot of sense. Earlier today, for example, there was a report over at that indicated that Cleveland has… Read More »

Reading the Tea Leaves; Part III

Interesting week shaping up with the draft now just 17 days away. San Francisco, which looks like the most likely team to try and trade up with Tennessee to acquire the top pick in this month’s draft, will have both of QBs Carson Wentz of North Dakota State and Cal’s Jared Goff in for on-site visits this weekend.… Read More »

More “As the QB turns” …

There is a bit of a buzz this day after Lance Zierlein analyst was quoted on a local radio show as saying that Philadelphia had their ‘hearts set’ on being able to draft North Dakota State QB Carson Wentz at this month’s draft. Of course, it’s been no secret around the league that the Eagles have been… Read More »

2016 GBN Big Board tweaked

With just a month to go before the start of the 2016 draft, the GBN Big Board has been updated. (Note, we’ll be posting our final, or at least as final as it gets, 300+ Big Board on Monday April 25th.) A couple of interesting notes re the way this month’s draft appears to be shaping up. As… Read More »

Guess who’s coming to dinner; reading the on-site visit tea leaves …

With the pro day circuit winding up, pre-draft focus switches to the pre-draft visits teams are allowed to host. Every team is permitted to bring in up to 30 out-of-town prospects to their facilities for interviews and medical tests, although on-field workouts are not allowed. And while there is no known direct correlation between the players teams bring… Read More »

Ravens exec spills beans on mock drafts

One of the enduring questions regarding the draft is does anybody really pay any attention to the myriad of mock drafts that blight the internet landscape leading up to the draft. Well, if one is to believe Baltimore assistant G.M. Eric DeCosta, NFL teams at least are paying attention. DeCosta admitted during the Ravens’ pre-draft presser to surveying mock… Read More »

Salary spat holding up Broncos-49ers deal for vet QB …

Denver is that much closer to acquiring veteran QB Colin Kaepernick from San Francisco as the two teams reportedly have the parameters in place for a trade that could have significant implications on the 2016 draft. However, the deal is still pending as the two teams spar over who is going to pay what on Kaepernick’s contract. The… Read More »

We are the champions!!

We are the champions!!!  … Don’t want to date ourselves, but we are going 6 decades as really dedicated sports fans going all the way back to the 1957 World Series between the New York Yankees and the Milwaukee Braves, the first sporing event in which we really cared who won. Over the years, people have learned not… Read More »

As the QB turns

Several people have commented that there just doesn’t seem to be as much draft buzz out there this year as, say, last year. And they are absolutely right. While its not quite dead this year the patient does appear to be on life support. Remember, in contrast last year, there were all the rumors about Chip Kelly and… Read More »

Pro day updates

Pro day updates … A #1 pick worthy performance at Iowa and the two best Fighting Camel prospects ever – no kidding!-  highlight today’s rundown of the latest pro day results.