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What Caught My Eye 2022 Week 7.0

The huge matchup weekend for Week 7 of the NCAA D-1 schedule did NOT disappoint! 3 games featured showdowns between unbeatens who all ranked in the top bakers’ dozen going into the weekend. Of the 3 games the highest ranked showdown was the big SEC game of Alabama @ Tennessee. BRYCE YOUNG as back from his shoulder injury… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 13, 2021

The big news of this past week in college football, at least on the field, truly had to be JIM HARBAUGH, and Michigan, finally beating Ohio State.  No matter what anyone in the Wolverines’ Football Program says, that is one huge gorilla off of their back. Coach BO can rest easy, for now, up in football heaven. They… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 12, 2021

And the slaughter of college Head Coaches continues as Florida’s DAN MULLEN bit the dust after the Gators lost again, this time to Missouri. So now, IMO, the race is on to grab Billy Napier away from Louisiana/Lafayette, which just upped it’s season record to 10-1. That gives the former SABAN assistant his 3rd straight 10-Win season there.… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 11, 2021

It’s late in the season, but the hits just keep on coming, as Dick Clark used to say. The magic that had been CALEB WILLIAMS ran out on the Oklahoma Sooners as they were soundly beaten and beaten up by a high energy BAYLOR football team that handed the Sooners their first loss of the 2021 season, in… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 10, 2021

It’s time for Fall chaos in the world of College Football. We are starting down the home stretch of the season and teams are wearing down, in most cases. Therefore, we are seeing multiple top ranked teams bite the dust with upset losses. This past weekend, unbeaten Michigan State lost to Purdue, and the magic glass slipper was… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 13

The biggest item that caught my eye Sunday morning was all the press coverage of the Denver Broncos Covid-19 plight in their QB Room. After multiple appeals and requests to the League to at least move the game to Monday or Tuesday so that unaffected QBs could suit up, the answers from the League Office had all been… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 12

We are now starting to see some showdown games, as it were, that should separate the fly poop from the pepper. Unbeatens Indiana and Ohio State had a terrific showdown game which contained a large number of 2021 Draft prospects, and proved that IU Head Coach Tom Allen and his staff know what they are doing up there… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 11

The Covid-19 Pandemic is really taking big bites out of the 2020 College Football season, as we approach the end of 2020. My schedule sheet for last weekend showed 14 college games cancelled or postponed. 4 of those lost games came from the SEC alone. Thankfully, we were still left with a goodly number of contests, featuring some… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 7

It’s shaping up to be a solid group of RB’s for the 2021 Draft. A few top names have opted out on the Covid season so we’ll have to wait for the Combine to update their files, but most of my top guys are, or will be, playing in the coming weeks. Here they are as I have… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye

Getting caught up in Hurricane Dorian’s bizarre visit to the Florida area got me a bit behind the eight ball when it came to the early start-up of the college football season. But I got the note pad out this past weekend and noted some observations on game action and pro prospect performances. JOE BURROW QB LSU 6’4/216… Read More »

College Game Preview Week 12

Sat Nov. 17th NOON/ET FOX PITTSBURGH (6-4) by 5 @ WAKE FOREST (5-5) After a slow start to the season, PITT has rallied and is already Bowl eligible, and Wake is looking for that last W to join them. I don’t think it comes this weekend though. The Panthers have been rolling, and look to have found their… Read More »

Week 10 College Game Previews

SAT. NOV 3 3:30/ET CBS GEORGIA (7-1) by 10 @ KENTUCKY (7-1) The winner in this one takes the lead in the SEC East with 3 games to go, only 1 each in SEC play. Kentucky has really been struggling the past month on Offense. In the month of October they managed only 14, 14, and 15 points… Read More »

Prospect Watch Week 9 2018

Friday Oct.26 7PM/ET ESPN MIAMI (F) (5-2) by 5 @ BOSTON COLLEGE (5-2) Despite having the same 5-2 records this season, I think Miami clearly has the overall talent advantage. But sometimes the Hurricanes don’t play up to their own talent level, and BC has enough talent to win this game at home if the underachieving team shows… Read More »


Sat Oct. 20th NOON/ET FOX MICHIGAN (6-1) BY 5 @ MICHIGAN STATE (4-2) The Wolverines clearly deserve their Top 10 ranking and their QB PATTERSON is looking more comfortable every week. Now he’s using his legs more rather than forcing throws and the team is benefitting. Now that they have their Big 10 W over Wisconsin to brag… Read More »

Prospects Game Preview. Week 7

Sat Oct. 13th 3:30/ET CBS GEORGIA 6-0 by 4 @ L.S.U. 5-1 Bad news for LSU fans, but coming off a disappointing road loss to Florida, they return home to face the undefeated Bulldogs. And it looks for all the world to me that LSU will come out of this with a two game losing streak under their… Read More »

College Football Preview Week 6

The schedule keeps rolling along with some interesting matchups for the first weekend of October. For more than a few teams, another Loss and they are pretty much out of the running for a New Years Bowl slot, even if they manage to run the table in the second half of their schedule. So some of these 1-2… Read More »

College Game Previews Week 4

As time goes by, I often realize it is flying at warp speed. This weekend marks game 4 for most colleges, which means their regular season is 1/3 done. Say what?! The number of quality games picks up a bit this week, but many conference schedules don’t get into full swing ’til next week. By the way an… Read More »

College Games To Watch Week 3

Tough duty pulling out key games to highlight this week. In preparation for conference schedules, most of which begin in earnest this Saturday, many teams have scheduled cup-cake games in which to tune up their teams and game plans for the conference gauntlets they begin on the 22nd. But fear not, there are good games if you are… Read More »

College Game/Prospect previews Week 2

A lot of walk-over games last week, but don’t mention that in front of a rabid Penn State fan. ‘Bama’s effort on the field against Louisville was mighty impressive, just don’t mention the word Quarterback within walking distance of Nick Saban, lest he challenge you to a fight. We have serious matchups this week in preparation for Conference… Read More »

College Games Week 1, 2018

As we all watch the finalizing (well almost) of NFL 53-man rosters it also just happens to be time for the first full weekend of College Football 2018. And so I have selected 4 top games and given you game projections and team info, as well as some detail (including numbers) of 2019 NFL Draft Prospects. For the… Read More »

College Football Preview Week 13

Uncle Colin is previewing the Iron Bowl or you this week so let’s take a look at some other games of major interest to Pigskin Paul and hopefully you as well. FRIDAY NOV. 24 3:30/ET ABC SOUTH FLORIDA (9-1) @ CENTRAL FLORIDA (10-0) by 9 For those of you still wondering what’s wrong with perennial powers FSU &… Read More »

College Game Previews Week 12

In all honesty there are a bunch of games this weekend tHat should be embarrassing to the top ranked teams playing in them, like Alabama hosting Mercer. But there are also some important games that create some interesting matchups. Here are the four I am watching and why. MICHIGAN (8-2) @ WISCONSIN (10-0) by 3 Saturday NOON/ET FOX… Read More »


SATURDAY NOV. 11 Noon/ET FOX MICHIGAN STATE (7-2) @ OHIO STATE (7-2) by 7 These are the two most surprising teams in the big Ten this season to my eyes. I have no idea how the Spartans have compiled their record, with a very young and relatively inexperienced roster. Usually by this time of year URBAN MEYER has… Read More »

College Game previews Week 9

This weekend’s games will lead to the first official NCAA FBS rankings next week. Recent history and the odds in general say we will witness a couple more upsets this weekend which will make the committees work even more challenging. I will follow up this week’s game action with a Top 15 ranking list which I hope to… Read More »

College Game/Prospect Previews Week 7

Friday Oct. 13th 7PM ET ESPN CLEMSON (6-0) by 11 @ SYRACUSE (3-3) I have very little doubt that Clemson will win this contest, but don’t expect a blowout. There is general optimism that HC DINO BABERS is the right man for the Syracuse job and that he has the program back on solid ground. There are legitimate… Read More »