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2020 Team Mock Draft CHARGERS

An awful lot of folks are of the belief that the Chargers will be looking to Draft a replacement for PHILIP RIVERS, despite the wave talk by Head Coach ANTHONY LYNN that he is comfortable with TYROD TAYLOR being his starter. Kinda sounds like how the COLTS talked about BRISSETT when ANDREW LUCK retired last year. There seems… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts SEA HAWKS

It seems rather contradictory to dismiss your projections in advance of making them, but I feel like I have to do that with the Sea Hawks. And I say that out of respect for the seemingly unorthodox way the dynamic duo of JOHN SCHNEIDER and PETE CARROLL work the Draft each year. Despite some raised eyebrows around the… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts BILLS

After making the Play -Offs again last season, it looks as though the Bills are truly on the right path to being a regular contender for the Super Bowl hunt. The leadership tandem of BRANDON BEANE and SEAN McDERMOTT seems to be clicking on building a steady, improving roster. They clearly see their window of opportunity widening with… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts EAGLES

I don’t want to be overly dramatic, but based on the Eagles roster that we saw late last season, this team is in dire need of some younger talent. A talented base still exists, but in a weak NFC East division, Philly needs to retool it’s roster with more talent and more youth. And heading into the home… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Draft CARDINALS

In the course of one year, the Cardinals have gone from a lightly regarded bottom feeder, to a team back on the rise. Last year, they hired CLIFF KINGSBURY as their Head Coach, and then drafted KYLER MURRAY, the Heisman Winner from Oklahoma, with a little help from GM STEVE KEIM. Then last month, they brought in WR… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts COWBOYS

The Cowboys have been busy this offseason getting a new Head Coach in MIKE MCCARTHY and trying to get their big stars all signed, while finding the Cap money to do so. This past week they suffered a large setback with the retirement of OC TRAVIS FREDERICK. The team has 7 Draft Picks, with 6 of them in… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts COLTS

Is this the year that the Colts roster rebuild comes to fruition and they can make a run to and thru the Play-Offs? I bet a large part of the answer to that question is how well Philip Rivers fits into the offense in Indy. Coach Reich and several assistants worked with Rivers in San Diego thus lending… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts BROWNS

The new regime is in place for the Browns and GM BERRY is now purging many of the players that former GM John Dorsey had added to the team’s roster. So the old axiom of one step forward, two steps back, threatens to keep the team from being a legit Playoff contender once again, at least for this… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts FALCONS

The main front office players and Head Coach Dan Quinn are all back after a disappointing 2019 season. Owner Arthur Blank, who has been one of the steadier hands in the NFL ownership group, was won over by a late season winning surge by the team, which seemed to rally behind Quinn for a stretch run. Some name… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts SAINTS

Seems like April always rolls around and my projected Team Mocks are racing against the clock, even while NFL teams are still reshaping their rosters thru the Vet Free Agency period.  This creates problems for predicting how a team will shape their Draft choices to fit holes in their roster. And do not kid yourself. More than ever,… Read More »

Combine 2020: Who Got My Attention

Over 300 prospects running, jumping, and talking their way towards the NFL Draft. It’s one of the world’s biggest Job Fairs, and the most heavily scrutinized by football fans everywhere. And don’t forget the all important medical component that starts things off for each player. You may choose not to run your “40” at Indy, but you will… Read More »

Pigskin’s 2020 Mock Draft, Round 1

I think it is pretty well known among Draftnik circles that I am not a big fan of Mock Drafts. However, I felt obligated to myself, and our readers, many of whom luv to see Mocks. So before we get to the Combine, Pro Days, and lying time, I thought I would get one in. My Mock is… Read More »

Clip Notes and Questions from STAR Games Senior Bowl

At first blush, it appeared that the Senior Bowl had hit a QB famine this year, after having Heisman Trophy winners on their rosters for the past 2 years. But after the fact, it might be more of an indicator that the QB field of graduates at that position was down a tad this time around. And it… Read More »

2020 SENIOR BOWL: All-Practice Team

This team is comprised of players who caught my eye on multiple occasions this week of practices in Mobile. With 110+ players on the field each day, I will certainly confess that I could hardly keep up with all the players and all their drill and scrimmage work. You could ask another dozen writers down here for this… Read More »

SENIOR BOWL 2020 Tuesday, 2020

Hopefully you have made connections and read thru the Weigh-In information from Mobile, which Colin put up a link for earlier today. Now I’d like to pass on my observations from Tuesday’s Practice Sessions, which took place late Tuesday afternoon. SOUTH The South squad took the field first for their initial practice of the week, which is one… Read More »


As I figured, today was indeed walk-through time with no pads. So being quite content that I did not drive a 160 mile round trip for that, I am using my 3 days of true practice to present to you my All-Practice squad. QB KELLY BRYANT  #7   West   Missouri  6’3/221    9 1/2″ hand size RB… Read More »

SHRINE WEEK Tuesday Practices

Looked and sounded like most of the Shrine participants watched LSU win Monday night and were energized for the day. While the East was practicing, three new teammates from Clemson arrived in town. At the conclusion of practice, the 3 players introduced themselves to their new teammates, with expectation of practicing on Wednesday. WR/DIONDRE OVERTON and OG/GAGE CERVANKA… Read More »

SHRINE WEEK 2020 Monday

Hello to you all from warm and sunny (well it was when I entered the Trop well over 6 hours ago) St. Petersburg, FL, the location of the 2020 Shrine Bowl.  It’s day one of practices and after a morning of weigh-in activity both teams took part in Monday afternoon practices, back to back. I would remind you… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Bowl Games 2.0

It’s time to wrap up the 2019 College Football season, with the FBS Championship game between perennials Clemson and L.S.U. While we wait, I am still reviewing my copious Bowl Season player notes. Here are my latest thumbnails. LYNN BOWDEN  #1  WR/KR  Kentucky  6’1/199  Jr.      BOWDEN has already declared for the 2020 Draft after a very… Read More »

Bowl Season Who Caught My Eye 1.0 2020

The games are flying by with such speed and volume that my recording space is filling up on my cable system, unless I chop out my Bond Movies, which is NOT happening. So I will plug along until Bowls are finished and I have exhausted my thumbnails for players. So let’s start catching up with the following thumbnails:… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Post Season

The College Bowl Season is about to kick-off as the cherry on the sundae that was the 2019 College Football season. As usual, I have some recorded games still in storage, as well as excess notes from the regular season.  So over the next month, leading up to the All-Star Games, I will watching those recordings and scrutinizing… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Week 15

  It was conference championship weekend and per usual, it featured a minimum of surprises, except perhaps the Friday night dominance of Oregon against Utah. Let’s just say that the Final 4 matchups are a bit less than surprising with LSU, Ohio State, Clemson and Oklahoma topping the field. Somehow that has a familiar ring to it. The… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Week 14

The final full schedule weekend for the 2019 College Football season is now completed. One more weekend of Conference Championships and it’s on to Bowling for Dollars season.  Here are my watch thumbnails from this past weekend’s games. TREY ADAMS  #72  OT  Washington  6’7/315   Sr     A couple of years ago you might remember this mountain of a… Read More »

College Football Rankings 3.0

LSU  12-0   And only Georgia left to beat and cement their spot. Ohio State   12-0  It was close for a while, but the Fighting Harbaughs get trounced yet again. Clemson    12-0   ‘We Don’t Get No Respect’, says DABO. We’ve heard that before. Georgia   11-1    If they win this last game with LSU… Read More »

Who Caught My Eye Week 13

The clock is indeed ticking towards midnight on the 2019 College Football season. And so let’s reflect back on Week 13 and review what my eyes saw last weekend in the realm of pro prospects.   BRANDON AIYUK   #2   WR   6’1/200   Arizona State   Sr     AIYUK has emerged from under the shadow of N’KEAL HARRY… Read More »