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Pigskin’s NFL POWER RANKINGS Part Two/ The Top 12

My grandfather ran a creamery in Northern Vermont before the Great Depression wiped it out. He was a fond user of the phrase, ‘the cream will rise to the top’. In that case it referred to the non-homogenized milk which you had to shake up to mix with the mostly water in the bottom and the  fresh thick… Read More »

PIGSKIN’s Post Draft NFL team Power Rankings

The hay is in the barn as far as the 2022 Draft is concerned. And most team rosters have been filled to the 90-man limit. There will be a few more personnel moves between now and the opening of Training Camps. Just yesterday the GIANTS finally put CB/James Bradberry out of his misery and waived him and his… Read More »

NFL Power Rankings 2021 Training Camp

I am skipping to my highest ranked teams, who seem to be sure shots to battle deep into the Play-Offs next January/February. You might ask, and rightfully so, what happened to teams 7-24? As I did my initial roster perusals looking for plusses and minuses, it became clear to me that there is a huge cluster of teams… Read More »

NFL Power Rankings 2021 Preliminary/Training Camp

It’s never too early to look at how teams stack up competitively, even at the start of Training Camps.  This is the time of year when optimism reigns supreme for most fans, but for others the bad news has already started, ala injury issues for MICHAEL THOMAS/SAINTS and CARSON WENTZ/COLTS. But let’s take the big picture into account… Read More »

NFL Power Rankings The Winners

Time to take a look at the top half of the NFL teams. These are the Top 16, from which should come almost all of your Play-Off participants. 16)  LA CHARGERS:   We have a tendency to fall in luv with some of the star power on this team and overlook their lack of depth almost every year, which… Read More »

Power Rankings 2020

It occurs to me that this may be one of the toughest lists to compile for the entire upcoming season. Simply put, as the NFL tries to figure out how to proceed with a 2020 season amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, we are just over a week away from the start of the 2020 game schedule. But we’ve had… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Post Season 2.0

The NCAA Bowl Season is underway. Some of the matchups, primarily featuring .500 teams, can look like a waste of time in comparison to the Final Four Play-Off Bowls, but it often does provide a chance to look at some relatively obscure players who are legit pro prospects. The first weekend provides several scouting opportunities, so here we… Read More »


So let’s get down to the meat of things. The 10 teams below look to me to be the legit 10+ win teams who are going to deserve to head to the NFL Play-Offs come January 2018. The way injuries are mounting after less than two weeks of Training Camp makes me more than a bit uneasy however.… Read More »


Time to carry on with the remainder of my middle-of the pack, mediocre teams for 2017. But just an editorial note to start out. More injuries in Camps like TANNEHILL in Miami could cause some of these rankings to be altered drastically by September. And so it goes. 16) Miami DOLPHINS. Speaking of the Dolphins here there are.… Read More »

NFL Power Rankings 2017 17-24

As I start to detail the middle of the pack for the 2017 NFL season I do want to make note that I feel like there is very little separation right now between the next 12 teams coming up in my rankings list. Indeed every one of them could end up with 8-8 records. But history indicates that… Read More »