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DOLPHINS 2019 Draft Review

At first blush when I started the 2019 Draft Reviews, I had the DOLPHINS on my list of ‘don’t bother’ unless time allowed at the end of my time slot, but then I began thinking about them, and in light of the ROSEN Draft time trade, felt that they were worth discussing, albeit briefly. I’ll touch on the… Read More »

CHARGERS 2019 Draft Review

There are quite a few folks out in the football world who think the 2019 CHARGERS could be the rulers of the AFC West. All of the other teams in that division seem to be plugging up some major holes in their roster, while the CHARGERS return most of their key players. Most of their Draft Picks were… Read More »

COWBOYS 2019 Draft Review

Thanks to the ever flapping mouth of the COWBOYS PR machine, in particular one JERRY JONES/Owner, this team garners as much, or more, media exposure than any other team in pro sports. So it only makes sense that we wrap up the NFC East Draft Reviews with America’s Team, as they have self-proclaimed themselves to be. Their Draft… Read More »

EAGLES 2019 Draft Review

The EAGLES ended up with another draft effort rather short on picks to make. They ended up with only 5 picks in 2018, as well. So when you are picking light, so to speak, it is important to strike for quality. Please note their dead-on Pigskin Paul rank/Pick match up in Round 3. Round 1, Pick 22 ANDRE… Read More »

REDSKINS 2019 Draft Review

We have already touched on the GIANTS and their Draft effort, now how about the rest of the NFC East?! I’ll resume this tour with the WASHINGTON REDSKINS, who many feel had a Draft worthy of high praise. Not only did they end up with 10 overall Picks, but in my rating system, they got two of the… Read More »

PACKERS 2019 Draft Review

The PACK started the Draft proceedings with 10 Picks to use, but before the first Round was over, GM BRIAN GUTEKUNST dealt their 2 4th Round Picks to move up in Round 1 for a player they had fallen in luv with during the pre-Draft evaluation process. Most of their selections are ranked lower on my rankings chart,… Read More »

VIKINGS 2019 Draft Review

So in keeping with the theme of the NFC North, let’s talk about the VIKINGS, who led the 2019 Draft in quantity of Picks, with 12. But as always, the question that immediately follows is ‘How did they do on the quality of those Picks?’. Here are my opinions on that. Round 1, Pick 18 GARRETT BRADBURY  OC … Read More »

DA BEARS 2019 Draft Review

Before I start breaking down the Pick by Pick drafting for this team, let us keep in mind that the biggest piece to this draft effort was early last season when the team traded to acquire KHALIL MACK. This move provided the team with its best pass rusher since the RICHARD DENT era. With the chance for a… Read More »

LIONS 2019 Draft Review

2018 marked the first year of the PATRIOTS connection in DETROIT. Former PATS exec BOB QUINN, now DETROIT’s GM decided that he needed to move his franchise on from two straight years of 9-7 under HC JIM CALDWELL. In came MATT PATRICIA, another ex-PATRIOTS Coach, to move the team onto higher ground. The resultant 6-10 season was wrought… Read More »

CHIEFS 2019 Draft Review

Despite the emergence of PATRICK MAHOMES as an elite talent and franchise QB, it was an uneasy off-season for the CHIEFS. Salary Cap issues raised their ugly head, and the team made some major moves to reel in the dollars battle by trading and/or releasing multiple big name players, like JUSTIN HOUSTON and DEE FORD. The team also… Read More »

GIANTS 2019 Draft Review

Colin already gave you a brief draft summary for the GIANTS 2019 effort, but there is more to say about a team with 10 Picks, 5 of them being in the top 108 selections. Whether you agree with some of GM DAVE GETTLEMAN’s picks, or his reasons behind them, it is clear that these 10 picks, plus another… Read More »

TEXANS 2019 Draft Review

I felt that perhaps a look at the TEXANS 2019 Draft would be rather timely right now, given the firing this week of GM BRIAN GAINE. There has been some buzz that when all was said and done, there was serious concern about this year’s Draft effort, as well as GAINE’s first effort last year. Remember also, that… Read More »

JAGUARS 2019 Draft Review

2018 was a monster regressive season for this team that made it all the way to the AFC Championship Game the previous season. All hands on deck. Clear the decks this off-season for TOM COUGHLIN’S minions. Gone is former “franchise QB” BLAKE BORTLES, who is now in L.A. In comes NICK FOLES, who had been somewhat of a… Read More »

BROWNS 2019 Draft Review

Times have changed relatively quickly for the BROWNS organization. The recently hapless team now finds itself to be ranked as a serious Play-Off contender in the AFC North. Some of this change in fortune can be attributed to slippage by teams like the STEELERS and RAVENS, but most of their newfound prowess is due in large part to… Read More »

Star-Games Draft Report Card

Some folks, certainly not yours truly, question the significance of the annual All-Star Games played by the top senior prospects every January. There have been what seems like a hoard of new, wanna-be Star games in recent years. More power to them all, but for the present and immediate future, the Big 3 are still the East/West Shrine… Read More »

SAINTS 2019 Draft Review

After trading up to get DE MARCUS DAVENPORT last year, as well as a couple of other moves, the team was left with a paltry 5 Picks, with only one of them in the Top 100 selections. So let’s get right to their roster additions. Round 2, Pick 48 ERIK McCOY OC/G TEXAS A&M 6’4/303 4.89/40 PP#31 Sometimes… Read More »

STEELERS 2019 Draft Review

Talk about an important Draft for a successful team that lost two of it’s brightest stars this past off-season in ANTONIO BROWN and LE’VEON BELL. The team had 9 Picks when all the smoke had cleared in Nashville. They have also been quite busy in the URFA market. For a team that often “redshirts” most of their Rookies,… Read More »

TITANS 2019 Draft Review

The 2018 Draft was not exactly a smashing success for the Titans. They traded up to nab LB RASHAAN EVANS and ended up with only 4 Picks overall. They then used their 6th Round Pick on QB LUKE FALK, who is gone from Nashville already. They absolutely needed to do better in 2019. They had 6 Picks this… Read More »

CARDINALS 2019 Draft Review

Let me get it out of my system right away. I still believe it was a serious gaff by this organization to bring in a college coach with a losing record at that level, and then have to get rid of last year’s Top 10 draftee QB, (ROSEN), to give that new HC his favorite toy, (from HS… Read More »

Draft Thoughts 2019 Post Nashville

Howdy buckaroos! Pigskin here, with Post-Draft 2019 pondering. Yes, I have been quiet for a few days. Quite honestly, I have been licking my Draft wounds, and trying to figure out the errors of my ways. I annually participate in The Huddle Report’s Top 100 projection competition. Some big time, and some small time, Draftniks are invited to… Read More »

Who’s Left for Day 3 2019 Draft

Just wanted to throw out names of my highest ranked prospects who did not go on Days 1 & 2. Volume is the name of the game for Day 3, with 4 Rounds and the vast majority of Compensatory Picks still be used. The good news is that the League strips down the Pick time limit to speed… Read More »

Draft Prospect Position Group Grades. The D

And now for something completely different, during the VFA Agent money madness… some Draft talk. Last week, I took a look at the Offensive position groups and gave out grades relative to their pro potential impact. SO, now it’s time to poke at the Defensive side of the ball, and the pickings are pretty impressive up front. Probably… Read More »

Grading Position Groups 2019 Draft

We are nearing the end of the annual Draft Prospect player evaluations. We have watched players in game action from late August until early January. Then, over 300 prospects participated in the 3 major All-Star games in late January, and of course, we have just concluded the annual Combine in Indy. Pro Days are currently taking place all… Read More »

2019 COMBINE Surprises

To my knowledge, just about every Draftnik throws out a list of the most obvious exclusions from the annual Combine, and certainly, it’s pretty easy to identify a handful of prospects, who are personal favorites, that don’t get invited to Indy. It is also true, just about every year, that a few of the invitees that we question,… Read More »


PIGSKIN PAUL’s 2019 NFL Mock Draft 1.0 ‘Tis the season to give Draft fans some food for thought, so to speak. So, before the Combine throws another round of pertinent information at us to analyze, let’s see how things look to yours truly right now. Please remember, I do not throw potential trades in. But I will say… Read More »