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2020 Team Mock Drafts COLTS

Is this the year that the Colts roster rebuild comes to fruition and they can make a run to and thru the Play-Offs? I bet a large part of the answer to that question is how well Philip Rivers fits into the offense in Indy. Coach Reich and several assistants worked with Rivers in San Diego thus lending… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts BROWNS

The new regime is in place for the Browns and GM BERRY is now purging many of the players that former GM John Dorsey had added to the team’s roster. So the old axiom of one step forward, two steps back, threatens to keep the team from being a legit Playoff contender once again, at least for this… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Draft Buccaneers

The Bucs have gone from laughable losers to a hot point of interest after their signing of VFA QB Tom Brady. Their ticket website has been a hotbed of activity since the signing, despite the fact that ticket prices went up double digit percentage points immediately. The Bay Area is blazing with excitement at the improved prospects for… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts FALCONS

The main front office players and Head Coach Dan Quinn are all back after a disappointing 2019 season. Owner Arthur Blank, who has been one of the steadier hands in the NFL ownership group, was won over by a late season winning surge by the team, which seemed to rally behind Quinn for a stretch run. Some name… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts SAINTS

Seems like April always rolls around and my projected Team Mocks are racing against the clock, even while NFL teams are still reshaping their rosters thru the Vet Free Agency period.  This creates problems for predicting how a team will shape their Draft choices to fit holes in their roster. And do not kid yourself. More than ever,… Read More »

PACKERS 2019 Team Mock Draft

This is Brian Gutekunst’s second Draft as the man in charge for the Pack. Last year saw him add some solid talent to the roster. But locker room dysfunction, injuries (especially to AARON RODGERS) and seemingly disheartened coaching efforts left the team fighting with Detroit for the bottom of the NFC North. The first post-season casualty was HC… Read More »

PATRIOTS 2019 Team Mock Draft

Only a few days left until the 2019 NFL Draft. I have revised my prospect rankings, hopefully for the last time. It’s time to take a look at the Super Bowl champs, who have a plethora of Picks this year, with 12, and 6 of those Picks come within the Top 101. In reality, we know based on… Read More »

GIANTS 2019 Team Mock Draft

I always enter into this mock with a bit of trepidation, and it is due to the fanaticism of GIANTS fans. They rank right up there with the most rabid, traditional franchise bases in the country, and right now the team is trying to rebuild under their most recent GM DAVE GETTLEMAN. They have made a lot of… Read More »

BROWNS 2019 Team Mock Draft

Unlike some of the teams that I have discussed and conducted Mocks for, there is no doubt at all who’s in charge with the Browns. JOHN DORSEY is in charge, and will make final decisions here, which is not intended to imply that he does not listen to his scouts and team personnel people. Like his mentor TED… Read More »

REDSKINS 2019 Team Mock Draft

So other than Owner Daniel Snyder, who exactly is in charge of things in Old D.C. when the annual Draft begins? Legacy exec team president BRUCE WILLIAMS, SCOTT CAMPBELL, HC JAY GRUDEN, VP of Player Personnel DOUG WILLIAMS, and a cast of … well, too many. All too often, this organization seems like a ship at sea with… Read More »

EAGLES 2019 Team Mock Draft

Without writing a book… Do you all remember when Owner JEFF LURIE got tired of the kinda close, but no cigar, ANDY REID era, and he made the bold move of firing ANDY and bringing in CHIP KELLY? He also took the reins away from HOWIE ROSEMAN because CHIP wanted total control. Remember how that didn’t work out… Read More »

BRONCOS 2019 Team Mock Draft

The JOHN ELWAY era in Denver has been a quandary of sorts, with his biggest challenge, being finding someone to qualify as the long term Franchise QB. In somewhat of another short term fix, ala Peyton, GM Elway has brought in JOE FLACCO. In order for the FLACCO Era to be a success, ELWAY has got to find… Read More »

LIONS 2019 Team Mock Draft

We are entering year two of the PATRICIA/QUINN partnership/leadership regime in Detroit. This comes on the heels of a tumultuous first year as Head Coach for MATT PATRICIA. There was a great deal of roster experimentation last season, as PATRICIA tried to mold the overall team into his view of what it should look like. Even more personnel… Read More »

BUCCANEERS 2019 Team Mock Draft

Stop me if you have heard this before. This is a defining season for the immediate future of this franchise. JAMEIS WINSTON is about to start making big time QB money. The years of Rookie contract money are about to end, and before the team hands him a big contract of over $20M per year, for multiple years,… Read More »

STEELERS 2019 Team Mock Draft

An awful lot of the off-season high drama centered around this staid old franchise. Suddenly, after decades of stability and multiple championships, players seem to be running away from the Steelers and the ROONEY family. ANTONIO BROWN, LE’VEON BELL, MORGAN BURNETT, JESSE JAMES, and more wanted out of Pittsburgh. Despite protestations that all is solid with the good… Read More »

CHIEFS 2019 Mock Draft

This will be the most important Draft for the Chiefs since the first year, back in the DORSEY-Era. It is time to show that ANDY REID can run this team from the absolute top, with his lap dog, GM BRETT VEACH, reporting to him. Their off-season personnel losses have been as devastating as any team in the NFL,… Read More »

SAINTS 2019 Mock Draft

The Saints seemed to be “all in” for a Super Bowl run in 2018, and they looked like they were headed to the Big Game until an entire officiating crew missed a blatant PI call in the Red Zone to foil a Saints, come from behind, victory drive. Combine that with the Vikings miracle comeback victory over the… Read More »

TITANS 2019 Team Mock Draft

The TITANS enter year two of the VRABEL/ROBINSON regime, after posting the teams third straight 9-7 record. It’s always nice to have a winning record, but restless fans in Nashville want more… as in a Play-Off run. They arguably have enough talent to fight for a Wild Card spot, but they go into the Draft needing to plug… Read More »

2019 JETS Team Mock Draft

Last year, the JETS brain-trust flipped some picks and landed their franchise QB in Sam Darnold. Early returns indicate that he indeed could be the man. He certainly already looks like their best man under center since Richard Todd, for this team. Then, this off-season, the team hired Adam Gase as their new Head Coach. This also looked… Read More »

Team Mock Draft process clarification

After a couple of communications with fellow GBN Staffer, Larry Parker it dawned on me that it would perhaps be helpful if I provided a brief, but detailed explanation on exactly how I come up with my Team Mocks. It might clear up a few somewhat puzzling aspects of the effort. After all, if you read them, then… Read More »

DALLAS COWBOYS 2019 Mock Draft

The Cowboys are slightly under the norm with 6 Picks in the 2019 Draft. Most members of the organization, as well as their fans, would say the loss of their first round pick was well worth it, with the way AMARI COOPER performed in his Cowboys uniform after arriving from Oakland. Their Salary Cap situation is limiting them… Read More »

CHICAGO BEARS 2019 Mock Draft

As they are commonly known to opposing fans in the NFC North, DA BEARS find themselves in an unusual, (for them), circumstance heading towards the 2019 Draft. They only possess 5 Picks in the Draft, and their first choice will not come until Pick 87, which is late in Round 3. Under GM Ryan Pace, the team has… Read More »

SEA HAWKS Mock Draft 2019

It is time, once again, for Pigskin Paul to embark upon the slippery slope of mocking team drafts. I will endeavor to cover all 32 NFL teams, but in case we should run out of time, I would urge those of you reading these mocks to make sure that you e-mail me about your favorite team, so that… Read More »

Team Mocks 2018

The Draft is indeed upon us. I got a bit ahead of myself on some Team Mocks and certainly do NOT now have time to include player detail for them at this late date. But just in case any of these are your favorite team here at least are the Picks. BILLS (9) R1,P12 LAMAR JACKSON QB LOUISVILLE… Read More »

BENGALS 2018 Team Mock Draft

I always wonder if it’s a waste of time to cover the Bengals as long as the Brown family runs the show. Hope is slim for much to change but the Draft is one of the few times there can be hope for long suffering Bengals fans. Round 1, Pick 21 RASHAAN EVANS LB ALABAMA 6’017/237 Time to… Read More »