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College Football Preview Week 13

Uncle Colin is previewing the Iron Bowl or you this week so let’s take a look at some other games of major interest to Pigskin Paul and hopefully you as well. FRIDAY NOV. 24 3:30/ET ABC SOUTH FLORIDA (9-1) @ CENTRAL FLORIDA (10-0) by 9 For those of you still wondering what’s wrong with perennial powers FSU &… Read More »

College Game Previews Week 12

In all honesty there are a bunch of games this weekend tHat should be embarrassing to the top ranked teams playing in them, like Alabama hosting Mercer. But there are also some important games that create some interesting matchups. Here are the four I am watching and why. MICHIGAN (8-2) @ WISCONSIN (10-0) by 3 Saturday NOON/ET FOX… Read More »


SATURDAY NOV. 11 Noon/ET FOX MICHIGAN STATE (7-2) @ OHIO STATE (7-2) by 7 These are the two most surprising teams in the big Ten this season to my eyes. I have no idea how the Spartans have compiled their record, with a very young and relatively inexperienced roster. Usually by this time of year URBAN MEYER has… Read More »

College Game previews Week 9

This weekend’s games will lead to the first official NCAA FBS rankings next week. Recent history and the odds in general say we will witness a couple more upsets this weekend which will make the committees work even more challenging. I will follow up this week’s game action with a Top 15 ranking list which I hope to… Read More »

College Game/Prospect Previews Week 7

Friday Oct. 13th 7PM ET ESPN CLEMSON (6-0) by 11 @ SYRACUSE (3-3) I have very little doubt that Clemson will win this contest, but don’t expect a blowout. There is general optimism that HC DINO BABERS is the right man for the Syracuse job and that he has the program back on solid ground. There are legitimate… Read More »

College Football Preview Week 6

Saturday Oct. 7 12:20PM ET ESPN DUKE (4-1) by 4 @ VIRGINIA (3-1) The Blue Devils bit the bullet last weekend losing to a very solid Miami team. UVA has been a pleasant surprise in HC Bronco Mendenhall’s second season with the program. This could be a very entertaining QB match-up KURT BENKERT/UVA looks to have improved by… Read More »

College Football Previews Week 5

FRIDAY SEPT. 29 7PM ET ESPN MIAMI (FLA) by 4 @ DUKE This is a tough one to call even though I do believe Miami is the more talented team. The beginning of their season has been totally disrupted by hurricane season here in Florida and it’s a home game for an undefeated Duke team. Those two factors… Read More »

College Football Preview Week 4

Saturday Sept. 23 NOON ET ESPN Arlington, TX ARKANSAS by 3 vs. TEXAS A&M Neither of these teams is expected to be a major player in determining the SEC Championship for themselves, but both teams have enough talent that on any given weekend they could play a serious spoiler role. It could also be said that both of… Read More »

College Prospect Watch Week 2 2017

Some teams are still warming up against overmatched opponents, but once again we have some top caliber match-ups to enjoy. Here is some prospect watch info on significant games. Saturday Sept. 9th 3:30 ET ABC PITTSBURGH @ PENN STATE by 9 This game is heavily slanted in favor of Penn State. PITT will give them a run for… Read More »

2018 DRAFT PROSPECTS. Day 3 Defense

Now lets move along to the downtrodden defensive side of things and look for some mid-round prospects for next year. DEVANTE DOWNS IB CAL 6’3/245 #1. The Golden Bears have been better known for their offensive exploits than their defensive efforts in the past decade or so. But they do have some solid defensive talent for new Head… Read More »

College Football Preview Week 14

Except for ARMY/NAVY this is the weekend for the final games of the 2016 season. We have a mix of Conference Championship games as well as the wrap up of the Big 12 regular schedule. LOUISIANA TECH (8-4) @ WESTERN KENTUCKY (9-3) by 8; C-USA Title Game NOON/ET ESPN … Two well known names in the world of… Read More »


Time to give you a preview of some of the game match-ups on what is often referred to as rivalry weekend in College Football. This is the last full schedule week in the 2016 season. Amazing how the past 3 months have flown by. Another amazing season, with perhaps a few surprises left for this weekend. TOLEDO (9-2)… Read More »

College Game Previews Week 12

OKLAHOMA STATE (8-2) by 5 @ TCU (5-4); NOON ET; FS1 State should be 9-1, but for officiating blunders and TCU lost 2 of its games by 3 points. TCU can stay in this one thanks in great part to having home field, and the improved QB play of KENNY HILL. But the fighting GUNDY’s are well balanced,… Read More »

College Match-ups Week 11

BAYLOR (6-2) @ OKLAHOMA (7-2) by 3; NOON/ET ABC Reality and distraction have hit the Baylor program, along with the tougher part of their schedule. OKLAHOMA has bounced back from a 1-2 start to seemingly right the ship. This is a critical game in the final month schedule gauntlet that the Big 12 puts it’s teams through. I… Read More »

College Matchups Prospect Preview Week 10

Always a melancholy feeling when I start typing in double digit numbers to identify the week in the college season. We are now down the home stretch to anther College Football season, that I just couldn’t wait to get started, seemingly not that long ago at all. The hilite of the week of course has #1 ranked Alabama… Read More »

College Match-Ups Week 9

WEST VIRGINIA (6-0) @ OKLAHOMA STATE by 4 (5-2); NOON ET; FOX If this game were in Morgantown I’d go with the undefeated Mountaineers, but Stillwater has become a tough place to play and the Cowboys should be 6-1, but for officiating robbery in their loss to Central Michigan. WVU has also shown a propensity for too many… Read More »

College Football Match-ups Week 7

The season is in full bloom and despite a plethora of lackluster action this coming weekend, we also have a chance to see some Top 25 teams match-up as they struggle to remain relevant for Holiday Bowling. And of course their games feature some serious Pro Prospects as well. #1 Alabama at #9 Tennessee; 3:30 PM ET; CBS… Read More »

College Football Week 4

Saturday Sept 24 NOON ESPN GEORGIA @ OLE MISS by 5 I truly believe that Ole Miss is the better overall team in this one, but I do have concerns about whether they can bounce back again from a loss to a Top 10 team with a superior effort. They may have too many injuries already to compete… Read More »

Prospect Watch Week 3 College Football

After a week to more or less catch our breath we are back to a loaded schedule of great college match-ups this weekend. FLORIDA STATE by 4 @ LOUISVILLE; NOON/ET ABC Much to my surprise this game is a bit under the radar. It had better not be for the Seminoles. I will say it out loud…. if… Read More »

COLLEGE GAMES & Prospect Previews Week 2

I had a dream one night early this week that every weekend this college football season would be as dynamic, with great match-ups, as we saw in Week 1. Then I printed up the schedule of games for Week 2 and came back down to reality. Even the prettiest girl doesn’t look so stunning sans makeup in most… Read More »


Rolling thru my Bowl Game tapes and the final Bowl Games I have a dozen player thumbnails and other than a few of them, many of these guys may have not been on your radar yet. THat is what I am here to do. Bringing guys to your attention that aren’t on everybody’s lists is my duty in… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Bowl Edition

ANDREW ADAMS/S/UCONN 6’0/198 #22 The best all-around defender on the UCONN roster proved his worth again in their Bowl loss as he more than held up his end of the defensive effort. I saw him miss badly on one open field tackle in the 2nd half, but that might be considered nit-picking for a guy who was credited… Read More »

WHO CAUGHT MY EYE on game tape

While we were in that brief game lag between the end of the regular season and the Bowl schedule I have been doing some game tape watching and created thumbnails for another group of prospects for you. AARON EPPS/OT/LOUISVILLE 6’7/288 #78 I was watching tape of the State of Kentucky rivalry match-up and though several key players underwhelmed… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Week 14 plus

Here are a group of prospect thumbnails from Week 14 and a few games a week earlier. I will continue to post weekly reviews based on accumulated game tapes that I have not watched yet. Then before we know it the Bowl season will be underway. ROBBY ANDERSON/WR/TEMPLE 6’3/190 #19 Since this is a thumbnail I don’t have… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Week 13 & More

The last full weekend of College Football game action is over. And Bowls will nurture us for the next month plus. I watched 6 games starting last Friday and taped 10 more. I’ll use notes from those venues to generate prospect thumbnails over the next 2-3 weeks. Here are my observations from this past weekend. It’s a Baker’s… Read More »