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What Caught My Eye in College Football: Week One

Hey, we got to and thru the first week of complete collegiate action for the 2022 season, which leads us up to the 2023 NFL Draft season. The first few weeks of games are tune-ups primarily for the Conference action which truly gives us some serious and meaningful football. Clearly the biggest “thing” that caught my eye this… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 15

It was a strange weekend on the College Football landscape with an unusual hodgepodge of make-up games and Conference Championships. Some of the games were shootouts til the final possession (SEC), others were pure butt kicking (ACC). DABO SWINNEY made a BIG stink about Ohio State not deserving a spot in the Final Four, but despite only playing… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 14

Like several other football writers, I was thinking that the 2020 season would be a hall pass of sorts for coaches, just like the NCAA tried to do with players. But apparently that concept was erroneous in its conception. The coaching carousel is in full gear, and for most teams, the season isn’t quite over yet. While Texas… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 14

The most notable thing that caught my eye this week came Monday after the College Football weekend  was wrapped up. That was the announcement from Sports Illustrated of it’s Sports Person(s) of the Year for 2020, clearly the year of Covid-19, to people with a reasonably functioning brain. And lo and behold, whose face should appear to my… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 10

The big game for last weekend caused some question marks to go as the lights were fading in South Bend, IN last Saturday, as Notre Dame toppled top ranked Clemson in OT, 47-40. Arguably the top college QB in the country, by the name of TREVOR LAWRENCE, fell victim to Covid-19 and missed the game. However, the question… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 9

It was a tough weekend for college players and I don’t mean on the field. It seems that several fairly well known name players had difficulty sitting behind the wheel of motorized vehicles and staying safe and sound and sober. The true irony here for me is that the two most prominent names involved in these incidents were… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 8

The Big Ten got back into action and it was good. But for now, let’s look at my Top 10 TE prospects list, which is dominated by Underclassmen, who we are assuming will declare early for Draft inclusion from the NFL. PAT FREIERMUTH  Penn State  Jr KYLE PITTS   Florida   Jr BREVIN JORDAN     Miami (F)… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 6

Not that it should come as any surprise, but while watching college games in Week 6 of this fractured season, it reminded me that a college QB is more important than ever to his team. The same could be said for pro QB’s as well. So let’s start this week’s WCME with a breakdown of my Top 10… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 5

There are times when due to the lack of other viewing options one is forced to watch a game that they might otherwise have skipped right past. I found myself in that position last Friday night. The only palatable televised game for me to watch was BYU hosting La Tech. Nothing outstanding to my mind, but likely a… Read More »

What Caught My Eye Week 4

Probably the most encouraging news from the past week was the decision to play football this Fall by the Big Ten, Pac 12 and MAC. By the beginning of November, all three of those conferences will begin playing football. I do NOT really care that some teams will play 8 games, others 10 games, etc. The point is… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye: Week 3, 2020

Thank goodness the SEC kicks into action next week. The current lineup of games is woefully thin in quality prospects and I feel like I have almost exhausted the legit prospect rundown in certain conferences. But let’s talk about some of the good, as well as the bad, from Week 3… After a couple of games, it seems… Read More »

WHO CAUGHT MY EYE Week 1, 2020

This continues to evolve into the strangest, most trying year in US/World history. And nowhere has it been felt more than in the world of sports. Just when one thinks the new rules and guidelines have been clearly defined, something changes… again. Now, just as many of us have accustomed ourselves to the concept of no Big Ten… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Week 5

Another weekend with a somewhat limited number of elite match-ups, but there are always prospects in action to eyeball. And as long as the match-up does not resemble David versus Goliath, it can be well worth the watch. So with an eye towards the 2020 NFL Draft, here’s what my scouting eyes saw last weekend. DERRICK BROWN #5… Read More »

College Game Previews Week 13

Now that you have gotten past your Turkey Day feast and are getting a taste of Black Friday shopping (or a clue to what bills will be coming in a month) it is time to sit down to enjoy the last full football Saturday with some key college match-ups. SAT NOV 24th NOON/ET ABC FLORIDA (8-3) by 4… Read More »

Prospect Watch Week 9 2018

Friday Oct.26 7PM/ET ESPN MIAMI (F) (5-2) by 5 @ BOSTON COLLEGE (5-2) Despite having the same 5-2 records this season, I think Miami clearly has the overall talent advantage. But sometimes the Hurricanes don’t play up to their own talent level, and BC has enough talent to win this game at home if the underachieving team shows… Read More »

Tp College Games Week 5

For those who don’t think the college football season doesn’t start just a tad too early, I want you to note the southern clime weather issues, at the height of hurricane season (which is Sept. 10th) that have delayed or caused cancelation of games entirely. This weekend marks the final games in September and will be the 5th… Read More »

College Games To Watch Week 3

Tough duty pulling out key games to highlight this week. In preparation for conference schedules, most of which begin in earnest this Saturday, many teams have scheduled cup-cake games in which to tune up their teams and game plans for the conference gauntlets they begin on the 22nd. But fear not, there are good games if you are… Read More »

College Game Previews Conference Championship Weekend

Saturday Nov. 2 NOON/ET ABC AAC Championship MEMPHIS (11-1) by 5 @ CENTRAL FLORIDA/UCF (11-0) Don’t pooh-pooh this game because it’s the AAC, not the ACC. These are two good teams who both played a solid slate of regular season games to get here. Last week the UCF/USF season finale was as exciting as college football can be.… Read More »

College Football Games/Prospects Week 3

Having survived the wrath Of Hurricane Irma it’s time to get back to football. We have already had some amazing matchups, exciting contests and some stellar performances. This weekend is a bit shy with “special” matchups, but is solid nevertheless. Saturday Sept. 16 NOON ET ESPN OKLAHOMA STATE by 8 @ PITTSBURGH State has looked pretty potent early… Read More »


We have moved past a pretty marginal, short game list of a Week 1 of the College season and now it’s time for the real deal as September begins. Here my 4 most interesting games, based in great part on the 2018 Draft Prospects who will be performing in them. I am attempting to restrain myself from listing… Read More »

2018 DRAFT Prospects Day 3

The NFL pre-season is currently wetting football appetites for the real thing next month. But I want to remind you that the College season will kick off with real action first. So in advance of my posting of weekly games to watch and prospect listing, as well as my Who Caught My Eye column after each weekends games,… Read More »

WEEK 5 College Game Previews

We’ve now reached the sweet spot of the weekly college schedule with most teams playing conference opponents almost every week. The TV scheduling people have seemingly saved the best game for last this week as you will see below. TENNESSEE @ GEORGIA by 3; Saturday; 3:30/ET; CBS A big SEC showdown with the happy circumstance for a “must… Read More »

Conference Championship Match-ups

We’ve hit the finish line for the College Football regular season, but now the frosting hits the cake with Conference Championships. SEC CHAMPIONSHIP SATURDAY DEC 5TH 4PM CBS ALABAMA (11-1) by 10 vs. FLORIDA (10-2) I’d like to tell you that this will be your typical SEC showdown with fireworks to spare. But I think the Gators have… Read More »

College Preview Week 13

Some great rivalry games this weekend to wrap up the regular season in most cases. Remember to look elsewhere on this site for Colin’s take on additional games, including Stanford/Notre Dame. SATURDAY NOON ET ABC OHIO STATE (10-1) by 4 @ MICHIGAN (9-2) This is a tough one to call. The Wolverines have actually been playing better overall… Read More »

College Game Previews Week 12

Week 12 and the season winds up with a bang. As always happens, injuries are becoming a major factor for way too many teams as the marathon season heads to the finish line. For instance TCU has now lost JOSH DOCTSON/WR for certain and TREVONE BOYKIN/QB is banged up. In one of my games below you will note… Read More »