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Senior Bowl All-Game Team 2021

Every year the Senior Bowl concludes its week with an actual football game. And the teams play the game to win. Many say the practices are everything in Star game venues. I say if that is so, then they are doing something wrong. The game is the culmination of a weeklong exercise of personal interviews with NFL personnel… Read More »

PIGSKIN’S 2021 Senior Bowl All-Practice Team


SENIOR BOWL 2021 Thursday Practices

It’s the final day of practices in Mobile, and it appears to be none too soon. The list of players attending, but not participating in pads, has grown to noticeable numbers this Thursday morning at the National practice session. It has hit the WR group especially hard. Here, but without pads, are TYLAN WALLACE, SAGE SURRATT, and D’WAYNE… Read More »

Senior Bowl 2021 Wednesday Practices

I couldn’t even see downtown Mobile out my hotel window Wednesday morning at 7:30 AM when I woke up. That’s some pretty dense fog, considering I was looking out a 17th floor window to a downtown less than 5 miles away. Oh well, it was lifted to another gray, cloudy day by the time I headed for practice… Read More »

Senior Bowl 2021 Day One Practice

After a mad dash from a restaurant on the causeway to the USA campus football stadium at the western end of town, we were happily treated to two full practice sessions sans rain until the last 15 minutes of the later session. The opener featured the NATIONAL Team under the guidance of BRIAN FLORES and his Dolphins coaching… Read More »

Senior Bowl Tuesday Report 2021

I want to put a different spin on this report. Weather made for an exciting, active day today in Mobile. It started last night when practices were announced as moving to the USA Indoor practice facility which meant no room for the media corps. Then the annual weigh-in was held this A.M., but the media could not attend… Read More »

Senior Bowl or Bust 2021

The NFL is heading for the Super Bowl, which like everything else in this Pandemic World of Covid-19, will seem a bit subdued and strange as Covid Protocols are set in place. But once they kick the game off, it should be similar, on the field of play, to what we have grown accustomed to. I live only… Read More »

Senior Bowl 2019 Attention Getters

Now let’s turn our attention back to the Senior Bowl and take a look at a half dozen players who certainly surprised me with their praise worthy efforts in Mobile. Game film from last season will still be the main influence in determining their value to perspective NFL teams, but getting extra attention at this time of year… Read More »

Senior Bowl Week All-Stars

SENIOR BOWL ALL-STAR Team 2019 It seems a bit strange to be posting an All-Star team from a bigger All-Star team but here goes. This year I am combining the practice week with the game performances, and making just a couple of positional transfers from the norm. QB #8 JARRETT STIDHAM AUBURN RB #2 DEXTER WILLIAMS NOTRE DAME… Read More »

Senior Bowl 2019 SOUTH Thursday Practice

Weather continues to be bright and crisp, near perfect for playing football. And that they did as the South squad came out for their final practice session. `After talking about lack of separation in the QB group in the North practice I feel like I finally have seen some based on this practice. And to be quite honest… Read More »

Senior Bowl 2019 Day One Practices

The football gods were teasing us as we began the first practice of the 2019 Senior Bowl, Tuesday afternoon with the SOUTH squad. The sky was overcast and the air was damp and cool and the omni-present Ladd-Peebles wind was picking up a bit. But the promised/threatened rain deluge had still not begun. I always like to look… Read More »


Tuesday now starts the week here in Mobile, and it begins bright and early with the player weigh-in process. You’ve been provided with all the numbers, via link to our friend Scott Wright’s website and weigh-in chart. Here are some numbers that caught my attention. There are still plenty of guys who tip the scales at 300 lbs+,… Read More »

2018 Senior Bowl Wednesday

We opened out action today with the NORTH practice at 12:30. As expected a bit more action and hitting today. I spent a good deal of the first hour with the DL group , which seems to be one of the more talented position groups on the team. And some of the work and constructive instruction OL Coach… Read More »

SENIOR BOWL 2018 Day 2

In the brave new world of the Senior Bowl the weigh-in now starts at 7:30 AM, but that is my problem not yours, dear reader. Here are some odds and ends observations from Pigskin Paul. It is my opinion that we are continuing to see the brave new world of college football players under the new, more aggressive… Read More »

Senior Bowl weigh-in review

Unfortunately, the main attraction at today’s measurement session at the Senior Bowl in Mobile wasn’t there as Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield’s arrival in Mobile has been delayed by an undisclosed family issue. NFL teams were hoping to finally get a read on just how tall Mayfield is as he is listed at 6-0, but nobody believes he’s quite… Read More »


Like any other sporting event that spans a full week of activities not everything that is observed and/or experienced fits into neat little categories like All-Practice teams. So I’d like to share with you some opinions and observations that came out of the weeklong extravaganza in Mobile. 1) The effort by PHIL SAVAGE, his staff and the army… Read More »


It somehow seems appropriate to name a final All-Star team for the nation’s elite All-Star Game. Not only was the game decided by 1-point, on a failed 2-point conversion play, but the South won despite losing the turnover battle 5-1. Teams are not supposed to win games where they post a turnover margin of -4. So the vast… Read More »

SENIOR BOWL All-Practice Team

Time to wrap up the week with my picks for the week’s All-Practice Team. With over 110 players here any endeavor of this type is a bit hit-or-miss. I plead guilty to not being able to watch all of those guys in detail, so to a great degree this team represents what I saw and I certainly could… Read More »


I am sad to say it but today was the last day of real practices and our last contact with the players until after the game. I am feeling melancholy already that my best two weeks of the year are almost over. The NORTH took the field first this afternoon, on a more typical Mobile weather day in… Read More »


Once again not too shabby on the weather front considering it’s January in Mobile. Cloudy and mild, with more wind than Tuesday. But the rain held out for both team practices. My Draftnik companions wanted to talk QB among other topics. So we tried to reach a consensus on the QB rank and failed miserably. So let me… Read More »


The week is off to a roaring start with multiple events to cover including the annual Weigh-in as conducted by National Scouting. As usual Director Phil Savage gave the NFL and Media folks a rundown on why certain players were not in Mobile for the week. Players who declined invites to the Senior Bowl. JONATHAN ALLEN/DL/ALABAMA TACO CHARLTON/DE/MICHIGAN… Read More »

Senior Bowl Game Report: LBs and DBs

by Grumpy Lindsay Because of the Senior Bowl rules limiting what defenses can and can’t do in the game itself, there isn’t a whole lot that one is going to learn from Saturday’s game tape about the LBs and DBs. However, one can always have observations so here goes with some passing thoughts on the defensive back 7… Read More »

Senior Bowl Game Report: Offensive Skill Positions

by Grumpy Lindsay Nothin’ much to see here folks … let’s just move along … College all-star games are usually tough venues for the offensive skill position players. As a general rule, they don’t get many reps and for the most part are playing in unfamiliar systems. So what made this year’s Senior Bowl game somewhat unusual is… Read More »

Senior Bowl Game Report: Offensive Line

by Grumpy Lindsay, GBN Editor and Publisher While the top storyline out of last week’s Senior Bowl revolved around the number of defensive linemen, and especially the defensive tackles, who have emerged as legitimate first and second day prospects for the 2016 draft, in part as a result of their solid performances in both the practices and game… Read More »

SENIOR BOWL Gameday thoughts & All-Game Team

Another Senior Bowl is in the record books and it’s now time to pour over 5 days worth of notes and replay the action in my dreams (I hope). After my 500 mile drive from Mobile back to Orlando Sunday I am now ready to present my Game All-Star team. QB DAK PRESCOTT/MISS STATE RB TYLER ERVIN/SAN JOSE… Read More »