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What Caught My Eye Week 10

The big game for last weekend caused some question marks to go as the lights were fading in South Bend, IN last Saturday, as Notre Dame toppled top ranked Clemson in OT, 47-40. Arguably the top college QB in the country, by the name of TREVOR LAWRENCE, fell victim to Covid-19 and missed the game. However, the question… Read More »

Pigskin’s 2020 NFL Watch List

As I stated previously, the STEELERS are also one of my teams to watch for the 2020 NFL season. Their biggest question mark is clearly the healthy (?) return of BIG BEN at the QB slot. He missed most of 2019 after requiring elbow surgery on his right arm. Yes, that’s his throwing arm. He was last seen… Read More »

Pigskin’s NFL Watch List

Every season, I like to name a  couple of teams who have caught my eye in the off-season. I’ve been looking at rosters this past month, and despite the uncertainty of whether or not we will have a legit NFL season this Fall, because of the pandemic, I have come up with a short list of teams that… Read More »

AFC West 2020 Draft synopsis

And so we reach the end of the line. The final NFL Division, which this year happens to include the reigning Super Bowl Champion CHIEFS. However, as good as they are, I don’t see them as a clear cut dominant team. The new look Las Vegas RAIDERS under GRUDEN and MAYOCK are coming up fast. The Chargers are… Read More »

NFC West 2020 Draft synopsis

The NFC West is blessed by not having any truly QB needy teams. Even the one that gets the most QB scrutiny just happens to have one that led his team to the Super Bowl last season. So in essence, we have an entire division looking to upgrade around their QB, not replace him. Now for something completely… Read More »

AFC North 2020 Draft synopsis

As usual in today’s NFL, the biggest question in this division revolves around the QB position. Can Rookie JOE BURROW turn around the recently sinking prospects of the Bengals? Will BAKER MAYFIELD rebound from a sophomore slump season under the new coaching regime of KEVIN STEFANSKI? Will the Ravens continue their reign atop the division under the leadership… Read More »

NFC North 2020 Draft synopsis

Lots of things to look at in the NFC North. Things are rather hot for the coldest weather division in the NFL. Are DA BEARS ready to move on from MITCH TRUBISKY? Did the Packers draft AARON RODGERS eventual successor? Have the Lions turned the corner at all? Exercising an NFL record 15 Picks in one draft, did… Read More »

AFC South 2020 Draft synopsis

MIKE VRABEL’s Titans are the new team to beat in this division. And after this Draft, the team that could make a big move up might be the COLTS, if only they can measure up at the QB position. So for today, let’s stick to the 2020 Draft efforts within this division. HOUSTON TEXANS     This team… Read More »

NFC South 2020 Draft synopsis

One name defines the entire Draft process in this division, and of course that name is TOM BRADY. Not only did it dictate much of the Bucs Draft, but likely influenced the thinking of their 3 other division opponents. ATLANTA FALCONS        The Falcons had some heavy work to do on their roster even before the… Read More »

AFC East 2020 Draft synopsis

The expectation is that we will finally see some shuffling and serious competition in this division. The biggest reason is the divorce between TOM BRADY and BILL BELICHICK. This leaves the Patriots in uncharted waters in this millennium. They have to find their next championship level QB. Good luck on that one. BUFFALO BILLS       The… Read More »

NFC East 2020 Draft synopsis

Let’s take a quick look at what each NFC East team did, and/or didn’t, get done during the 3 days of the 2020 NFL Draft. DALLAS COWBOYS     Ok, let’s put the brakes on the party wagon, or yacht, for a few minutes. Good Ole Boy JERRY was just beside himself with joy, maybe even giddy, when… Read More »

D-Day +2

We live in an Information Age, with all the access that we have through the internet and the general interest in sports that drives major networks to give us what we want, which is more sports info. However, I have found in recent years that in the rush to break stories or uncover information and get it out,… Read More »

The Morning After Draft Day +1 2020

I am always amazed how quickly the NFL jumps right from the Draft into Undrafted Rookie Free Agent (URFA) signings, vet roster cuts (based largely on what they got in the Draft) and limited leftover VFA signings. So let’s reflect a bit on some Draft numbers and what that has led us to today. Let’s start with non-Draft… Read More »

Pigskins POST DRAFT Prospect List 2020

As custom seems to dictate in the world of internet communication, it seems that once the NFL Draft ends, a plethora of “Best Still Avbailable” lists appears. So lest I be left behind, here are my top ranked, but undrafted prospects. Some of them are already signing and I can guarantee you that GBN Chief Scout Larry Parker… Read More »

2020 Draft Post-Round One

Looked to me like the most nervous guy in the room, so to speak, was Commish Roger Goodell last night. He didn’t have all the name pronunciations down pat, and he really screwed up his attempt to articulate that Las Vegas would get a mulligan by hosting the Draft in 2022. Interesting variety of Draft Room settings around… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts PACKERS

Even with GM BRIAN GUTEKUNST being a bit more adventurous building and maintaining his team’s roster than his predecessor, the PACKERS are still an organization that builds primarily through the Draft. With that in mind, I am eschewing the option of trading Picks around in my Mock, but BRIAN will not be so conservative is my guess right… Read More »

2020 NFL Draft Pigskin Paul’s TOP 100 Final Edition

We are down to the Nitty Gritty and it’s time to stop playing checkers with the Draft Board. Below is my final Top 100 Prospect Rankings for the 2020 Draft. As Mr. Kiper first said ‘Regardless of Position’. JOE BURROW   QB  LSU CHASE YOUNG  DE/ER  Ohio State ISAIAH SIMMONS   LB   Clemson DERRICK BROWN   DT… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts DOLPHINS

As just about everyone knows, at least those interested in the NFL Draft, the Dolphins cleared out their roster before last season started and when the smoke cleared they possessed a league leading 14 Picks. Included in that number were 6 Picks in the Top 70, where starters are supposed to come from each year. I doubt the… Read More »


As always seems to happen, the calendar has outdistanced me toward the NFL Draft finish line. So it is time to double down and condense my Team Mock articles. I am covering 4 teams  in this entry, and omitting a thousand words per team by just giving Pick info without the thumbnail info. My apologies to teams fans… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts REDSKINS

Once again, it will literally be fascinating to watch the D.C. team operate it’s Draft.  There’s a new Head Coach in town by the name of RON RIVERA. And the team is still operated under Owner DANIEL SNYDER, with BRUCE ALLEN acting as DeFacto GM. However, I have a feeling that Coach RIVERA got himself a contract with… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts JETS

The Big Apple’s second franchise approaches their first full year under GM JOE DOUGLAS. He and his “guys” will be calling Draft Day shots for the first time next week. And it is an important Draft for a team that many see as finally making progress from a talent standpoint and having a full compliment of 8 Picks… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Draft VIKINGS

The big trade of STEFON DIGGS to the Bills last month left the Vikings with a treasure trove of 12 picks in this Draft, but it also left a rather large talent hole in their WR group, which was far from being deep in the first place. I would expect at least two wideout selections from them in… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts RAIDERS

It’s going to take me a while to get used to the Raiders being in Las Vegas. After all, they are the most traveled team in the League if you count them being in Oakland on two separate occasions, with L.A. sandwiched in between. However, when it comes to the Raiders 2020 Draft, the hardest part for me… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Drafts DA BEARS

First, a quick note that I did some minor ranking changes in my Top 400 list. So if you are checking my work closely, you might see a player today, who had a different ranking in a Mock a few days ago. Kinda crazy, just like the real Draft process. Da Bears have 7 Picks, but are without… Read More »

2020 Team Mock Draft RAMS

The Rams Draft look just got markedly different with their trade of BRANDIN COOKS to the Texans. On the one hand, it gives them another Second Round Pick, but logic would indicate that it may have to be used for a replacement wideout for COOKS. Such is the dynamic of the NFL Draft just about every year for… Read More »