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LIONS 2016 Team Mock

The LIONS bounced back from a miserable start last year to finish up 7-9 with new leadership in several key positions including GM. But before the roster retooling process could even begin in February the team took a huge hit when future HOF WR CALVIN JOHNSON announced his retirement. It’s a huge blow to the team, especially MATT… Read More »

BILLS 2016 Team Mock

As opposed to 2015 Draft, the BILLS have a full compliment of 8 Picks for this year’s Draft. And it is very important that REX & WHALEY are on the same page and on their game. The BILLS have a solid scouting staff and it is time to use their info to upgrade this roster. A big hole… Read More »

BENGALS 2016 Team Mock

Time flies when you’re having fun and here we are just 9 days away from the 2016 NFL Draft. I can think of no better way to kick off the last full week before the Draft than by going with the BENGALS, as one of the more conservative, straight-down-the-middle teams in the League. They are still the only… Read More »

PACKERS 2016 Team Mock

More so than almost any other team in the NFL, the DRAFT is the lifeblood of the PACKERS roster. TED THOMPSON is resolute in his philosophy of building his team in the annual Draft process. Currently armed with 9 Picks he is poised to put together a strong group of Rookies for his team’s 2016 Training Camp. So… Read More »

SAINTS 2016 Team Draft

It looked as though the SAINTS were finally committing to the Draft as the backbone of their roster building in 2015. It is going to be a bit tough to duplicate last year’s effort, and success, this time around however. The team is armed with only 6 Picks this year, as opposed to the 9 they held last… Read More »

VIKINGS Team Mock 2016

The VIKINGS are moving into their new hime this fall and look to be loading up for a serious Play-Off run if QB/BRIDGEWATER takes the next progression as a 3rd year NFL QB. Being indoors for 8 home games should be a help for him and his average arm strength. GM RICK SPIELMAN has brought in a group… Read More »

DA BEARS 2016 Team Mock

DA BEARS are trying to remake their roster on the fly under the leadership of GM RYAN PACE & HC JOHN FOX. Expect them to search for talent, high character & team needs in that order. But they cannot afford to be oblivious to the needs part of the equation since they fell to a 6-10 record last… Read More »

WASHINGTON 2016 Team Draft

Year two of the SCOT McCLOUGHAN player acquisition process doesn’t have the Draft volume right now that SCOT prefers for his team. But he still has 3 weeks to wheel and deal to accumulate a double digit Draft class. Stay tuned. For now he has 8 Picks to work with and some of the team needs may surprise… Read More »

STEELERS team Mock 2016

The STEELERS possess 7 Picks this Draft, with 2 coming in Round 7. As usual the team will show a net loss in VFA so there will be some holes to fill, not to mention the retirement of HEATH MILLER/TE. But surprisingly the team will not have to look to the Draft to replace MILLER because it signed… Read More »


Time to move on to one of the NFL’s marquee franchises. Even though I still think America’s Team resides in Wisconsin, maybe in today’s world the glitz & glamour of a team in Big D, with it’s snake oil salesman owner, does more accurately represent our changing society. Wait a minute, this is football talk, so let’s get… Read More »


I had originally planned to publish this piece last Friday, but given its nefarious nature I reconsidered the wisdom of putting it out for public consumption of Aril Fools Day. So here it is two days later. Let me remind you all of how this process works in my mind, since there will be additional Team Mocks in… Read More »


I got a late request to do a PATRIOTS Mock. This can often turn into a bit of an exercise in futility. Trying to read the mind of LITTLE BILL is tough as heck. But why not give it a shot. Let me start though, by saying that the team has already acknowledged that they don’t see the… Read More »


The TEXANS have a been somewhat of a roller coaster team the past few years and much of the issue has been at the QB position. But I’m not convinced that is an emphasis in their current Draft plans. Replacing older & departed players might be a bigger concern, along with finding more help up front for All-WoRLD… Read More »


THe NFC South is arguably the weakest division in the NFL. The Panthers and Falcons look to hit the jackpot in this Draft and put them themselves in the hunt with the SAINTS, who look to be retooling. FALCONS Round 1, Pick 8 VICTOR BEASLEY/ER/CLEMSON/6’3/246 GBN Rank: 8 He’s a monster behind the opponents line of scrimmage. His… Read More »


After a little glitch yesterday in keeping my teams straight it is clear that I owe a Team Mock to some of our die hard DOLPHINS fans. So here is a brand new, updated version… MIAMI DOLPHINS Round 1, Pick 14 BUD DUPREE/ER/KENTUCKY/6’4/269 GBN Rank: 14 They can use a young edge rusher and if DUPREE can actually… Read More »


The BROWNS struggled with their Draft Class of 2014 because of “personal issues” with both their top Picks. But don’t expect the team to look at only boy scout personalities or panic for perceived needs this time around. They have more than enough needs to simply draft for the best players available to them…. I think. BROWNS Round… Read More »

With some serious VFA signings it seems like a clear signal that the COLTS are all-in to win a Super Bowl now! To that end let’s add the following Draft group of Rookies to their roster. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS Round 1, Pick 29 CAMERON ERVING/T/C/FLORIDA STATE/6’6/313 GBN Rank: 29 It’s never a bad thing to add a player right… Read More »


Let’s start today’s Mocks with one of the few teams that does not have a Pick in Round 1. Despite that void, and another in Round 4, the BILLS have generated a lot of off-season buzz because the new sheriff in town is named REX RYAN. Any and all help they can procure in this Draft will be… Read More »


OAKLAND RAIDERS Reggie McKenzie is still trying to pull this team out of a black hole and fighting that inward-sucking momentum/powerful is very difficult. He has a full compliment of Picks this time around, but nothing extra. The team looks to have signed a better class of VFA, so adding a solid Draft to that effort could mean… Read More »


Time to move along with two of the most popular teams as the GBN Report website. Both have rosters in shake-up mode again, as they seek to get younger and back into serious Play-Off contention. NEW YORK GIANTS Round 1, Pick 9 LA’EL COLLINS/OT/LSU/6’4/305 Most feel COLLINS is the safest, most pro ready OL in the Draft. He’s… Read More »

Detroit Lions

All Drafts are important, but this one became huge for the LIONS with the key roster deletions from last year’s team. THe DT tandem of now & the future (SUH/FAIRLEY) are both gone as is Reggie Bush/RB. This is another franchise that is looking like it has a Franchise QB but can’t find enough talent to fill out… Read More »


It’s the dawning another era for the Monsters of the Midway with new GM RYAN PACE and HC JOHN FOX doing the grocery shopping in Chicago. They don’t have a full compliment of picks to work with, but if your missing a pick Round 7 is the place. They need more talent throughout the roster, but expect Defense… Read More »

Minnesota Vikings

Round 1, Pick 11 TRAE WAYNES/CB/MICHIGAN STATE/6’0/186 GBN Rank: 11 The Vikings have bigger need areas than the CB position, but WAYNES is the premier player at that position this year and long term the tandem of RHODES and WAYNES might be among the best on the NFL, freeing up MUNNERLYN to primarily cover the slot receiver. WAYNES… Read More »