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Combine Wrap Defensive Positions

Let’s move on over to the defensive side of the line-of-scrimmage for a few profiles of some very good defensive Combine performers, who deserve more attention over the next month. I’m not sure any one performer proved more in Indy than CB/JAIRE ALEXANDER of Louisville. Going into the Combine I think many scouts felt that Alexander was right… Read More »

COMBINE Winners 2018

Sorry again for the time delay in getting this up, but remember it has only been a week since the Combine ended. Patience and reflection are still virtues in my book. Besides i have been distracted by John Dorsey cleaning up his roster in Cleveland. Here are some of my players who made strong impressions on me in… Read More »

Who’s Left to Declare for NFL Draft ?

As I was half-watching some of the pre-game filler before the College Football Championship game last night I decided to put down in writing what significant college players we were still waiting to hear from, relative to declaring for the 2018 NFL Draft. To say that list is fluid at this time of year would be an understatement… Read More »

Who’s hot; who’s not

We have noted that the run-up to this year’s draft has been unusually quiet; however, that doesn’t mean there isn’t necessarily any movement just beneath the surface. It’s hard not to sense, for example, that Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes continues to gain momentum. Indeed, there’s a palpable sense around the league that Mahomes is now the second… Read More »

Under Valued Draft Prospects 2016

Every Draft season we have our standard categories for articles about Prospects: Mock Drafts, Top 100 lists, Sleepers, Overrated/underrated etc. Not to get too cute or play semantical games with you, I would like to put a slight twist and abstain from referring to players as underrated, but rather to term them as Under Valued. So here is… Read More »

With the scouting combine now nicely underway in Indianapolis, here are some passing thoughts on what we have been picking up in terms of some of the players who are hot in this year’s draft class and some who are not …. It does not appear at this time as if there is a true consensus #1 top… Read More »


Interesting! Intriguing! Challenging! All pretty good words to describe the potential 2016 draft class at QB. On the one hand, it appears there could be an inordinate number of very good prospects at the position for the upcoming draft. At the same time, though, none of the top-rated guys at the position has yet to firmly solidify themselves… Read More »

Post-combine draft review

So where are we now: The 2015 scouting combine is now on the books so what did we learn from 6 days in Indianapolis. And the #1 thing that seems to have learned at the combine is that with all due respects to QBs Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, both of whom put to bed many doubts with… Read More »

Pre-combine draft overview

The 2015 draft in a word … Last year at this time the words ‘talented’ and ‘awesome’ were being flung about describing the 2014 draft which most observers felt was among the most talented in a generation. Not so much this year, though, in a draft class which certainly has talented players, but far more questions. Indeed, if… Read More »

Senior Bowl MIAs

by Pigskin Paul Guillemette I almost forgot to relate to you, what I felt, was one of the first newsworthy events of Senior Bowl week. Maybe it’s fitting to wrap up our coverage with the first thing that happened at the beginning of the player weigh-in. For the second year in a row Game Director PHIL SAVAGE informed… Read More »

Senior Bowl game report: Defensive linemen

by Colin Lindsay Defensive line: Nobody is going to make a tape of the defensive line play at this year’s Senior Bowl as a teaching guide as, with some notable exceptions, the unit really struggled against their offensive counterparts. One of those notable exceptions was Washington DT Danny Shelton, who didn’t make many real impact plays, but wasn’t… Read More »

Senior Bowl Game Report: Offensive line

by Colin Lindsay Offensive line: Normally in an all-star game setting the defensive line tends to have something of a competitive advantage over the offensive line which usually takes some time to jell as a unit. However, somebody forgot to tell the OL group at this year’s Senior Bowl game in Mobile who went out and pretty much… Read More »