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DOLPHINS 2018 Draft Review

There seems to be a lot of mixed sentiment in Dolphin-land, as to what the team did to its roster this off-season. Some big names from the past are gone, like SUH, LANDRY, POUNCEY, et al. Some DolFans seem pleased, while others proclaim that they have seem this kind of addition by subtraction before and it never seems… Read More »

VIKINGS 2018 Draft Review

If I had to name the top 3 executives/GM in the NFL there is no doubt I would include RICK SPIELMAN of the Vikings on that short list. When it comes to personnel, he manipulates his roster as well as, or better than, anyone else in the League. And his work in this year’s NFL Draft is no… Read More »

STEELERS 2018 Draft Review

The Steelers turned their eyes away from contract squabbles with LeVeon Bell just long enough to put together another of their annually solid Draft efforts. That would be in spite of what Big Ben seems to think of it. One of the biggest tasks at hand for the organization was bolstering their Defense after the loss of RYAN… Read More »

CHARGERS 2018 Draft Review

I am sure that it will surprise most of you when I remind you that the Chargers were the best team in the NFL to miss the Play-Offs last season. But most NFL pundits would agree with me. This has become the “lost franchise” with their move to L.A., without really having a home there, or more importantly… Read More »

BRONCOS 2018 Draft Reveiw

I think most of you realize that overall I am a big fan of John Elway in his role of running the Broncos organization. Like any personnel evaluator he makes his share of mistakes, but he has made some solid decisions in manipulating his roster and is not afraid to admit his mistakes and move on. Big John… Read More »

COWBOYS 2018 Draft Review

The 2018 NFL Draft was pretty much a home game for the Cowboys, as Jerry’s World became the first actual stadium to host the League’s Draft. They even tried to soften the annual boo-fest that fans have been unleashing on Commissioner Roger Goodell the past few years but to no avail. Even sending ex-Cowboys greats STAUBACH-AIKMAN-WITTEN out on… Read More »

PANTHERS 2018 Draft Review

A good friend and respected Draftnik mentioned that he wondered what I thought about the Panthers 2018 Draft effort. That sounded like a solid enough reason to add my answer as one of our team draft reviews. So here we go for Riverboat Ron’s team. The team had the exactly the right number of Picks when the dust… Read More »


It only seems logical to me that when a team has a new GM and two of them are in the top 4 picks in a Draft then we should take a look at what that team did. Even though I will confine my thoughts for today to the actual 2018 Draft please remember that there is a… Read More »


The Rams found themselves in a rather unique, perhaps enviable position, when the 2018 Draft began. They had no Picks until Round 3, and weren’t bothered by that in the least. Why is that, you might ask, if you have failed to pay attention to their off-season player acquisitions over the past month or so. The team added… Read More »

PACKERS 2018 Draft Review

The Pack went into the Draft with the most picks of any team in the League at 12. Certainly a nice situation to be in for new GB BRIAN GUTEKUNST. The team did in the end live up to its stated course of action when cameras in the Packers draft room showed former GM Ted Thompson perched on… Read More »


I think it is safe to say that overall I am not a big DAVE GETTLEMAN fan. I thought the Giants might have made a big mistake bringing him back to the big Apple to run their organization. He’s a bit coarse and brash for my taste. But give the devil his due, so to speak. As the… Read More »

2018 NFL Draft Bottom Feeders

Every fan base tingles with the excitement of new players brought to their team by the annual Draft process. But realistically all Draft efforts are not going to push teams over the hump. The opportunity is, in theory, equal, but results may vary. So at the risk of crushing fan base hopes the week after the Draft here… Read More »

Who’s Left URFA Prospects

News has been a tad slow this year relative to exactly who is signing with who in the Rookie Free Agent marketplace. But fear not. You’ll be struggling to learn not only your favorite teams draftees but fifteen or more URFA soon. Just to give you a bit of a head start here are Pigskin’s best undrafted players… Read More »

2018 DRAFT WRAP Part 1

It is my intention to be writing almost exclusively for the next few weeks about the recently concluded. So for those of you with attention deficit disorder adios real soon and I suggest you check back at this spot around June. IN the meantime for you hard cores who do NOT consider anything visible in your rear view… Read More »

Team Mocks 2018

The Draft is indeed upon us. I got a bit ahead of myself on some Team Mocks and certainly do NOT now have time to include player detail for them at this late date. But just in case any of these are your favorite team here at least are the Picks. BILLS (9) R1,P12 LAMAR JACKSON QB LOUISVILLE… Read More »

GIANTS Mock Draft 2018

New York Giants The G-Men have many more needs than they do Draft Picks (6) this year. IMO, it would behoove new GM Dave Gettleman to listen carefully to phone calls from teams looking to move up into the QB feeding frenzy top of the Draft. It might be said that the Giants hold the key to the… Read More »

PIGSKIN’S TEAM Mock Drafts 2018

I want to preface this series of Team Mocks with a sad disclaimer. I fear the accuracy and validity of all of these Team Mocks will be rendered more useless than usual because of the Pick trading frenzy that seems to be gripping the NFL this year. But then again much of the trading could be over with… Read More »

Pigskin’s April 1st PROSPECT RANINGS

First off, let me proclaim that this NOT an April Fools joke article. I figure if guys like Jeremiah and McShay can give you their Top 50 then why shouldn’t I. Not sure what the logic is behind this concept, but the more info about the Draft, the more fun (and perhaps confusing) the whole process becomes. So… Read More »

Draft Thots By The Numbers

As I have expressed to you recently I am amazed at the trading frenzy that has involved movement of Picks for the upcoming 2018 Draft. Players and Picks seem to be flying all over the NFL, and I am sure we are not done yet with this activity. But for now I would like to make some numeric… Read More »

Pigskin’s March Draft Thots

To borrow/modify a phrase or two, it occurred to me this week that the first thing Draftniks need to do at the end of April is to open up the GBN Report and head to Colin’s Picks by Team page and print it up, lest they not be able to tell the Picks without an updated prgoram. Then… Read More »

COMBINE Winners 2018

Sorry again for the time delay in getting this up, but remember it has only been a week since the Combine ended. Patience and reflection are still virtues in my book. Besides i have been distracted by John Dorsey cleaning up his roster in Cleveland. Here are some of my players who made strong impressions on me in… Read More »

COMBINE Wrap-Up 2018

Bet at least a few of you wondered where I was during the Combine weekend. I would tell you I was indeed watching and thinking about what was going on in Indy. I have all too often made a comment on Twitter about what is happening only to have something happen to totally contradict what I have opined… Read More »

PIGSKIN’s Pre-Combine Mock Draft 2018

You know I’m not a big fan of doing Mock Drafts, other than by team. But in advance of the Combine, I felt it would be fun to post a Mock First Round. Please understand that I am not trying to project who teams will actually take. My picks are based upon a combination of best available and… Read More »

Who’s Left to Declare for NFL Draft ?

As I was half-watching some of the pre-game filler before the College Football Championship game last night I decided to put down in writing what significant college players we were still waiting to hear from, relative to declaring for the 2018 NFL Draft. To say that list is fluid at this time of year would be an understatement… Read More »

NFL 2017 Season All-Rookie Team Final Edition

Seems like just yesterday that I presented you with my mid-season NFL All-Rookie team. It was actually about two months ago, and since then the regular season has wrapped up and it is time for the final version. This one takes into account players who went down during the season with serious injuries (which gives them an incomplete),… Read More »