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What Caught My Eye 2022 Week 8.0

I always get a warm, fuzzy feeling when what I watch on a football weekend that has some sort of symmetry to it. That seemed to be the case when it dawned on Saturday evening while watching my 5th game of the week that I was watching a succession of college CB who just happen to be making… Read More »

What Caught My Eye: Week 6 2022 College Football

Though most of this column is devoted to College Football and the NFL Draft process, I feel I must share a few thoughts now and again about the pro game. And this week I want to start there in light of the horrendous penalties called surrounding the protection of the NFL’s QB club. The Falcons “wuz robbed” as… Read More »

What Caught My Eye in College Football Week 2

Lots of new names and head scratching moves in College Football this past weekend. And although it’s early, those upsets keep on coming. After speculation for at least the last 2 seasons NEBRASKA Head Coach SCOTT FROST had been rumored to be on the hot seat at his alma mater. FROST arrived in Lincoln to coach the team… Read More »